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The Warriors are the titular main protagonists of the 1979 American cult action/thriller film The Warriors. The Warriors are a fictional New York City gang in 1979. Reigning over their home turf of Coney Island in Brooklyn. They have built a reputation of one of the toughest gangs in New York City. Their strength comes from the fact that each member brings their own unique toughness and skills to the gang. When brought together as a whole, The Warriors are able to make it through the perils of New York City's gang warfare.



The Warriors' exact date of formation is not known, though it is known that the founding members were Vermin and Cleon, and that they decided to create the gang around 16th April, 1978. On that date, The Destroyer's leader, Virgil, set up a deal between him, Cleon, and Vermin with The Satan's Mothers.

When Virgil didn't show up, Vermin decided that they should just do the deal themselves. After the Satan's Mothers arrived at the meeting spot, they found that the drugs that CLeon and Vermin held were fake, and thought they were being set up.

Cleon and Vermin ran into Tack's warehouse, where they sneaked (or potentially fought) their way through to the end. After running into the Satan's Mothers leaders, Spider and Tiny, they managed to beat them in a brawl.Cleon and Vermin decided to go back to the Destroyers' hangout and confront Virgil.

As it turns out, Virgil set them up because he thought that Cleon was trying to go behind his back, and become Warlord himself. After a heated discussion, Cleon and Vermin leave. By the start of May, Cleon and Vermin had started their gang, and were wearing their own colors.

The Best

On 6th May, at a "King of the Hill" contest in Gunhill, the founders of the newly-formed gang, the Warriors, consisting only of Cleon and Vermin, come across two former Destroyers named Swan and Cowboy. Swan and Cowboy are able to win the contest, and after the competition, Cleon offers both of them a place in the Warriors. The very next night, at the same time, their initiation begins.

Swan and Cowboy then proceed to wreak havoc on the streets of Coney Island; partially destroying Charlie and Twiggy's stores, smashing a few of Skinny Pete's cars, and wrecking Stefano, all while making the store owners aware that the Warriors are now their protection (which is very contradicting). After this, Cleon says that the Warriors need a hangout, to which Cowboy points to a local building that is in use by Destroyer lieutenant LC and other Destroyers.

The Warriors storm the hangout, defeating all of the Destroyers in there, and chasing LC out onto the roof. On the roof, the Warriors order LC to tell Virgil that Coney is now the territory of the Warriors, before the intoxicated LC jumps off the roof. He survives the fall and leaves with a damaged leg. The Warriors then celebrate their victory, with Swan replacing Vermin as right-hand man, and Cowboy becoming a footsoldier.

Heavy Muscle

On 15th June, after several unnamed young men had joined the Warriors, two guys named Ajax and Snow are joining the Warriors. At the stroke of midnight, it is the final part of Ajax and Snow's initiation into the Warriors. After surviving the beating given to them by a number of existing members of the Warriors in the fight pen, Ajax and Snow earn their place in The Warriors.

After the initiation, Warlord Cleon invites Ajax and Snow to a party. However, they decline because Ajax is meeting up with a girl in East Coney Island, the territory of the Destroyers. However, shortly after Ajax and Snow meet up with Rosie, they are ambushed by Destroyers and their vests are stolen.

Ajax and Snow make their way deep into East Coney and are able to locate a Destroyer lieutenant, Beansie, who informs them that fellow lieutenants LC and Lemmy have their vests. Ajax and Snow make their way into Shantytown, where they find and defeat Lemmy to retake Snow's vest. They then make their way through a pawnshop to gain access to LC's apartment. There, they find LC and his lover, Lafonda, who is wearing Ajax's vest.

After beating down LC, Ajax fornicates with Lafonda and retrieves his vest from her. After this, the two leave LC's apartment. However, as they leave, they attract the attention of the Destroyers, and are chased by a large group of gang members to the boardwalk. Arriving at the boardwalk, Ajax and Snow find reinforcements in the form of Cleon and a large group of the Warriors. The Destroyers back down from the Warriors in disgust, but Ajax and Snow are scolded by Cleon for causing trouble on their first night as members of the gang.

Scout's Honor

A guy named Fox wishes to be a member of the Warriors. On 22nd July, in Chinatown's subway station, Cleon presents Fox with the task of venturing into Chinatown to disrupt the financial operations of the Savage Huns. Although Snow and another Warrior named Lynx stay silent, Ajax and Vermin express their doubts about Fox's physicality, so Cleon orders Vermin to accompany Fox; both of them must wear shirts bearing the words "Fuck U Huns".

Upon their arrival in the streets of Chinatown, the shirts worn by Fox and Vermin attract the attention of a group of Savage Huns. Fox and Vermin defeat the Huns and then destroy several stalls on the streets of Chinatown, which attracts the attention of a large group of Huns. Fox and Vermin escape from the group of Huns and head to the market, where they follow the Huns' accountant Mr. Pong and keep a record of his transactions.

Following this, Fox and Vermin waste Pong and take his ledger, before they pursue the Huns' errand boy, Sammy. Sammy leads them to the headquarters of the Huns, where Fox and Vermin must battle several Huns and then their leader, Ghost. After defeating Ghost, Fox and Vermin retrieve Sammy's bag, before they are chased out of Chinatown by a group of Huns. Fox and Vermin return to the train station, where Cleon, Ajax, Snow, and Lynx - now satisfied - tell Fox that he has earned his vest.

Sharp Dressed Man

A young Harlem native named Cochise has moved to Coney Island and wishes to join the Warriors. On 18th August, he approaches them, so in order to prove himself, Cleon sets Cochise the initiation task of going into Harlem and retrieving a size-nine hat from one of the Boppers; Snow is sent to aid Cochise on his initiation.

