The Presence is a major character in the DC comics universe and he is base on the judo-chirstan God of the same name


The Presance first appeared in Fun comics issue #52 created by jerry Siegnal and Bernard Baily. He has had many forms in his appearances thorught the DC universe.The Hand first seen in Green Lantern #40 with an image of a han in a random nebula.The Voice is the form the PResance debuted in Fun Time Comics #52 where he spoke for the First time.Then there is the Source from Jack Kirby's fourth world where the Deity was portayed as a spirit that is mainy associtaed with the New Gods beliving it to be respoinble for the creation of the Universe and finally his form the Presence which appears in human form in the Lucifer series and in the Sandman Series. Lucifer and Presence have very starned relationship with each other due to Lucifer wanting independance and tries to make a unvierse where he was not worshiped and also has a granddaughter name Elaine who he made his sucessor but she later became one with the unvierse and later the presence appears in the New 52 in the form of a dog.

Powers and Ablilites

The Presence is the considered to be the most powerful being in the DC universe along with his many aspects

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