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Patrick as he hugs Papa Smurf goodbye.

Grace as she holds Clumsy Smurf.

Elway Laying down.

The Winslows are a family of humans (and dog) from New York City that starred in the movie, The Smurfs. They helped Clumsy, Papa, Gutsy, Brainy, Grouchy, & Smurfette get back home in any way they could. They are played by Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick Winslow & Jayma Mays as Grace Winslow.

Patrick Winslow is the deuteragonist in the Smurfs movies. He is the man of the house who works at Anjelou as the ne vice president of marketing. Patrick works as an advertiser for Anjelou, a cosmetic company. He was a sharp looking guy in the movie and came across as slightly prideful. He didn’t believe the smurfs at first when they told him that they had came from another world. At one time in the movie, he got mad at the smurfs and hurt their feelings. In the end of the movie, he gets much nicer. The Smurfs 2 with his son Blue Winslow now three years old and with the character's stepfather Victor Doyle, who he considers an embarrassment.

Grace Winslow is the tritagonist of The Smurfs and a main character in its sequel, The Smurfs 2. She is the wife of Patrick, who is seen pregnant throughout the movie until a montage of pictures during the credits when she & Patrick introduced their son, Blue. Grace Winslow, a kind, sweet hearted woman who automatically loves the smurfs as soon as the meets them. In the movie, she is pregnant. She was really cute; I liked the way she believed the smurfs when they told her that they were from a different world. She was caring and she wasn’t selfish.

Elway is the pet Basset Hound of the Winslow family.


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