Upon their arrival in Harlem after midnight, Cochise and Snow battle several groups of Boppers. However, they are unable to find a size-nine hat, so they make their way into the Roman Disco. In the disco, Cochise and Snow defeat another group of Boppers, before interrogating Reggie, a Bopper lieutenant. Reggie reveals that the leader of the Boppers is Big Moe; Cochise and Snow make their way to a nearby pool hall, The Pocket, in search of Moe.

However, Big Moe is not at the pool hall; instead, Cochise and Snow find another Bopper lieutenant named Boxcar. After Boxcar is interrogated by Cochise and Snow, he reveals that Moe can sometimes be found at a nearby strip club called The Black Cat. Cochise and Snow make their way to The Black Cat, and although they don't find Big Moe there, they pay Debbie, Moe's best stripper, until she informs them that Moe is at a party at the nearby Club 45.

Using Debbie's pass, Cochise and Snow enter Club 45, where they confront Big Moe. Cochise and Snow battle Big Moe on the dance floor of the club, and are eventually able to defeat him and take his size-nine hat. Cochise and Snow make their way back to Coney with Big Moe's hat, with Snow satisfied that Cochise has done enough to become a member of the Warriors.

Main Game

New Blood

On 13th April, 1979, Cleon and Vermin meet up with Rembrandt, a street artist looking to join the gang. Cleon and Vermin lead Rembrandt to the fight pen near the Warriors' hangout. Rembrandt, along with his friend Ash who is also joining the gang, battles a local vagrant named Rudy, before fighting a number of other local hobos. After beating the homeless, Rembrandt must hold his own against three Warriors, before he is able to join the gang. After Rembrandt completes his initiation with Ash, he tries on his vest, changes into clean pants, and revisits Cleon and Vermin.

Because Rembrandt looks injured from his earlier brawls, Cleon orders Vermin to take him to find some flash. On the streets of Coney Island, Vermin shows Rembrandt the basic ways to earn money: stealing from shops, stealing car radios, and mugging civilians. After this, Vermin leads Rembrandt to a nearby flash dealer; Rembrandt purchases some flash from the dealer, before he and Vermin head back to the hangout to see Cleon.

Real Live Bunch

Shortly after Vermin and Rembrandt arrived back at the hangout, where there was only Cleon, some Destroyers caused havoc around their hangout, as well as alarming the police of gang warfare. Cleon rounded up all of the Warriors who were out on patrol that night; Ajax, Cowboy, Snow, Fox, Swan, and Cochise. After taking care of a group of Destroyers, the nine Warriors returned to their hangout to find that their wall had been graffitied by the Destroyers in their logo. Cleon was enraged by this, so he ordered Rembrandt to march to East Coney - the Destroyers' turf - to spray the Warriors' logo all around East Coney.


Vermin lead Rembrandt, Cowboy and Ajax around East Coney to tag over some of the Destroyers' tags, as well as fight some foorsoldiers on the way. After doing so, Vermin made a joke to Rembrandt to spray the logo over The Destroyers' logo in their hangout.

Rembrandt didn't like the idea of going into the hangout in case the Destroyers are waiting for the Warriors to attack them, only to lead them into a ambush. Ajax ignored what Rembrandt said and stormed off with one of his spray cans to the hangout. Rembrandt, Vermin, and Cowboy had no choice but to sneak to the hangout to graffiti over the Destroyer's logo and then find Ajax.

After Rembrandt sprayed the logo over the Destroyers', Ajax appeared and told them that everything was okay, and that no one was around. This was because Ajax went inside the hangout and taged a "W" on the back of Virgil while he was sleeping. The 4 Warriors made their way back to West Coney to tell the good news to Cleon.


On 30th April, Vermin and Snow wanted to take Ash to The Black Cat. They also asked if Cleon wanted to come along, but he declined the offer. Whilst on their way to Harlem, their train car stopped in Riverside due to a blackout around the area (which parodies the real-life 1977 NY Blackout). This also broke out a massive full-scale riot around the town. After the three warriors went through many stores to steal jewellery, cash, and radios, they went back to Coney via train when power returned.

Real Heavy Rep

On 19th May, the mission opens up in the hangout as the Warriors listen to the radio. The DJ reports news from around New York City, and one report is about the Tremont-based gang, the Orphans, beating up the Warriors. However, this is a false report. As a resul, the Warriors get upset because of that, so Cleon and Fox decide to lead a Warparty containing a number of new bloods to Tremont to see how tough the Orphans really are.

Arriving in Tremont, the Warriors immediately defeat a small group Orphans, before the local hobos inform them that the Orphans usually inhabit Tremont's clinic. There, The Warriors defeat a large number of Orphans, before the Orphans' second-in-command, Jesse, is thrown out of the clinic. The Warriors chase Jesse and, when they catch him, interrogate him for the location of the remaining Orphans.

When Jesse reveals that the Orphans are throwing a party at the "Orphanage", the Warriors make their way there and waste all of the Orphans. However, as they attempt to leave, a woman in a pink vest and long purple skirt appears, telling the Warriors that the Orphans' leader is called Sully. She says that Sully is her boyfriend, but ignores her, so tells them that he is at the auto shop, fixing his car.

When the Warriors arrive at the auto shop, Sully and the Orphans are able to escape to safety behind a gate. However, Sully leaves his car unattended, and the Warriors are able destroy it, despite the best attempts of the Orphans to stop them. After destroying the car, the Warriors leave Sully wailing on the floor, but before they leave Tremont, Cleon gives the New Bloods a talk on the importance of always maintaining the Warriors' reputation.

Due to a plot hole, this mission/event does not happen in The Warriors film timeline.

Writer's Block

On the evening of 20th May, Rembrandt is at the hangout with his friends, when Cleon tells him to finish the burner that he was working on earlier. After making his way out into Coney Island and completing the burner, Rembrandt notices an advertisement for the "Soho Writer's Showdown", hosted by Scopes. Rembrandt signs The Warriors up for the contest, but when he returns to the hangout to inform Cleon, the Warlord is unimpressed that Rembrandt had acted without his consent.

