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The Toxic Avenger (real name: Melvin Junko/Ferd) is the main character of the film series of the same name.


Melvin Junko was a stereotypical 90 lb., nerdy, weakling janitor of a health club who everyone hated. One day, after being tricked into kissing a sheep, a humiliated Melvin tries to flee from everyone at the club, only to jump out of a window into a drum of toxic waste, causing him to transform into a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength, known as the Toxic Avenger.


As the Toxic Avenger, Melvin possesses enough super strength to lift a Greyhound bus and turn it around, and some invulnerability, as he's seen on the cover of an issue to the short lived Marvel "Toxic Avenger" comic yawning as criminals open fire on him (his only weakness, according to the musical, is common, household bleach). He also has enhanced agility and reflexes, has a danger detecting sixth sense called "Tromatons", and urinates acid.


Toxie's main weapon is his mop. In the Toxic Crusaders animated series, the mop gained sentience and hyperelasticity.