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Hero Overview

When do we start?
~ The Second Coming's redemption.

The Second Coming, better known as Orange, is the mascot deuteragonist of the Animator vs. Animation series and the titular main protagonist of the spin-off series Animation vs. Minecraft.

He serves as the titular main protagonist of Animator vs. Animation IV and every single entry after it except for Animator vs. Animation V and Animation vs. Arcade Games, where he instead serves as the deuteragonist.

He is the fourth and currently final creation of the Animator. The Second Coming appears to be an orange stick figure who fights back when there is danger. Since making peace with his creator, the Second Coming and his four friends go on adventures in the Animator's computer and beyond, although he was always shown to prefer living a simple life back home rather than adventuring. His description states he's the Chosen One's Return, although it's unknown what this means. While it was originally thought to be a sign he's his reincarnation, it was since proven the original Chosen One is still alive.


The Second Coming is a simple orange stick figure with an empty head.


The Second Coming is very brave, heroic, selfless and protective, always helping his friends and other programs when danger arrives. He's shown to be an exceptionally strong fighter, being stronger than the rest of his friends and easily defeating most Hostile Mobs he comes across. He usually comes across as someone who tries to be peaceful and friendly, although very violent to his enemies. While he usually doesn't want to go on adventures (especially to the Nether) and wants to live a quiet life (as shown by his Minecraft house, which is very simple), he's willing to go out and explore the unknown if his friends are in danger. He's also very forgiving, redeeming numerous villains in the series, although isn't beyond destroying those who show no intentions of stopping.

That said, he's not devoid of corrupting qualities. Beyond his willingness to destroy his enemies, he's also shown to be quite arrogant and rude, often having arguments with his own friends that end up turning violent. He's also shown to have anger issues, which backfire on him more than once, such as provoking the Warden into trying to kill him. He also has a small mischievous side, shown when he makes a "trophy" for Green that ends up punching him in the face.

He's been regularly shown to have sleeping problems, which was implied to be because of the work he has to do during the day (such as helping the Animator animate) and the music sessions his friends decide to have in the middle of the night.




Animation vs. Minecraft (original)-2


Animation vs. YouTube (original)-0


Animator vs. Animation IV (original)-0


  • He is the very first stick figure to redeem in the franchise.
  • Since the spinoffs came out, he is friends with the fighting stick figures.
  • The Second Coming has actually saved Alan's computer many times. Although he tried to wreck Alan's computer in his debut appearance, he and Alan became partners afterwards, and will do anything to protect Alan's computer from danger.
  • The Second Coming is the fourth stick figure that was created by Alan, the first being victim, the second being the Chosen One, and the Dark Lord being the third.
  • He is also a talented animator besides Alan.

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