Despite his anger, Cleon allows Rembrandt to take part in the contest, sending Ajax, Snow, and Cowboy to Soho with him. Here, the level begins in full. The four Warriors arrive in Soho under the premise of a truce. The Warriors make their way into the Hi-Hats' turf, where the contest is being held. The Warriors are eventually able to defeat the Electric Eliminators, Moonrunners, and Panzers in the contest.

However, as Scopes announces the Warriors’ victory, he is whacked on the head with a bottle thrown off some scaffolding by the Hi-Hats. Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi-Hats, then appears, remarking that he doesn't appreciate gangs leaving their mark on the Hi-Hats' territory. The participants of the contest are then surrounded by a large group of Hi-Hats, who attack the other gangs.

The Warriors are able to escape to the roof opposite Chatterbox's balcony, and throw bricks to break a pulley and send scaffolding crashing down on Chatterbox. Following this, the Warriors are pursued across the Soho rooftops by the Hi-Hats. However, they are able to find safety when they jump through the roof of Chatterbox's personal gallery, which they then destroy. The Warparty heads back to Coney before Chatterbox arrives at his gallery, and as the level ends the Hi-Hats' leader swears revenge on the Warriors.

Adios Amigo

On the evening of 25th May, Cleon informs Ajax, Cochise, Snow, and Rembrandt that Sanchez has been recently released from prison. Sanchez still owes money to the Warriors, and hasn't paid them yet, so Ajax leads Cochise, Snow, and Rembrandt to East Harlem to find Sanchez and take from him the money that he owes the gang.

Arriving in East Harlem, the Warriors quickly begin battling small groups of Hurricanes, before making their way to The Stripes and Solids, where they find Sanchez. However, a number of Hurricanes are present in the bar and The Warriors must defeat them before they can get to Sanchez. The fight comes to an end when the owner of the bar orders everyone to leave.

The Warriors are the victors, but Sanchez escapes during the fight. The Warparty splits up, with Ajax taking Cochise in one direction, and Snow and Rembrandt going in the opposite direction. Ajax and Cochise find anf pursue Sanchez through the streets of East Harlem, stopping twice to battle groups of Hurricanes. Eventually, Ajax and Cochise corner Sanchez inside a building, before they regroup with Snow and Rembrandt.

However, they must first battle Diego, a large member of the Hurricanes, and Vargas, his equally-large brother. After defeating the two brothers, the Warriors corner Sanchez on the rooftop, where they collect the payment owed to them. However, the payment is less than what is expected, and as Sanchez attempts to make excuses, Ajax says "Boo!" andscares him, making him flinch and fall off the roof of the building onto a car below.

Laughing at Sanchez's fall to his death, the Warriors return to Coney Island.


On 4th June at around 9PM, Cleon, Snow, and Rembrandt are in the hangout watching Ajax rage at the pinball machine, when a fake skull comes crashing through one of the hangout's windows. Looking out of the window, The Warriors see that Chatterbox and the Hi-Hats are responsible for the attack. Cleon says that it is time that he dealt with Chatterbox and his gang personally.

The four Warriors make their way to the Coney Amusement Park, meeting up with Swan, Vermin, Cowboy and Fox along the way. Upon their arrival at the amusement park, Chatterbox remarks that they will regret trashing his gallery, before ordering a large group of Hi-Hats to attack them. After the Warriors defeat the Hi-Hats, Chatterbox retreats inside an amusement ride.

Cleon orders Swan, Ajax, and Snow to accompany him as him pursues Chatterbox inside the attraction, as Vermin, Cowboy, Fox, and Rembrandt go home. In the amusement centre, Snow remarks to Cleon, Swan, and Ajax that he hasn't been here in a long time. In the darkness, as Cleon goes ahead, he spots a few Hi-Hats, but they are unable to see Cleon in the shadows.

Cleon finds a knife on the floor, and slices the throats of the small group of Hi-Hats, one by one. After Cleon calls the others over, he turns on a switch that activates a ride, and they must outrun the ride's carts on the tracks. After escaping from the carts, the Warriors defeat another group of Hi-Hats, before facing off against Chatterbox and his lieutenants.

First, the Warriors must defeat Chatterbox's brother and second-in-command, Crackerjack, and his other lieutenants, before they battle Chatterbox. After a prolonged battle, the Warriors are eventually able to waste Chatterbox, bringing an end to the feud when he is killed by a rollercoaster cart that had passed by on the ground's tracks.

Payin' The Cost

The Warriors are in the hangout when a civilian named Rodney runs in, informing Cleon that Charlie, the owner of the plumbing shop, is in need of assistance. Cleon, Swan, Vermin, Snow, and Ash make their way down to Charlie's Plumbing Store, where they find it half-destroyed. Charlie explains that, earlier, Virgil and the Destroyers told the Coney Island shopkeepers that the Warriors' protection was worthless, and that they are now protected by the Destroyers.

Cleon sends Snow to round up the rest of the Warriors, and sends Ash to scout Tony's Fish Market. Cleon, Swan, and Vermin then go to collect their owed protection money from the Coney Island shopkeepers. After collecting money from the stores, Cleon, Swan and Vermin regroup with Snow, who informs them that the rest of the Warriors are on their way. Snow asks where Ash is, but at that moment, the Warriors' side of Coney comes under attack from the Destroyers.

Cleon, Swan, Vermin, and Snow defend Coney's main stores from the Destroyers, before Tony appears holding Ash's vest and telling them that Virgil and the Destroyers are at the fish market. Cleon and Swan make their way to the fish market, where they find Ash's dead body and realise that it's a trap.

Cleon and Swan escape into the fish market's car park, where they are met by Virgil and a number of Destroyers wielding molotov cocktails from a rooftop. Virgil leaves after telling the Destroyers to waste them. Cleon and Swan break the lock on the gate holding them in, while avoiding the molotov cocktails being thrown at them. Eventually, Cleon and Swan are able to escape.


