The Warden is the protagonist and player character of BioWare's dark fantasy role-playing video game, Dragon Age: Origins. S/he is the newest member of the Grey Wardens, an order of elite warriors dedicated to protecting Thedas from Darkspawn.

Having been torn from his/her previous life after a series of tragic events they are thrusted into a mission of building an army to stand against the Darkspawn and end the Fifth Blight. Should they fail Ferelden will fall and be swallowed by the Blight.

There appearance, race, class and abilities are customized depending on the player's choices.


Born to a race that have faced many injustices for millennia The Warden has lived as a second-class citizen in an isolated ghetto filled with poverty and disease.

The Warden is from a nomadic clan of elves known as the Dalish who reside deep within a forest. Unlike city elves the Dalish refuse to submit under the rule of humans and instead cling to the history lost to them.

Due to a restrictive system in the dwarven empire of Orzammar, The Warden has lived in poverty since birth. With limited options they along with there sister and childhood friend were forced to work under crime lord, Beraht for a chance of a better life.

The Warden is the second child of dwarven king of Orzammar and the newly appointed military commander. They have lived a world of noble politics where assassinations, blackmail and bribery are commonplace and even family can be considered enemies.

The Warden is the youngest child of the Couslands, an esteemed noble family, universally loved by Ferelden.

Born with magic The Warden was taken from there family at a young age and brought to the Circle of Magi, a safe haven meant to protect mages from a world that fears and discriminates against them for the powers they wield. It was there they honed there talents under the apprenticeship of First Enchanter Irving.

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