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Shoot? I'm a Hippie! The only thing I've ever shot is acid. I heard of a dude who snorted it once. Thought his nose was a kangaroo and the moon was a dog! WOOOOO!
~ The Truth

The Truth (possibly born in 1918) is the secondary tetartagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


He is an elderly hippie living in San Fierro, previously holding a farm on the outskirts of the city where he cultivated cannabis. He is also an advocate of numerous conspiracy theories. The Truth and Carl Johnson became friends when CJ is in the countryside, and their first meeting was due to the fact that Frank Tenpenny demanded that hippie help Carl. CJ helps him steal the harvester and burn the cannabis crops when Tenpenny betrayed the farm's information to the police. After burning the herbs, Carl knocks the police helicopter with a Soviet RPG-7 grenade launcher from Truth, who "would convert it into a lamp.

Shortly after CJ buys an abandoned airport on the outskirts of Las Venturas, The Truth is looking for him and telling him to steal the secret government value that the Jetpack turns out to be. Later, he will have him steal a jar of "green mazza" carried by the army. In the further phase of the game, The Truth no longer plays a major role.

It is known that it smokes marijuana and uses hallucinogenic drugs such as: LSD, hallucin mushrooms or peyote.

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