That night, Cleon leads the Warriors to East Coney Island to end the Destroyers. Upon their arrival in East Coney, The Warriors split up into warparties, with Cleon leading Vermin, Snow, and Ajax through one of East Coney's main streets and adjoining back-alley. The warparty wrecks two stores under Destroyers' protection, and wastes several groups of Destroyers, before making their way into the back-alleys, where they begin to sabotage the Destroyers' operations.

The warparty wastes a pimp named Filmore, as well as his prostitutes, before damaging the Destroyers' stolen goods and then wrecking their casino pit. A cutscene then shows Destroyers leader Virgil being informed of the Warriors' mayhem, before he assaults Beansie, one of his lieutenants, for a quip. Virgil orders his Destroyers officers to defend East Coney, though they are soon wasted by the Warriors.

Back at the Destroyers' hangout, Virgil tells his lieutenants to prepare to defend the hangout from the Warriors. He then tells LC, that he's going to the shack; LC wishes to go with him, but Virgil tells him to stay and fight. The Warriors then storm the Destroyers' hangout, defeating Lemmy and a number of Destroyers in the courtyard, before breaking into the hangout and wrecking all of the Destroyers in there.

However, after wasting all of the Destroyers, they realise that Virgil is not in the hangout. Cleon and Vermin then stealthily pursue LC to the shack. Once there, Cleon knocks him out and then confront Virgil inside. The shack is soon set alight by Virgil's use of molotov cocktails, and among the flames, Cleon and Vermin are able to defeat Virgil and knock him to the ground. After a brief exchange between Cleon and Virgil, Cleon throws a molotov cocktail at the defeated Virgil, before he and Vermin leave the burning shack.

Boys In Blue

On 30th June, at the Warriors' hangout, the gang hear on the radio that a police officer has been wasted in Pelham, and a "gang curfew" is in effect. Fox and Snow are scouting in Pelham, so Cleon sends Cochise, Vermin, and Cowboy to check up on their condition. The cutscene that follows this then reveals that Luther, the Rogues' leader, was responsible for the cop's death.

Upon their arrival at the Pelham subway platform, the three Warriors find that the train station is lockdown. The Warriors get into a fight with the Turnbull AC's, and throw a member of in front of an oncoming train in order to get the cops' attention. When the riot cops come down to the platform to investigate, the Warriors make their way to the Riffs' gambling club.

Cochise asks the Riff at the door if he's seen any other Warriors, but the Riff wants payment for his answer. After collecting money from rioting and looting in Pelham, they return to the gambling club, where the Riff informs them that, when the cops raided the club, everyone fled to The Red Devil. The Riff suggests that The Warriors travel through the sewer system, though they must first locate a set of bolt-cutters.

After cutting into the sewers, the Warriors recruit several hobos to help them, before battling a group of Turnbull AC's. After defeating the AC's, they continue on through the sewers and overhear a wheelchair-bound Turnbull lieutenant named Birdie talking about how he had two gang members wrecked by his footsoldiers earlier, and will shortly finish them off when they awaken.

Shortly after this, they comes across Fox and Snow, who are on the ground covered in bruises and wounds. They help them up, then Fox and Snow explain that, when the cops raided the Riffs' gambling club and everyone fled to The Red Devil, they followed them. However, Birdie soon set a group of Turnbull AC's on the Warriors, and they were ovewhelmed and beaten savagely.

Cochise tells Cowboy to take Fox and Snow back to Coney Island, and get some Warriors reinforcements down to Pelham. After roughly an hour's wait, Ajax arrives with several new bloods. The reinforced warparty enters The Red Devil and wreck all of the Turnbull AC's inside, including the resident band, the Angry Cocks. The bartender then asks the Warriors to leave, telling them that Birdie is at the local refinery.

Arriving at the refinery, they find Birdie talking to three construction workers, one of which being his brother. When Cochise announces the Warriors' arrival, Birdie draws a snub-nosed revolver, and the Warriors run for cover. However, as the rest of the Warriors run over a flimsy bridge leading to a building, Birdie shoots it, and it collapses beneath them, which leaves Cochise behind.

With Birdie shooting at them from behind cover, the Warriors must take turns throwing objects such as cans and bricks at Birdie. Eventually, Birdie is knocked to the edge of a ledge, and a final thrown object knocks him over the edge. Birdie falls many feet down below, killing him. Cochise tells Birdie he can crawl to Coney if he wishes to retaliate, before the Warparty leaves Pelham.

A cutscene then takes place in the Riffs' hangout. As Cyrus takes the Riffs through a set of Martial Arts drills, he is informed that the Warriors have wasted Birdie, and that the Turnbull AC's are looking for revenge. However, Cyrus is adamant that the AC's should not be allowed to retaliate, and tells the informer to keep track of the Warriors' movements.

Set Up

On 3rd July, Cleon reveals that he has been talking to the Bensonhurst-based gang, the Saracens, who say they've been having problem with their rivals, the Jones Street Boys. The Saracens are a reputable gang, and Cleon believes that aiding them will lead to the Warriors getting onto the Riffs' network. Cowboy and Cochise are sent to Bensonhurst, where they meet up with the Saracens' leader, Edge.

Edge explains that the Jones Street Boys have recently been working with the local cops, which has caused problems between the gangs. Edge tells Cowboy and Cochise that the plan is for them to steal items from the stores around Bensonhurst, then plant some in the trunk of the cops' car, and the rest in the Jones Street Boys' hangout.

After Edge and the Saracens leave, Cowboy and Cochise begin making their way around Bensonhurst, looting the stores and stealing car radios. When they have enough stolen items, Cowboy and Cochise put some of the items in the trunk of the cops' car, before they make their way to the Jones Street Boys' hangout and plant the remaining items there.

