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~ The Undertaker's catchphrase.
You think I'm afraid of you, little man? I can't count the Superstars who have tested themselves against The Deadman come up short. If you insist on making this mistake, your grieving family will have no one to blame, but you when the inevitable occurs!
~ The Undertaker predicts at Chris Benoit about the future in 2007.
But if you ever disrespect me like that again. I rip your throat off and choke you with your own tongue!
~ The Undertaker scolding Big Show for assaulting his mentor Paul Bearer.
Yokozuna! Can you look the eye of the tiger and survive twice. You had all of cards' attacking your favorite the first time. Now you must play on my rules and my rules are final!
~ The Undertaker vowing to get his revenge on Yokozuna for putting him down few months ago in the Casket match.
The rains have now stopped... but it's only the quite before the real storm. Buried Alive... who could have thought that it would come to this? Each time you escaped the clutches of these purple fists, you grew stronger, yet more evil... so you see you've left me with no choice... I must now be your judge, your jury and your executioner. If it takes destroying the Undertaker to destroy you Mankind... well then that's what I will do... you must be extinguished. Why don't you try and imagine what those last few breaths of air will taste like... try and imagine... what it must be like... try and claw your way out of a bottomless pit... try to imagine what it will be like... to never... rest in peace. This... is the final thing you'll ever see!
~ The Undertaker speaks during an Buried Alive Promo against Mankind
You tried to kill me, Randy...but you can't kill what's already dead.
~ The Undertaker to Randy Orton during WWE Smackdown! 2005 show.
You've been your daddy's bitch!
~ The Undertaker confronting Shane McMahon about Mr. McMahon

The Undertaker, (born Mark William Calaway) also referred to as Undertaker or sometimes simply Taker is the main anti-heroic protagonist of the WWE franchise and the titular main protagonist from his documentary film 30 Days of the Deadman along with Paul Bearer including his brother Kane, as well as the one of the main protagonists from The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown! and the true main protagonist from Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon. He is an undead gothic wrestler who is better known for his Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver, Hell's Gate and Old School moves, as well as his immortality and his supernatural powers. He is an anti-heroic wrestler who makes the manipulation of the people until he became a nice guy, he makes many appearences in WWE games and WWE 2K14 and WWE 2K15 as well, he makes some appearences in MTV's Downtown, Celebrity Deathmatch as a hero. In Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, he has hatred towards Santino and Finlay and turned them into zombies by using them as their followers, he also hates the villainous Boogeyman who has hired Finlay and Santino Marella to form the team Nu School. In the 2002 when he defends his Undisputed Champion, he later redeems himself by showing Jeff Hardy the respect for his redemption. Despite being an antagonist, he is actually an good person and he is portrayed as an anti-heroic wrestler (a hero with an villainous personality that he can do good), but has a more heroic role in WWE and MTV series like MTV's Downtown and Celebrity Deathmatch, as well in The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!. He appeared in WWE 2K16 as one of the playable wrestlers. He was usually portrayed as an old adult in the live-action, as a penguin in Surf's Up 2: Wavemania, but in Camp WWE, he is portrayed as a child, his appearence in Camp WWE as he is with The Rock and went to summer camp, when they was children. He is also an ally to the Mystery Inc. in Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon. He is better known to be scary and terrifying, but kind and gentle towards people and he has an friendly side despite being intimidating. He is also the titular anti-heroic protagonist from WWE Boom Studio franchise. He also appears in Batista: Dream Chaser in which is an minor protagonist when he praises Batista and wishes him an good luck to fight an opponent, he was seen wearing a casual T-Shirt.

He first debuts in Survivor Series 1990 as an non-speaking character when he was introduced by Ted DiBiase, he was then accompanied by Brother Love, few weeks later, he can talk. In 1991, he gets a new mentor named Paul Bearer when Brother Love refers Paul Bearer as "Brother Bearer".

In 1992, he turned Face because he has seen enough of Jake "The Snake" Roberts who terrorizes Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth and rebelled against him. In 1994 at Summerslam, he returned from the dead, he wears black with purple attires and he has purple eye bags, he manages to defeat his imposter to get his place and his job back in the process, in Survivor Series 1994, he finally gets his revenge on Yokozuna for putting him down the months ago, in 1995 after being injured his orbital bone at the hands of King Mabel, Taker is forced to wear a Phantom of the Opera-like mask for a certain time to recover from his injury that he got from his fight against Mabel.

In 1998, it is revealed that The Undertaker is an master of disguise that he can disguise himself as his brother Kane and take care of Kane's career to fool Paul Bearer and Mankind. It is revealed that The Undertaker loves the non-alcohol beer like Stone Cold Steve Austin before him.

