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Team Overview

The Warriors are the titular protagonists of the 1979 American cult action/thriller film The Warriors, and the 2005 video game prequel. They are a fictional New York City gang in 1979, reigning over their home turf of Coney Island, Brooklyn.

They have built a reputation of one of the toughest gangs in the city. Their strength comes from each member having their own unique toughness and skill. When brought together as a whole, the Warriors are able to make it through the perils of NYC's gang warfare.

The actors for Swan, Ajax, Cleon, Cochise, Fox, and Mercy returned to voice their characters for the video game, but the other four Warriors were given new voice actors; Rembrandt's actor died, Vermin's actor's voice had aged too much, and the actors of Snow and Cowboy had retired.


Initiation Order

Warrior(s) Date
Cleon & Vermin Left The Destroyers on 16th April, 1978 and formed The Warriors before 6th May.
Swan & Cowboy Earned their Warriors waistcoats on 6th May, but fully joined on 7th May.
Ajax & Snow Joined on 15th June.
Fox Joined on 22nd-23rd July.
Cochise Joined on 19th August.
Rembrandt Joined on 13th April, 1979.

Pre-Train Conversations

# Conversation
1 SWAN: We ain't even been to The Bronx before.
CLEON: No sweat - this conclave is gonna be a real big idol. Every gang in the city's gonna be there.
2 COCHISE: We're goin' in there with nothin'.
SNOW: We're goin' in there like everybody else: nine guys, no weapons.
3 CLEON: You got the stuff? *Rembrandt shows his spray can* I want you to hit everything in sight; I want everyone to know that the Warriors were there.
4 COWBOY: You never know what you're gonna run into out there - if we're wearing our colours, we can't hide.
VERMIN: Who wants to hide?
5 AJAX: (To Fox) Maybe we'll get to waste a few heads along the way...
CLEON: You just soldier and keep your mouth shut.
6 SWAN: When we get there, you stick close by. Okay?
REMBRANDT: Don't worry - I don't feel like getting wrecked.
7 AJAX: One thing we might get outta Cyrus' little 'get-together'... is meetin' some strange wool. I wouldn't mind layin' a little somethin' down on the way back.
VERMIN: You got a one-track brain, ya know that?
AJAX: What's the matter? Ya goin' faggot?
8 COWBOY: What do ya know about Cyrus?
COCHISE: Magic. Whole lotta magic.
9 COWBOY: What do ya know about Cyrus?
REMBRANDT: He's the one and only.
10 COCHISE: When you're president of the biggest gang in the city, ya don't have to take any shit.
AJAX: Ah, fuck him.
11 AJAX: (To Cleon) I'll tell ya somethin'; I'll bet nobody's even gonna be there.

Warriors' Commands

Scatter! Watch my back! Wreck 'em all! Hold up! Let's go! Hold up! (shadows) Let's go! (shadows) Mayhem! Mayhem! (shops)
Cleon Split up, Soldiers! Get my back! Take 'em apart! Yo, hold up! Let's move it. Stay down, guys. This way, soldier. Trash everything! Clean this shit-hole out!
Swan Fan out, Warriors! Get my back! Take 'em out. Hold it! (Let's) get movin'. Don't be seen. Come on, and STAY SILENT. Trash this crap! Take everything you can carry!
Snow Everyone, get the fuck outta here! Cover my ass. Fuck 'em up! Stop here. Time to move. N/A N/A Destroy this shit! N/A
Ajax Split Up! Watch my back! Wreck 'em all! Hold up. Follow my lead/me. Stick to the shadows. Shut up and get over here. Wreck this crap! Let's take everything, man!
Cochise Everyone, get outta here! Watch my back! Wreck 'em all! Hold up! Alright, let's go! Shut up and lay low. Get over here. Be quiet! Bust this shit! Go grab that shit!
Vermin Aw shit, let's get outta here! Watch my back! Grease 'em all! Hold on a sec. Let's move. Be quiet, don't be seen. C'mere, don't get made. It's time to break some stuff! Grab whatever ya can, man!
Cowboy Everyone, take off! Guys, get my back! Mess these guys up! Hold on a second. Let's move! Stay silent. I don't wanna get made. Come on, guys. Stick to the shadows. Smash it up! Clean this shit out!
Fox Break off, Warriors! / Break off! Cover my back! Take 'em down! Hold on. Let's go, follow me. Okay, keep it down. Get over here, lay low. / Let's go, follow me. Bust it up! Take everything, guys!
Rembrandt Get the hell outta here! Cover me! Take 'em out! Hold up a sec. Come on, let's move. Sshhh… Don't get made. Come on, get in the shadows. Smash everything in sight. Let's take it all!