Following this, Cowboy and Cochise come across the two cops - Judas and Dawson - who have been working with the Jones Street Boys. Cowboy lies and says that the JSBs have a business set up where they sell stolen merchandise out of their hangout, before leaving the cops. Annoyed that they are being left out of this fabricated deal, the cops arrest Knox, the leader of the JSBs.

However, the cops themselves are then arrested after Detectives Harrison and Garrison uncover the stolen items in their trunk. Before leaving Bensonhurst, Cowboy and Cochise come across Edge, who thanks them for their work and tells the Warriors that he will tell he Riffs about them prior to the meeting.


At around midnight of 10th July, in the Warriors' hangout, Cleon tells Rembrandt that it's time to take the gang "all-city". Cleon leads Rembrandt, Snow, and Fox to meet up with Scopes at the Pelham Trainyard. The level then cuts to the Gramercy Riffs' hangout. It is two days until the meeting, and Riffs' leader, Cyrus, sends his soldiers to invite his chosen gangs to the meeting, outlining his conditions for the gangs in attendance.

The level then returns to the Warriors, who have met up with Scopes in Pelham. Scopes explains that Rembrandt should be able to tag the new trains in the yard, though he warns the Warparty that they should watch out for the Moonrunners, as the trainyard is their territory. Cleon and Scopes leave shortly after, and the three Warriors make their way into the trainyard, where Rembrandt tags the first train, and Fox sets out to find the other new trains.

Rembrandt and Snow then make their way through the trainyard, defeating several groups of Moonrunners, and then destroying the security guards' radio. Fox then arrives; informing Rembrandt and Snow where the next three trains are, before leaving to find the final two. Rembrandt and Snow find and tag the next four trains, before regrouping with Fox.

Scopes then arrives to inform them that when they destroyed the radio earlier, they alerted the cops, who are now arriving at the trainyard. Scopes leaves, and Rembrandt tags the final two trains, before leaving the trainyard. Later, Rembrandt and Scopes watch as a train bearing the Warriors' logo passes them.


Desperate Dudes

On the night of 12th July, Cleon, Swan, Snow, Ajax, Cochise, Vermin, Cowboy, Fox, and Rembrandt make their way to the meeting at Van Cortlandt Park, after being invited by Cyrus and the Riffs. At the conclave, Cyrus discusses his idea of bringing all of the gangs in New York City, and although it is generally well-received by the gangs in attendance, Cyrus is then shot and killed by Luther, the leader of the Rogues.

The meeting is then interrupted by a large number of riot cops, and in the chaos, Cleon is killed by the Riffs after Luther blamed him for murdering Cyrus. The remaining eight members of the Warriors are able escape to a nearby cemetery, where Ajax briefly challenges Swan for the role of Warlord. However, Ajax gives up when the rest of the Warriors support Swan.

When the gang then attempts to leave the cemetery, they run into a group of cops and are separated. A cutscene then occurs, which shows the Riffs' new leader Masai demanding the Warriors be caught; a message which is then relayed by the DJ to the various gangs in New York. Swan and Snow are then shown after being separated from the rest of The Warriors.

Snow notes a nearby gang tag, which bears the mark of the Turnbull AC's. Swan and Snow must make their way through the Turnbull's territory of Gunhill. On their journey, they come across Ajax, who is overwhelmed by Turnbulls and is about to be killed with a machet, when the two save him and beat up the Turnbulls. The three press on, and eventually find Vermin cornered like Ajax was, and they manage to save him.

Eventually, the four are able to regroup with Cochise, Cowboy, Fox, and Rembrandt, and defeat a large group of Turnbulls, before they must outrun a bus driven by the Turnbulls. After this, the Warriors take cover and watch as the Turnbull AC's patrol the streets. However, the Warriors see their train approaching the station above, and must leave their cover and outrun the bus again, before reaching the subway and boarding their train that they hope will return them to Coney Island.

No Permits, No Parley

In the very early hours of 13th July, after a scout for the Riffs reports to Masai that the Turnbull AC's were unable to catch the Warriors, a cutscene shows Luther and the Rogues purchasing items from a store. When the girl behind the counter asks Luther to pay for the items, he reacts angrily. The level then cuts to focus on the Warriors. A fire in the subway station means that they must leave their train when it reaches Tremont, the territory of the Orphans.

After the Warriors are spotted by the Orphans' scouts, Swan and Fox attempt to parley with Sully, the leader of the Orphans. Sully's girlfriend, named Mercy, then challenges his manhood for allowing another gang to walk through the Orphans' turf (in the game universe, she brings up the fact that they trashed his car). Sully then tells the Warriors to take off their vests; a request that Swan refuses.

Sully leaves the group with the rest of the Orphans, and the Warriors begin to make their way through Tremont, leaving Mercy behind as she insults them in a hidden plea for them to take her along.

(This paragraph only takes place in the game's timeline) The Warriors eventually come to a large group of Orphans, led by Sully, but are able to defeat them. Then, the Warriors come across a police blockade and are separated. Swan and Snow must regroup with the rest of The Warriors; Cochise and Vermin have been arrested, Fox and Cowboy have been wrecked, Ajax is busy fighting a group of Electric Eliminators, and Rembrandt has taken cover in the shadows. After regrouping with the rest of The Warriors, Swan leads them through Tremont.

As the eight Warriors press on, they are followed by Mercy. When the Warriors confront Mercy and discover that she wants adventure, and to see some action, a large group of Orphans attempts to ambush them. However, Swan throws a molotov cocktail at a nearby car, with the subsequent explosion giving the Warriors the chance to escape with Mercy to a train that will take them to Union Square.

Home Run

The Warriors are shown waiting at the 96th Street Station, but when the cops appear, the Warriors must split up in an attempt to escape from them. In the ensuing chaos, Mercy escapes, while Fox struggles with a police officer, and is killed by an oncoming train when the cop pushes him off the platform. Vermin, Cochise, and Rembrandt are able to escape from the cops by boarding a train heading to Union Square.

