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Theresa is a central character in the Fable trilogy. In Fable, she was voiced by Jo Wyatt, who voiced female Hawke in Dragon Age. In Fable II and Fable III, Zoë Wanamaker voiced her.


She's the older sister of the Hero of Oakvale, the two of which are descendants of the archon bloodline. Theresa is known as the Blind Seer, gifted with prophetic powers. Being over six hundred years of age, she is one of Albion's oldest known living beings.


Early Life

Theresa was born during the Age of Heroes in the quiet farm village of Oakvale. Her father, Brom, is a simple woodsman, and her mother is the Hero known as Scarlet Robe. As a young girl playing in the fields, Theresa lived a pure and innocent life. Theresa began having "strange dreams" in her sleep, dreams that would ultimately evolve into prophetic visions. The dreams she would have would often become nightmarish, causing her to wake up her younger brother in the middle of the night.

On the eve of one of Theresa's childhood birthdays, she had a devastating dream that she could not remember, but would cause her life to change forever. In the morning, Theresa's brother had brought her some chocolates for her birthday. While the two stood together in the field, it becomes clear to Theresa that her latest dream was becoming a reality.

Bandits had come and raided Oakvale and burned the village to the ground. The leader, Jack of Blades, had located Theresa's home in an attempt to collect a missing artifact that belonged to her bloodline. Jack had slaughtered Theresa's father, then imprisoned and tortured her mother. Jack searched for Theresa's brother, but he'd escaped. When Jack had questioned Theresa where her brother was, she remained silent. Jack pulled out his blade and mercilessly cut out Theresa's eyes.

After the Raid

Left to die, Theresa crawled through the woods while blood poured from her face. Theresa had crept for three days before being discovered by a former Hero turned bandit king named Twinblade. Twinblade tended to Theresa and allowed her to join his bandit clan. Twinblade became Theresa's mentor, as he trained her to fight without sight.

Twinblade eventually discovered that Theresa was a seer, due to her whispering prophetic truths in her sleep. Theresa had also discovered her exceptional powers of Will. She proved valuable to Twinblade as she could foresee any danger that could potentially harm the bandits. Without mercy, Theresa alone successfully killed a band of brigands that attacked the camp. Theresa became the second-in-command of the bandit camp from that point.

Reuniting with the Hero

Ten years after Oakvale's raid, Theresa's brother sought out the "Bandit Seeress" to find his sister. After believing Twinblade was behind the Oakvale attack, the Hero had defeated him in a duel. Before the final strike, he discovers that the Seeress herself is actually his long lost sister, Theresa. After reuniting with her brother and unlocking hidden powers inside him, Theresa left her old mentor to whatever fate her brother had in store for him.

After the Hero of Oakvale slew the White Balverine in Knothole Glade, the Chief presented the hero with a book and a letter from Theresa. The book, titled The Bloodline, talks about the Old Kingdom, and how the Archon used a sword of incredible power. Theresa's letter suggests that she and her brother are both the descendants of the Archon, and their blood has the power to summon the sword.

Once Theresa's brother succeeded in the Arena, Theresa met him again at the Grey House. Theresa reveals to him that Jack of Blades was the one responsible for slaying their father and taking her eyes. Theresa shares that Jack is holding their mother in Bargate Prison. Theresa reminds her brother that Jack is after the Sword of Aeons, and their mother is the only one who knows how to reach it.

The Hero eventually locates his and Theresa's mother, Scarlet Robe, but Jack ends up holding them both captive within the prison. After a year in the prison, the two bust out to locate the Septimal Key in an old abbey in the region of Hook Coast. While Scarlet searches for Theresa, the Hero goes to Darkwood Cullis Gate to travel to Hook Coast.

Confronting Jack of Blades

Within the abbey, the Hero confronts his traitorous mentor, Maze, as he watches him perform a dark ritual over Theresa. After Jack arrives, Maze continues the ritual using both Theresa and her brother's blood to unlock the Septimal Key. Once complete, Jack commands Maze to take the siblings to the Chamber of Fate in the Heroes' Guild, while he escapes with the key. Theresa was able to free her brother before she disappeared, leaving him to kill Maze successfully.

After Jack activates the Old Kingdom's focus sites, he retreats to the Chamber of Fate, where the Sword of Aeons is unlocked and waiting for him. Jack planned to kill all three remaining members of the archon bloodline so the sword would reach maximum power. Jack slices Scarlet's throat, and the power of her blood absorbs into the sword as she takes her final breath. This causes Jack and the Hero to fight to the death while Theresa remains unconscious on the ground.

The Hero emerges victorious over Jack and avenges his family by slaying him, before having the choice to kill his sister with the Sword of Aeons, thus gaining the power Jack desired, or to dispatch the sword into the void where it shall be banished forever.

Due to the evil choice proving to be non-canon, Theresa headed off to the mountains and was taken in by an old nomad Will user from the east called Palgan. Palgan offered to take Theresa to his homeland in the Eastern Kingdom. When Theresa saw him try to steal her prophetic powers, she killed him and used his amulet to transport her to the East.

It is revealed in Fable: The Journey that, after Jack's death, Theresa wandered the land, traveling through places like Miremoor before going east, to the desert land of Samarkand. Staying there for centuries, Theresa learned of the Tattered Spire from the great libraries.

Fable II

After being absent for five hundred years, Theresa returns to Albion in Fable II.

Theresa arrives in Bowerstone Old Town, where she listens to a trader offering to sell Old Kingdom artifacts. A pair of sibling orphans named Rose and Sparrow, who are living on the street, show interest in the music box. The music box would offer one wish to anyone, just for five gold pieces. Rose comments that there is no such thing as magic. Theresa turns to them, saying it is a grim time should children no longer believe in magic.