In 2002, he turned Face once again by showing respect to Jeff Hardy after defending the Undisputed Champion, thus earning his redemption.

His half-brother is Kane.

He becomes an protagonist in the shows. In a Buried Alive Promo, his skin looks like a undead zombie during the night before the match against Mick Foley (Mankind)

In 2014, he and his wife Michelle McCool race to the marathon for the good of the people, he and his wife accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for the good of the wrestlers.

He married to Michelle McCool and he and his wife introduces their first child Kaia Faith Calaway, he lives with his wife and meets the people who are good persons.

In 2015 at Wrestlemania, he seeks his redemption after he defeated Bray Wyatt. In a reason, he hates Bray Wyatt.

In 2015 in the Thanksgiving day of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy brings The Undertaker to defeat a man disguised as a turkey in the show, The Undertaker has his first non-speaking role in this show.

He married Michelle McCool and they have 1 daughter named Kaia Faith, he then becomes an loyal father to her beloved daughter and an loyal husband for Michelle McCool.

In Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon, The Undertaker appears as the main protagonist and serves as an replacement of his brother Kane. This Undertaker is loyal and respectful who convinces Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers to not get afraid of him by telling them that his eyes who are scary. After defeating and exposing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's schemes, The Undertaker, his friends and the Mystery Inc. won the monster truck race by default, Taker was seen playing with his puppet look-alike.

In 2019, The Undertaker manages to save his rival Roman Reigns from his friend Shane McMahon and his friend Drew McIntyre's assaults by scolding them into leaving Roman Reigns alone. He later helps Roman Reigns to defeat Shane and Drew by working together.

In 2020, at Wrestlemania Kickoff, The Undertaker wears his attires and an headband that look similiar to his biker gimmick from 2001 and 2003 and he defeated AJ Styles for disrespecting his wife Michelle McCool. Few months later he announces his retirement for the Hall of Fame in order to take care of his daughter Kaia Faith with his wife Michelle McCool. It is revealed that Taker is a good friend of Mario Lopez who has 1 son and 1 daughter and he talks with them about their careers in order to gain respect.

The Undertaker likes to play WWE 2k Battlegrounds with his wife Michelle McCool and his daughter Kaia Faith in the commercial of WWE 2k Battlegrounds. In the Halloween Special 2020 episode of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon brings The Undertaker to bring the Halloween in Adjustion Audition Box episode. The Undertaker was growling at a Pumpkinhead Scarecrow by using his Tombstone Piledriver, then he crushes the Pumpkin and says to the camera "Rest...in...peace.", making Jimmy Fallon impressive.

  • Illusions: The Undertaker can use his illusions in the titatron to fear a WWE superstar like Randy Orton, Booker T and many mores by playing mind games.
  • Possessions: The Undertaker can possess a weak willed people to play mind games or taking control of a superstar (exemple: Santino Marella and Finlay as well as Josh Mathews) to use them as their followers.
  • Lightning Bolt: The Undertaker can summon the lightning bolt to fear a WWE superstar like Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and The Great Khali.
  • Immortality: The Undertaker can use his power of immortality to survive in Eddie's car explosion by fearing Randy Orton and his father Bob Orton Jr. in a titatron. This also explains why he is at his prime during his 50's.
  • Superhuman strength: He can lift a huge amount of weight without any effort at all.
  • Telekinesis: The Undertaker can use his power to turn off the lights (exemple: Heartbreak Hotel home text)
  • Returning from the grave: The Undertaker can be returned from the dead by the lightning bolt from the grave. During this resurrection, all his physical & mental injuries would've instantly healed off.
  • Projecting his voice:The Undertaker can project his voice in another place to fear a superstar.
  • Weather manipulation: The Undertaker can use his weather manipulation (exemple: after he was slapped by Randy Orton) into changing the weather forecast by playing mind games on fearful victims.
  • Light manipulation: The Undertaker can drain the lights into turning them into darkness and turn on the lights while rolled his eyes up and raising his hands slowly.
  • Teleportation:The Undertaker can teleport himself in another place or objects when the lights goes darker.
  • Pyrotic: Like his half brother Kane, The Undertaker can summon fire to burn his symbol cross or giant money to fear a superstar.

Other appearences

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds episodes, along with Paul Bearer, The Undertaker is a rival of Yusei Fudo and his friends.

