The Primal Monitor (DC), is the powerful being who is the source of all creation, seeing as the red circle above is not the primal monitor; the blank, empty white is. He first appeared in the issue of Superman Beyond #1. It is so infinitely vast that entire creations are like nothing to him, logic, reality, creations fall short of It. Mandrak referred it as the 'over monitor'. In the Superman Beyond series, he is told that he was the creator of the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, and they together, individually comparable to the Spectere, was only a tiny probe of It. It is a mysterious being with almost nothing known about it.

Powers and Abilities


As the representation of the real world paper in which DC comics is drawn on, the Primal Monitor is virtually the strongest being in all of DC Comics. It exceeds the power of the Presence, who it views like a "germ". It has an infinite size, as it is infinitely larger than the whole DC multiverse and is a pure dimensionless void. It is also described by Superman when carrying the Book of Infinite pages to be a great intelligence, although it's intelligence level is unknown. However, despite it's absolute superiority over all of DC, is not the true strongest being in DC, as it was said DC was drawn "against its will" by an unknown source(thought to be the Writer, a representation of the real world authors of DC Comics). Despite that however, the Primal Monitor is a being that is stronger than virtually all of DC and is one of the strongest beings in comic books.

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