Most - least playable Warriors

Player 1:

Warrior Mission Appearances
Cleon Missions 2, 5, 8, 9 & 10. Flashback A. Free roam before missions 4, 5, 8 & 9.
Swan Missions 14, 15 & 18. Half of missions 16 & 17. Flashback B. Free roam before mission 14, and after mission 18.
Rembrandt Missions 1, 3, 13 & half of missions 6 & 17. Free roam before missions 6 & 13.
Ajax Mission 7, part of mission 16 & Flashback C. Free roam before mission 7.
Cochise Mission 11, Flashback E & free roam before mission 11.
Cowboy Mission 12 & free roam before mission 12.
Vermin Mission 4.
Fox Flashback D.
Snow Half of mission 6.
Ash N/A

Player 2:

Warrior Mission Appearances
Snow Missions 4, 13, 14, 15, 18 & part of mission 16. Flashbacks C & E. Free roam before mission 7, & after mission 18.
Vermin Missions 2, 3, 10, 11 & 17. Flashbacks A & D. Free roam before mission 11.
Swan Missions 8 & 9. Free roam before missions 4, 5 & 9.
Fox Mission 5, & free roam before missions 12 & 14.
Cowboy Flashback B & part of Mission 16. Free roam before missions 6 & 13.
Cochise Missions 7 & 12.
Ajax Mission 6 & free roam before mission 8.
Ash Mission 1
Rembrandt N/A
Cleon N/A



  • In the first deleted scene, Cleon mentions that the gang has 120 full members. However, in the game, only 19 members are important enough to have (nick)names.


  • The Warriors' sign painted on the bath house for a photo was painted over a real gang's tag. The gang didn't take this well, so the producers paid them to be in the film.
  • The order of the actors in age: Michael Beck (4/2/49), Deborah Van Valkenburgh (29/8/52), Brian Tyler (15/5/53), Terry Michos (26/12/53), James Remar (31/12/53), Thomas G. Waites (8/1/55), Tom McKitterick (20/12/56), Dorsey Wright (21/4/57), Marcelino Sánchez (5/12/57), David Harris (23/5/59).
  • According to an interview with a member of the Hells Angels on The Howard Stern Show, the Warriors' vest logo was taken from a picture of a bike built in a California prison by an incarcerated Hells Angel, which appeared in a motorcycle magazine. It has apparently caused several fights; Hells Angels will violently defend ownership of any of their logos. As a result, all future depictions of the logo feature a flaming cobra instead of a winged skull. The cobra logo is the only Warriors logo that is sanctioned to appear on merchandise: t-shirts, comics, video games, replica vests, etc.


