We're very proud of you Babar.
~ The Old Lady

The Old Lady is a charcter in Jean de Brunhoff's classic children's book series Babar. Though never mentioned by name she is one of the main characters in the stories, being Babar adoptive mother.

The Story of Babar

In the first book Babar the elephant is living in the jungle with his mother, but she is killed by a hunter. Barbar runs off until he ends up out of the jungle and in the big city. Lost in the city Babar happens upon The Old Lady, who sees he is lost and confused and takes him in. The Old Lady not only cares for Babar but also teaching him to read, write, speak properly, dress properly and the finer points of etiquette. Over time Babar grows home sick and wishes to return to the jungle, The Old Lady arranges transport and journey's with him back home. shortly before Babar's arrival the old King of the Elephants had died from eating poisonous mushrooms and when he arrives Babar is made the new King of the Elephants as he is clearly the most intelligent and sophisticated. Babar seeks to improve his people's lives as The Old Lady herself had improved his and begins teaching the elephants all he has learned. In addition to education Babar also seeks to build proper homes and houses for the elephants, creating his own city which he names Celesteville after his newly married wife, Celeste. The Old Lady is invited to stay with them as member of the royal family of Celestetville and she takes up residence there.

The Old Lady appears in all following books ranging from adviser, to damsel in distress, to simple background character.

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