Swan, Snow, Ajax, and Cowboy attempt to escape from the cops by leaving the train station and coming out on the street in Riverside. However, they encounter the Baseball Furies, who chase the Warriors into Riverside Park. In the park, Ajax and Cowboy split up from Swan and Snow. When Thurman, the Furies' lieutenant, knocks Cowboy out, Ajax briefly battles the Furies alone, but Swan and Snow soon arrive and aid Ajax in defeating the large group of Furies. After Swan pulls Cowboy to his feet, the four then attempt to make their way to the next train station.

(This paragraph only takes place in the game's timeline) However, they come across the Furies' leader Cobb in Riverside Park's rotunda. The Warriors are able to overwhelm Cobb and the remaining Furies, and leave the rotunda back to the park.

After fighting, Ajax notices a lone woman on a park bench, and he says to his friends that they should stay there a while, but they refuse, saying they need to hurry to find the other Warriors. Ajax angrily dismisses the three as "faggots" and walks back over to the woman, while the others walk off. Ajax approaches the lady, who invites him to sit with her, and then compliments his muscles.

When she flirts with him, Ajax becomes sexually aggressive towards her, proclaiming that he likes it rough. However, the woman is actually revealed to be an undercover police officer and she swiftly handcuffs him to the bench, before she loudly whistles for backup. Ajax is arrested. Meanwhile, Snow and Cowboy tell Swan that they want to return to check on Ajax, but when the two arrive, they are powerless to do anything as they watch, from behind bushes, as he is placed into a police car.

Friendly Faces

After being separated from the rest of the gang, Rembrandt, Vermin, and Cochise arrive at Union Square and almost immediately see a group of beautiful young women. Vermin and Cochise approach them, ignoring Rembrandt's protests. The ladies seduce them and take them to their hangout, where they have a small party, and introduce themselves as the Lizzies.

However, after about half an hour, the party is interrupted when the women draw out handguns and knives in an attempt to kill the Warriors in retribution for Cyrus' murder. Although Rembrandt is cut with a knife, the three Warriors are able to escape. Outside of the Lizzies' hangout, Rembrandt explains that the Lizzies believe they shot Cyrus, and all of New York City's gangs must be searching for them.

The trio make their way back to Union Square to regroup with the rest of the Warriors. After they wait at the platform for a while, Snow and Cowboy find them and tell them that the cops got Ajax, but the whereabouts of Swan are unknown to them. Rembrandt, Vermin, and Cochise are shocked about Ajax, and the five Warriors leave the platform to find Swan. Meanwhile, Swan is now alone, and is making his way through the station when Mercy finds him.

(This paragraph only takes place in the film's timeline) After a brief conversation, they walk together, but eventually run into police, but escape by running onto the train tracks. After some time, they are still walking on the tracks, and they both have a deep conversation on their lives and future, before sharing a long kiss. However, Swan becomes angry and leaves her behind, but she follows him.

In the subway station, Mercy points out to Swan that he is being followed by the Punks, to which Swan makes it clear that he is already aware of this. Just then, the other five Warriors arrive. (In a deleted scene, he talks with them and learns that Ajax was arrested.) Swan then leads them all - including Mercy - into the nearby subway bathroom.

There, they ambush the Punks and are eventually able to defeat them, before they board the train back to Coney Island. A scene then shows one of the Gramercy Riffs introducing Masai to a gang member who says he saw who really shot Cyrus. Meanwhile, as the Warriors make their way back to Coney, they come across two prom couples; the couples leave a short time later, becoming uncomfortable after seeing Swan and Mercy's beaten and tired condition.

Come Out To Play

The Warriors arrive back in Coney Island, but they are immediately confronted by Luther and the Rogues, who chase them in their hearse. The Warriors are able to outrun the hearse and regroup beneath the boardwalk near Coney's beach. The Rogues' hearse then pulls up and Luther taunts them for a brief time, before Swan leads his Warriors out onto the beach, and Luther and the Rogues get out of the car and follow.

Swan asks Luther why he wasted Cyrus, and when Luther replies that there was no reason, and that he just likes doing things like that. Luther chuckles, and Swan chuckles back, then challenges Luther to a one-on-one fight.

(This paragraph only takes place in the film's timeline) As Luther draws his revolver, he tells Swan that he must be crazy. As Luther cocks the six-shot pistol, since there are six Warriors left, he tells the Warriors that they are all dead.

(This paragraph only takes place in the game's timeline) Luther accepts, and Swan wins the brawl, sending a battered and bruised Luther into cover. Luther draws his handgun and shoots at Swan and Snow, whilst the other four Warriors fight the Rogues. Swan and Snow are able to weaken Luther by throwing glass bottles at him.

Swan then swiftly disables Luther when he quickly draws a switchblade throws it into Luther's wrist. Right after this, Masai and a large group of Gramercy Riffs appear, now aware that Luther is behind Cyrus' murder. Masai praises the Warriors, before allowing them safe passage past the Riffs on the beach. As the Warriors walk off, Masai and the Riffs swarm the Rogues and waste them.

The DJ announces the big alert has been called off, and apologises to the Warriors for the situation. In the aftermath, Swan and Mercy begin a relationship. The Warriors, safe and finally home, walk down the beach, illuminated by the sunrise.


