The Oracle is a fictional character and the tetartagonist in The Matrix Trilogy. She appears as a program who became a key ally to Neo and Morpheus.


The Oracle is a program made inside the Matrix and has lived throughout all six editions of it, each lasting a century. She seeks Potentials who have gifts inside the Matrix. She provides imbalance to the Matrix.

Meeting Neo

The Oracle meets the sixth One by the name of Neo. She offers Neo to take a cookie.

New Look

The Merovingian made a deal with the Oracle to collect her data. As a result, her external shell was deleted and she gained a new one.

Merged Into Smith

One day, Smith (now a virus) converted the Oracle into a form of him so he can outnumber Neo.


After Neo sacrificed himself, the Oracle emerged out of the Smith virus and had a conversation with the Architect.


  • "Make up your damn mind."
  • "Everything that has a beginning has an end."


  • In the first two films, she is played by Gloria Foster. In Enter the Matrix and the third film, she is played by Mary Alice. (this is because Gloria Foster died during production of the second and third movie)
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