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The Shadow is generally depicted as a crime-fighting vigilante with psychic powers posing as a "wealthy, young man about town". One of the most famous adventure heroes of the twentieth century, The Shadow has been featured on the radio, in a long-running pulp magazine series, in comic books, comic strips, television, serials, video games, and at least five motion pictures. The radio drama is well-remembered for those episodes voiced by Orson Welles.

The Shadow (1994 film)

In the 1994 action adventure/superhero movie, The Shadow, he was played by Alec Baldwin. The movie first shows him as an evil tyrant and drug dealer, Ying-Po, who unwillingly finds redemption in the early 30's Mongolia thanks to the Tulku and his followers, who teach him psychic powers and who he really is which is Lamont Cranston/ The Shadow. He then returns to New York City to battle the forces of darkness.


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