  • Only the nine main Warriors have recorded voice acting for the "SCATTER" and "MAYHEM" commands.
  • The Warriors make their money through committing the following crimes: mugging people, stealing car radios, doing smash-and-grabs, and extorting the local shop owners.
  • When choosing the Fury Mode difficulty, all members have the Baseball Furies' skins (character models): the 'New Bloods' have BJ's skin; Cleon has Cobb's skin; Swan has Thurman's skin; Vermin and Cochise have Darien's skin; Cowboy and Rembrandt have Zack's skin; Ajax, Snow and Fox have Ryan's skin.
  • As of the film and game, the second-in-command title would be given to Snow, as Swan is the new Warlord. However, providing that Jailbreak is canon, it is unknown if Ajax or Snow would be main lieutenant, so the title, in that case, would remain vacant.
  • The four Warriors with two-blow grapple moves (Vermin, Fox, Cowboy, and Rembrandt) always knock someone out for their stealth attack; the other five main Warriors will swiftly snap their target's neck (if holding nothing), slice their throat (with a knife or broken bottle), or put them to sleep with a choke-hold (if carrying almost any other weapon).
  • In rumble mode, if you switch to a Warrior in their default waistcoat outfit (after the initial Warchief/player is wrecked) during a match, they will have the standard fighting moves (roundhouse kick, 2-hit finishing moves, etc.), rather than their own. The only thing they always retain is their rage meter and raw strength. However, if any Warrior is the starting Warchief of a match, they'll always fight in their unique style - it's only when you switch to a Warrior that they become default.
    • Furthermore, even AI Warriors during matches will have the default fighting moves, as long as they're in default attire.
    • However, Flashback Warriors never have this problem - they always fight like they should. The same goes for the 'ghosts' of Ajax and Swan.
  • When equipping a hat, Warriors have different reactions; Cowboy will be happy to re-equip his own Stetson, but will not be happy if it's a different hat. Ash, Vermin and Snow will like the hat that they put on, but the other six will verbally express their dislike of the hat, despite still wearing it on the player's command.
    • It is unknown how Snow, Cochise and Rembrandt can even wear hats, considering their large afros.
  • Ajax, Swan, Vermin, Cowboy, Fox and Rembrandt are the only characters in the game (except Virgil) that do not use the tornado kick as the raging power move; even fat and/or untrained characters, such as Chatterbox, can do this kick. However, it isn't canon that such people can perform this kick, as it can only happen in the non-canon rumble mode.
  • In terms of rage, Swan has the longest rage span, lasting about 15 seconds, with Cowboy having the second longest, with about 13 seconds. Cleon, Snow and Cochise's rage times last about 12 seconds, and are exactly the same as any character in rumble mode that isn't a main Warrior. Ajax's rage time is about the same, but the rage bar is longer and fills up quicker. The rage meters of Vermin, Fox, Rembrandt and Ash are all different, but they each take the same amount of time to deplete, which is roughly 8 seconds. This makes the order of rage meters: Swan, Cowboy, Cleon/Snow/Cochise/Ajax, and Vermin/Fox/Rembrandt/Ash.
    • Despite this order of rage meters, the order is officially listed as follows: Ajax/Fox (10/10), Cochise (9/10), Cleon/Snow/Cowboy (8/10), Swan/Vermin (7/10), and Rembrandt (6/10).
    • In this case, the 'Rage' character statistic only counts for how much maximum rage a Warrior has (how long the actual meter is); for example, Fox and Ajax's Rage stats are listed as 10/10, yet they are completely inferior to Swan's, despite his being listed as only 7/10. Moreover, Cowboy's is 8/10, yet is worse than Swan's, and better than Fox and Ajax's.
    • Despite the three black Warriors' rage meters identically being the default ones, Cochise's Rage stat is listed on his page as 9/10, whilst Snow and Cleon's are listed as 8/10.
  • The Warriors make an Easter egg appearance in issue #27 of the IDW comics publication Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where they sit among the assembled crime gangs of New York to witness an impending execution lead by the Shredder.
  • Overall, regarding both player-one and player-two, Swan is playable 12 times, Cleon & Snow are playable 10 times each, Vermin is playable 9 times, Rembrandt is playable 6 times, Ajax & Cowboy are playable 5.5 times each, Cochise is playable 5 times, Fox is playable 4 times, and Ash is playable once.


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