The Pink Berets are The Easter Bunny's Royal Guard and supporting characters from the 2011 CGI-Live Action film Hop.


The Pink Berets are sent out by the current Easter Bunny Mr. Bunny to find his son E.B., who has fled Easter Island on the night of his coronation as the next Easter Bunny to go to Hollywood to be a drummer.

The Pink Berets use a teleporting rabbit hole to travel to Hollywood. They are spotted by a guard at the Hollywood sign, whom they knock out with their blow darts. Sometime later, E.B. spots the Pink Berets and manages to escape them by going into a building where his human friend Fred O'Hare is having a job interview.

Later, back a house Fred is housesitting, E.B. (in an attempt to stop the Pink Berets from following him) puts some of his clothes onto a frozen turkey and placing it into a pot of boiling water to make the Pink Berets think that he has killed himself.

After E.B. leaves to take part in "Hoff Knows Talent", the Pink Berets arrive at the house and knock out the dogs living there before finding the decoy (which horrifies them), just as Fred arrives and spots them. Believing that Fred killed E.B., the Pink Berets knock him out and bring him and the dogs to Easter Island. They are then seen bringing the cooking pot to Mr. Bunny and showing him "E.B."'s body.

After Mr. Bunny's second-in-command Carlos stages a takeover, Mr. Bunny orders the Pink Berets to seize him. But Carlos retaliates by spraying them with liquid chocolate which then hardens, trapping them.

Though not seen, it is presumed that after Carlos was defeated and E.B. and Fred became Co-Easter Bunnies, the Pink Berets were freed and eventually adopt the dogs on Easter Island per Bit's love for them.


It is implied that their actions are as followed (this may not be canon):

  • Fluffy - She is the leader of the trio who takes her missions completely seriously as shown when she sighs comedically when she is covered in chocolate.
  • Patch - She is also serious but shows concern for Bit's well-fare when it comes to their search as she can be seen helping her throughout the film.
  • Bit - She is the youngest and shows the least concern in a child-like sense as she almost stayed and patted one of the dogs' heads than to continue the mission.


The trio are auburn-furred bunnies with pink berets while Patch also has a dark furry spot over her left eye.



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