The Saint (real name: Simon Templar) is the titular main protagonist of the novel series of the same name by Leslie Charteris and its 1997 film adaptation. He is an orphaned professional thief, amateur detective, freelance occasional police agent and master of disguise who uses multiple Catholic saints as aliases and acts like Robin Hood worldwide.

He was portrayed by Val Kilmer in the 1997 film while he was portrayed by the long time James Bond actor The late Roger Moore in the 60s TV series of the same name.

Brief Overview

Simon Templar is a Robin Hood-like criminal known as The Saint — plausibly from his initials; but the exact reason for his nickname is not known (although we're told that he was given it at the age of nineteen). Templar has aliases, often using the initials S.T. such as "Sebastian Tombs" or "Sugarman Treacle". Blessed with boyish humour, he makes humorous and off-putting remarks and leaves a "calling card" at his "crimes", a stick figure of a man with a halo. This is used as the logo of the books, the movies, and the 1960s TV series.

He is described as "buccaneer in the suits of Savile Row, amused, cool, debonair, with hell-for-leather blue eyes and a saintly smile...".

In the Film and TV

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He is an extremely powerful, brave, relentless, intense, calculating and very kind man whose liking to act as a Robin Hood.

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