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The Thinkables are Superflex's allies and partners. They embody expected social behaviours. Superflex calls their aid in his adventures when their evil counterparts, unthinkable strikes.


The First 15

The first 15 Thinkables are introduced.

  • Cool Q. Cumber: This Thinkable helps someone think about the problem. Cool Q. Cumber's design comes from a cucumber, hence his name. His rival is Glassman.
  • Sunny Sun: This Thinkable helps one retain a positive mood, even when bad things happen. He has a humanoid build. His head is shaped like a sun, hence his name, which has eights spikes, representing the light that radiates. His eyes are beady, similar to the Mushroom People from Super Mario. His rival is Grumpy Grumpaniny.
  • Nice Bryce: This Thinkable helps a person be nice to others. He has a purple shirt and yellow cargo shorts. His hair is short and brown. His rival is Mean Jean.
    • Nice Brice: This female counterpart to Nice Bryce has the same ability that Nice Bryce himself as. Their size and outfit types match. However, Nice Brice has an orange headband running through her hair, which is longer. She also has an orange shirt, blue cargo shorts, and orange shoes. Unthinkable counterpart (and rival): Mean Gene
  • The Tracker: This Thinkable resembles a dog (a beagle to be exact). He helps persons stay on topic. His fur is brown, his nose is black, and his tail is short. His Unthinkable counterpart is Topic Twistermeister.
  • Social-Lee Wonderer: This Thinkable helps one wonder about the others. He has a Hispanic/Indian appearance. His outfit has a green cap, red shirt, grey shorts, and red shoes. In his hands is a red box. Social-Lee Wonder has green question marks replacing his ears, and his shirt and box also have green question marks. His rival is the Un-Wonderer.
  • Meditation Matt: This Thinkable resembles a Yoga mat. He earned his name from both that and the common name "Matthew". His ability is to help persons calm down. His rival is the Energy Hare Y.
  • Stick-Withem: This Thinkable is a sentient glue stick, who helps one stick to the group, hence his name, which is a pun on "Stick with them." His rival is the Body Snatcher.
  • The Initiator/Inventor Of Fun: This Thinkable resembles a baseball, and he helps persons be friendly in competition, and aids in cooperation. This is why his rival is the Destroyer Of Fun.
  • Other Side Sally: This Thinkable takes her design from a potted plant. Her rival is Single-Sided Sid/One-Sided Sid. She keeps us from talking about ourselves exclusively.
  • Humor-Us: This Thinkable resembles a comedian, and he helps us know when one should/should not use humour. His rival is Wasfunnyonce.
  • Space Respecter: This Thinkable helps with respecting others's space. He takes his design from an alien, and his skin is seafoam green. His head emits light, and his feet are webbed. his eyes are purple. His opponent is the Space Invader.
  • Rex Flexinator: This Thinkable resembles a man. He can flex his body. His shirt has the word "Flex". His task is to help us not get stuck on an idea. Thus, his rival is the Rock Brain.
  • Focus Tron: This Thinkable carries a shield and has a purple superhero suit. He helps one stay on task. His opponent is Brain Eater.
  • Posi-Tina: This Thinkable takes her design from the medieval knight. Her hair is brown and in pigtails, and she wears a grey-ish blue suit. She helps us stay positive. Posi-Tina is depicted carrying a flag that says "Stay positive!" in one hand and "No worries!" in the other.

Second Groupies

After 15 Thinkables are introduced, more Thinkables arrive to Social Town, eager to help out their fellow Thinkables positively influencing Social Town folks and deter Unthinkables. Here are some of them:

  • Wings: this Thinkable uses its wings to spread and expand kindness. Wings wants children to think of something kind to do or say everyday.
  • Rainbow Girl: this Thinkable helps people to calm down and make them feel better when things either go bad or complicated
  • Clutter Buster
  • Freezer Crystal
  • Space Raptor
  • Captain Choice
  • Tim Taskstick-Able
  • Dino Thinker
  • Please Activate Waiting Systems (aka P.A.W.S)


First 15

Second Groupies