The Wildebeests are the (former) tertiary antagonists turned-one of the supporting protagonists of The Wild.  They are Kazar's former minions.


They first appeared when they were walking into the volcano and they sang a song called I'm Having a Really Nice Day, but then they stoped as they put their heads down when they prepare to attack.

Then they appear again when they chased after Samson and Ryan.

The Wildebeests appear again when they prepare for the protagonists to die.

They appear again when they were moving with their feet along with Kazar and Blag and then they attack Samson.

Then they got tired of being something their not along with Blag as they all betrayed Kazar and then leave him behind in the volcano and left him to die and then they escaped on the boat.

They last appear when they dance on the boat they escaped on.


Some of the Wildebeests are gray while some of them are brown. 


  • Although they can talk and sing, it is unknown who voiced them.
  • The Wildebeests are sometimes thought to be minor antagonists.
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