Missions Overview

Mission Protagonist Deuteragonist Date
Flashback A: Roots Cleon Vermin 16th April, 1978
Flashback B: The Best Swan Cowboy 6th May, 1978
Flashback C: Heavy Muscle Ajax Snow 15th June, 1978
Flashback D: Scout's Honor Fox Vermin 22nd July, 1978
Flashback E: Sharp Dressed Man Cochise Snow 18th August, 1978
#1 New Blood Rembrandt Ash 13th April, 1979
#2 Real Live Bunch Cleon Vermin
#3 Payback Rembrandt 14th April, 1979
#4 Blackout Vermin Snow 30th April, 1979
#5 Real Heavy Rep Cleon Fox 19th May, 1979
#6 Writer's Block Rembrandt & Snow Ajax 20th May, 1979
#7 Adios Amigo Ajax Cochise 25th May, 1979
#8 Encore Cleon Swan 4th June, 1979
#9 Payin' The Cost 21st June, 1979
#10 Destroyed Vermin
#11 Boys In Blue Cochise 30th June, 1979
#12 Set Up Cowboy Cochise 3rd July, 1979
#13 All-City Rembrandt Snow 10th July, 1979
#14 Desperate Dudes Swan 12th July, 1979
#15 No Permits, No Parley 13th July, 1979
#16 Home Run Swan & Ajax Snow & Cowboy
#17 Friendly Faces Rembrandt & Swan Vermin & Snow
#18 Come Out To Play Swan Snow

Initiation Order

Warrior(s) Date
Cleon & Vermin Left The Destroyers on 16th April, 1978 and formed The Warriors before 6th May.
Swan & Cowboy Earned their Warriors waistcoats on 6th May, but fully joined on 7th May.
Ajax & Snow Joined on 15th June.
Fox Joined on 22nd-23rd July.
Cochise Joined on 19th August.
Rembrandt Joined on 13th April, 1979.

Pre-Train Conversations

# Conversation
1 SWAN: We ain't even been to The Bronx before.
CLEON: No sweat - this conclave is gonna be a real big idol. Every gang in the city's gonna be there.
2 COCHISE: We're goin' in there with nothin'.
SNOW: We're goin' in there like everybody else: nine guys, no weapons.
3 CLEON: You got the stuff? *Rembrandt shows his spray can* I want you to hit everything in sight; I want everyone to know that the Warriors were there.
4 COWBOY: You never know what you're gonna run into out there - if we're wearing our colours, we can't hide.
VERMIN: Who wants to hide?
5 AJAX: (To Fox) Maybe we'll get to waste a few heads along the way...
CLEON: You just soldier and keep your mouth shut.
6 SWAN: When we get there, you stick close by. Okay?
REMBRANDT: Don't worry - I don't feel like getting wrecked.
7 AJAX: One thing we might get outta Cyrus' little 'get-together'... is meetin' some strange wool. I wouldn't mind layin' a little somethin' down on the way back.
VERMIN: You got a one-track brain, ya know that?
AJAX: What's the matter? Ya goin' faggot?
8 COWBOY: What do ya know about Cyrus?
COCHISE: Magic. Whole lotta magic.
9 COWBOY: What do ya know about Cyrus?
REMBRANDT: He's the one and only.
10 COCHISE: When you're president of the biggest gang in the city, ya don't have to take any shit.
AJAX: Ah, fuck him.
11 AJAX: (To Cleon) I'll tell ya somethin'; I'll bet nobody's even gonna be there.

Warriors' Commands

Scatter! Watch my back! Wreck 'em all! Hold up! Let's go! Hold up! (shadows) Let's go! (shadows) Mayhem! Mayhem! (shops)
Cleon Split up, Soldiers! Get my back! Take 'em apart! Yo, hold up! Let's move it. Stay down, guys. This way, soldier. Trash everything! Clean this shit-hole out!
Swan Fan out, Warriors! Get my back! Take 'em out. Hold it! (Let's) get movin'. Don't be seen. Come on, and STAY SILENT. Trash this crap! Take everything you can carry!
Snow Everyone, get the fuck outta here! Cover my ass. Fuck 'em up! Stop here. Time to move. N/A N/A Destroy this shit! N/A
Ajax Split Up! Watch my back! Wreck 'em all! Hold up. Follow my lead/me. Stick to the shadows. Shut up and get over here. Wreck this crap! Let's take everything, man!
Cochise Everyone, get outta here! Watch my back! Wreck 'em all! Hold up! Alright, let's go! Shut up and lay low. Get over here. Be quiet! Bust this shit! Go grab that shit!
Vermin Aw shit, let's get outta here! Watch my back! Grease 'em all! Hold on a sec. Let's move. Be quiet, don't be seen. C'mere, don't get made. It's time to break some stuff! Grab whatever ya can, man!
Cowboy Everyone, take off! Guys, get my back! Mess these guys up! Hold on a second. Let's move! Stay silent. I don't wanna get made. Come on, guys. Stick to the shadows. Smash it up! Clean this shit out!
Fox Break off, Warriors! / Break off! Cover my back! Take 'em down! Hold on. Let's go, follow me. Okay, keep it down. Get over here, lay low. / Let's go, follow me. Bust it up! Take everything, guys!
Rembrandt Get the hell outta here! Cover me! Take 'em out! Hold up a sec. Come on, let's move. Sshhh… Don't get made. Come on, get in the shadows. Smash everything in sight. Let's take it all!

Most - least playable Warriors

Player 1:

Warrior Mission Appearances
Cleon Missions 2, 5, 8, 9 & 10. Flashback A. Free roam before missions 4, 5, 8 & 9.
Swan Missions 14, 15 & 18. Half of missions 16 & 17. Flashback B. Free roam before mission 14, and after mission 18.
Rembrandt Missions 1, 3, 13 & half of missions 6 & 17. Free roam before missions 6 & 13.
Ajax Mission 7, part of mission 16 & Flashback C. Free roam before mission 7.
Cochise Mission 11, Flashback E & free roam before mission 11.
Cowboy Mission 12 & free roam before mission 12.
Vermin Mission 4.
Fox Flashback D.
Snow Half of mission 6.
Ash N/A

Player 2:

Warrior Mission Appearances
Snow Missions 4, 13, 14, 15, 18 & part of mission 16. Flashbacks C & E. Free roam before mission 7, & after mission 18.
Vermin Missions 2, 3, 10, 11 & 17. Flashbacks A & D. Free roam before mission 11.
Swan Missions 8 & 9. Free roam before missions 4, 5 & 9.
Fox Mission 5, & free roam before missions 12 & 14.
Cowboy Flashback B & part of Mission 16. Free roam before missions 6 & 13.
Cochise Missions 7 & 12.
Ajax Mission 6 & free roam before mission 8.
Ash Mission 1
Rembrandt N/A
Cleon N/A

Overall: Swan - 12 times. Cleon & Snow - 10 times each. Vermin - 9 times. Rembrandt - 6 times. Ajax & Cowboy - 5 1/2 times each. Cochise - 5 times. Fox - 4 times. Ash - Once.

