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Three Bears are a bear family that consists of Henry Bear (Papa Bear), Mama Bear, and Junior Bear who were created by Chuck Jones and appeared in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.


Henry Bear

What did I ever do to deserve such a family?
~ Papa Bear blaming his family for his own blunders instead of owning up to them

Henry Bear

Henry Bear (better known as Papa Bear) is the father of Junior Bear and the husband of Mama Bear. Papa is a loud-mouthed, short-tempered, and nervous little dwarf bear. He would usually punch or kick Junior if he does something wrong or says something stupid.

For all his temperament, he's never abusive with Mama Bear (except for near the end of What's Brewin', Bruin?, and even that it doesn't physically show. Just that it is implied) but frequently acts rude to her such as telling her to shut up - even when she has something vital to say to him. This rudeness often returns to haunt him later in various ways.

He is voiced by Billy Bletcher.

Mama Bear

Mama Bear

But, Henry-
~ Mama Bear's catchphrase

Mama Bear is the mother of Junior Bear and the wife of Papa Bear. Mama Bear as the innocent (and deadpan) middle-bear, although she often resorts to thwacking one of them with a rolled-up newspaper to keep the peace. She would usually try to tell Henry something important but Henry just tells her to shut up and doesn't listen, often to the subsequent detriment of the patriarch.

She is voiced by Bea Benaderet.

Junyr Bear

Junior Bear

What'd I do!?
~ Junyr after suffering the brunt of Papa Bear's wrath

Junyr Bear (sometimes spelled Juneyr or Joonyer) is the child of Henry Bear and Mama Bear. He is seven-years old, yet he is twice as tall as his parents, and has a heavy voice. He is very dim-witted and childish, but has a good heart. He appears to be an adult because of his size, but still is a child. Junior still wears diapers even though he is seven years old.

He is voiced by Stan Freberg.

Heroic Acts

Henry Bear's heroic acts : He drove Sylvester, Taz and Tweety to the desert and made them a shortcut to get back home.

Mama Bear's heroic acts : Always on the constant struggle to hold her family together and prevent papa and son from tearing up each other apart. Also she is trying to get piece in her family, and she saved Bugs Bunny form Henry and Junior.

Junior Bear's heroic acts : He saved his father on few occasions and does his best to please his dad, though it often backfires.


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