Heroic acts

  • 1992: He saved Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth from his former partner Jake "The Snake" Roberts by doing an Face Turn.
  • 1993: He helped the All Americans, the Steiner Bros and Lex Luger take down the foreign fanatics Ludvig Borga Jaq one half of the quebecers, Yokozuna and Crush in the Survivor Series 1993 and the all americans won.
  • 1994: He finally gets his revenge on Yokozuna for putting him down few months ago after he finds out that the wrestlers overpowered him earlier. The Undertaker manages to defeat Yokozuna in a Casket Rematch with the help of Chuck Norris who defends him from King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow and Jeff Jarrett.
  • 1995: He gets his revenge on King Mabel for breaking his orbital bone by teaching him an lesson for the misdeeds.
  • 1998: He told his brother Kane and his manager Paul Bearer to stop hurting Sable's feelings by scolding them for the actions.
  • 1999: With Bradshaw, he pays respect to the late Owen Hart who died from fatal fall. In Celebrity Deathmatch, he saved Nicky Diamond Junior from Captain Doody's influence. In MTV's Downtown, he protects an Comic Book boy from any bullies who tried to assault the latter for no reason.
  • 2000: He saved The Rock from DX.
  • 2001: He and Kane saved Lita and The Hardy Boyz from Stone Cold Steve Austin including his friend Triple H.
  • 2002: The Undertaker showing respect for Jeff Hardy for his redemption. He saved Stephanie McMahon from Brock Lesnar and his mentor Paul Heyman by scolding them for their actions on Stephanie.
  • 2003: He saved his friend Nathan Jones from Big Show and A-Train. He told the FBI teams to stop hurting his rival Brock Lesnar by beating them up for revenge. When Sable hurts Stephanie McMahon in favor of Vince McMahon, The Undertaker saves Stephanie McMahon from Vince McMahon by scolding him into leaving Stephanie alone after she got bullied by Sable with an assault, and later he saved Stephanie McMahon once again from A-Train who has seriously injured her earlier.
  • 2004: He saved Eddie Guerrero from Orlando Jordan and Bradshaw.
  • 2005: He gets his revenge on Randy Orton and his father for trying to kill him twice in the casket and in Eddie's car explosion by tormenting them in order to teach them an lesson for their actions.
  • 2006: He stops Ken Kennedy and MVP from beating up his brother Kane.
  • 2007: He gets his revenge on Mark Henry for badly injuring him by using his Last Ride move.
  • 2008: The Undertaker showing respect for Ric Flair.
  • 2009: The Undertaker saves Rey Mysterio from his friend Batista.
  • 2010: He shows respect to Shawn Michaels and wishes him good retirement for the Hall of Fame.
  • 2012: Along with Shawn Michaels, he carried Triple H with respect.
  • 2013: Along with Kane, pay their respect to the late Paul Bearer.
  • 2014: He saved John Cena from Wyatt Family. His winning streak at WrestleMania Ended by Brock Lesnar via Pinfall, as a result, he received a Standing Ovation.
  • 2015: He makes his return and defeats Bray Wyatt by using the finishing move Tombstone Piledriver to seek his redemption. He helped his brother Kane to defeat Braun Strowman and Luke Harper who had been sent by Bray Wyatt, months later, he and Kane work together to take down the Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper in a Tag Team match at Survivor Series 2015. He helped the Flintstones family and the Rubbles family to defeat CM Punkrock and Marble Henry who started to infuriate his friends including his fans with the help of Vince McMagma.
  • 2016: He defends his victory against his friendly rival Shane McMahon. In Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon, he helped Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers to defeat Inferno in order to avenge his friend Dusty Rhodes, who was been beaten up by him previously, he then convinces Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers to not be scared of him by showing them that it was his eyes who are terrifying.
  • 2017: He decides to live with his wife Michelle McCool to care for his daughter Kaia Faith
  • 2018: He makes an comeback to assume the safety of his friends. At WrestleMania, he defeated John Cena and in Greatest Royal Rumble, he defeated Rusev. When Brock Lesnar is assaulted by Braun Strowman, The Undertaker silently told Braun Strowman into leaving Brock Lesnar alone. In Madison Square Garden, he assisted Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman to defeat Kevin Owens, Elias and Constable "Baron" Corbin in a tag-team match.
  • 2019: He saved Roman Reigns from Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. He helped Roman Reigns to defeat Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in a tag-team match.
  • 2020: He defeated AJ Styles and the OC in the Boneyard Match for disrespecting his wife Michelle McCool. He obtains an role in his documentary Undertaker: The Last Ride and its film documentary 30 Days of the Deadman. He gets a job as the coach for pro wrestlers.
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