Actors' Ages

Character Actor Date of Birth
Swan Michael Beck 4th Feb, 1949
Mercy Deb Van Valkenburgh 29th Aug, 1952
Snow Brian Tyler 15th May, 1953
Vermin Terry Michos 26th Dec, 1953
Ajax James Remar 31st Dec, 1953
Fox Thomas G. Waites 8th Jan, 1955
Cowboy Tom McKitterick 20th Dec, 1956
Cleon Dorsey Wright 21st Apr, 1957
Rembrandt Marcelino Sanchez 5th Dec, 1957
Cochise David Harris 23rd May, 1959



  • Only the nine main Warriors have recorded voice acting for the "SCATTER" and "MAYHEM" commands.
  • In the first deleted scene, Cleon mentions that the gang has 120 full members. However, in the game, only 19 members are important enough to have (nick)names.
  • The Warriors make their money through committing the following crimes: mugging people, stealing car radios, doing smash-and-grabs, and extorting the local shop owners.
  • The Warriors' sign painted on the bath house for a photo was painted over a real gang's tag. The gang didn't take too well to this, so the producers paid them to be in the film.
  • In the game, when choosing the Fury Mode difficulty, all the members have The Baseball Furies' skins; the 'New Bloods' have BJ's skin, Cleon has Cobb's skin, Swan has Thurman's skin, Vermin and Cochise have Darien's skin, Cowboy and Rembrandt have Zack's skin, and Ajax, Snow, and Fox have Ryan's skin.
  • As of the film and game, the second-in-command title would be given to Snow, as Swan is the new Warlord. However, providing that Jailbreak is canon, it is unknown if Ajax or Snow would be main lieutenant, so the title, in that case, would remain vacant.
  • The four Warriors with two-blow grapple moves (Vermin, Fox, Cowboy, and Rembrandt) always knock someone out for their stealth attack; the other five main Warriors will swiftly snap their target's neck (if holding nothing), slice their throat (with a knife or broken bottle), or put them to sleep with a choke-hold (if carrying almost any other weapon)
  • In the game's rumble mode feature, if you switch to a Warrior in their default waistcoat outfit (after the initial Warchief/player is wrecked) during a match, they will have the standard fighting moves (roundhouse kick, 2-hit finishing moves, etc.), rather than their own. The only thing they always retain is their rage meter and raw strength. However, if any Warrior is the starting Warchief of a match, they'll always fight in their unique style - it's only when you switch to a Warrior that they become default.
    • Furthermore, even AI Warriors during matches will have the default fighting moves, as long as they're in default attire.
    • However, Flashback Warriors never have this problem - they always fight like they should. The same goes for the 'ghosts' of Ajax and Swan.
  • In the game, when the player equips a hat, they will have different reactions; Cowboy will be happy to re-equip his own Stetson, but will not be happy if it's a different hat. Ash, Vermin and Snow will like the hat that they put on, but the other six will verbally express their dislike of the hat, despite still wearing it on the player's command.
    • It is unknown how Snow, Cochise and Rembrandt can even wear hats, considering their large afros.
  • Ajax, Swan, Vermin, Cowboy, Fox and Rembrandt are the only characters in the game (except Virgil) that do not use the tornado kick as the raging power move; even fat and/or untrained characters - like Chatterbox, for example - can do this kick. However, it isn't canon that such people can perform this kick, as it can only happen in rumble mode, which isn't canon.
  • In terms of rage, Swan has the longest rage span, lasting about 15 seconds, with Cowboy having the second longest, with about 13 seconds. Cleon, Snow and Cochise's rage times last about 12 seconds, and are exactly the same as any character in rumble mode that isn't a main Warrior. Ajax's rage time is about the same, but the rage bar is longer and fills up quicker. The rage meters of Vermin, Fox, Rembrandt and Ash are all different, but they each take the same amount of time to deplete, which is roughly 8 seconds. This makes the order of rage meters: Swan, Cowboy, Cleon/Snow/Cochise/Ajax, and Vermin/Fox/Rembrandt/Ash.
    • Despite this order of rage meters, the order is officially listed as follows: Ajax/Fox (10/10), Cochise (9/10), Cleon/Snow/Cowboy (8/10), Swan/Vermin (7/10), and Rembrandt (6/10).
    • In this case, the 'Rage' character statistic only counts for how much maximum rage a Warrior has (how long the actual meter is); for example, Fox and Ajax's Rage stats are listed as 10/10, yet they are completely inferior to Swan's, despite his being listed as only 7/10. Moreover, Cowboy's is 8/10, yet is worse than Swan's, and better than Fox and Ajax's.
    • Despite the three black Warriors' rage meters identically being the default ones, Cochise's Rage stat is listed on his page as 9/10, whilst Snow and Cleon's are listed as 8/10.
  • The Warriors make an Easter egg appearance in issue #27 of the IDW comics publication Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where they sit among the assembled crime gangs of New York to witness an impending execution lead by the Shredder.
  • According to an interview with a Hells Angels member on The Howard Stern Show, the Warriors' vest logo was taken from a picture of a bike built in a California prison by an incarcerated Hells Angel, which appeared in a motorcycle magazine. It has apparently caused several fights; Hells Angels will violently defend ownership of any of their logos. As a result, all future depictions of the logo feature a flaming snake instead of the skull with wings. The snake logo is the only Warriors logo that is sanctioned to appear on merchandise, including, but limited to: t-shirts, comics, video games, replica vests, etc.


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