Theresa convinces the two to purchase the music box from the street vendor. The two wish to live in a castle, like Fairfax. Bowerstone's Mayor, Lucien Fairfax, summoned the two orphans to the castle the night they made their wish. Lucien brought them to the castle only to kill them for being descendants of Heroes. Rose seemingly died from the gunshot to her abdomen, but Sparrow had survived after being shot and falling off the tower.

After Rose's subsequent death, Theresa adopts her severely injured descendant, Sparrow. Sparrow begins growing up in Bower Lake's Gypsy Camp with a stray dog that Rose had found previously. Theresa promised she would help the young hero avenge their sister's death. Once Sparrow becomes of age, Theresa grants them permission to leave the Gypsy Camp, and sends them to the ruins of the Heroes' Guild. Theresa bestows them with a Guild Seal and valuable equipment. Sparrow locates the Chamber of Fate in the guild and awakens their blood so they may use the powers of Will.

Theresa acts as Sparrow's mentor from this point, while also communicating with them over the guild seal. After the defeat of the Bower Lake bandit named Thag, Sparrow becomes the Hero of Bower Lake. Theresa explains to the new Hero why Lucien killed Rose. Lucien had "found documents" that foretold of a "Fourth Hero", who would soil his plans to reconstruct the Old Kingdom’s, Tattered Spire. Theresa presents Sparrow with Fate Cards, which gives glimpses of the future, and a "hidden path" to Lucien's downfall. Lucien needs the blood of the Heroes of Strength, Skill, and Will to complete the Spire. Sparrow must locate the Heroes before Lucien does.

Hero of Strength

Through Sparrow's efforts, they recruit the Pilgrim named Sister Hannah. Hannah, who is destined to be the Hero of Strength, is a monk at the Temple of Light in Oakfield. Theresa makes many comments on how Sparrow must break her of her pledge of pacificism. After Sister Hannah's adoptive father, the Abbot, is killed by Lucien's men, Hannah breaks her oath and kills the solider. While Sister Hannah mourns for her father and abbot, Theresa makes an appearance and persuades Hannah to join the group. Sister Hannah asks Theresa to be called "Hammer" from then on. Theresa brings Hammer back to the abandoned Heroes' Guild to explain her role in Lucien's downfall.

Hero of Will

When Sparrow returns to the guild, Theresa reveals that a man named Garth was at Castle Fairfax the night Rose was killed. Theresa believes that Garth is the Mage, who would be the Hero of Will. Theresa explains the relationship between Lucien and Garth, and how their research together ended "violently". While Theresa orders Hammer to stay behind, Sparrow goes to Brightwood Tower to recruit Garth. Upon Sparrow's entry into Brightwood, Theresa warns them that "someone or something" is coming their way. Theresa states that she has never "felt" anything like it. As Sparrow continues, Brightwood Tower becomes sieged by Spire Guards. Garth is captured and taken to the Spire by Lucien's Commandant. The trio begin to plan how to rescue Garth from the Spire.

Theresa redirects Sparrow to Bowerstone’s pub to find Jeeves, Lucien’s former butler. Theresa continues to restrain Hammer from leaving the guild for the time being. After giving Jeeves one thousand gold pieces, he provides the hero with a map to Lucien’s buried diary. The diary, however, is written in Old Kingdom text, and can only be translated by Theresa.

Though she is blind, Theresa can read Lucien's diary to acquire information on gaining entry into the Spire. When asked how she can read without eyesight, Theresa claims she can look into worlds other than her own. From the diary, Theresa discovers that Lucien is recruiting Crucible champions as guards for the Spire, for they are physically tough but mentally weak. Theresa directs Sparrow and Hammer to Westcliff so that Sparrow might become Crucible Champion. Sparrow becomes successful within the Crucible, earning them admission into the Spire.

After ten years, Sparrow finally rescues Garth, and the two escape the spire. Theresa greets them at the Oakfield dock with Sparrow's dog. Theresa persuades Garth to join their plan, and the two retreat to the guild while Sparrow catches up with Hammer. Upon the homecoming with Hammer, she mentions that it was hard to give up hope due to Theresa "whispering in her head" about foreseeing Sparrow's safe return. Hammer stated there were a few times she “wanted to smack Theresa”.

Hero of Skill

Theresa, the Hero, Hammer, and Garth discuss how to access the Thief, who is the third and final Hero of Skill. Hammer discovers this Hero is likely a pirate called Reaver, who runs the port of Bloodstone. Theresa states that Bloodstone is surrounded by a dangerous swamp called Wraithmarsh on three sides, and the ocean on the fourth. This would force the heroes to travel through Wraithmarsh to reach Bloodstone. Garth suggests using a Cullis Gate to bypass the journey to Wraithmarsh back at his tower.

Theresa warns them that Brightwood Tower is still heavily guarded by Lucien's men. The newly activated cullis gate malfunctioned, causing Hammer and Garth to separate from Sparrow and their dog. This causes Sparrow to search for Reaver and travel through the marsh on their own. The fog from Wraithmarsh temporarily dampened the guild seal, which made it difficult for Theresa to give her instructions.

Upon Sparrow's first entrance into Wraithmarsh, Theresa mentions, "This used to be Oakvale, though it has changed radically since I saw it last, and that was a long time ago". Then she mentions, "A reckless young villager made a deal with the forces of shadow", causing the destruction of Oakvale a second and final time. She states that the marshes have engulfed the village, leaving Oakvale nothing but a bitter memory.

Once Sparrow reaches Bloodstone, Reaver untruthfully agrees to join Sparrow to take down Lucien. However, Reaver needs Sparrow to take his dark seal to a place called the Shadow Court in Wraithmarsh. Theresa informs Sparrow through the guild seal that the Shadow Court is responsible for the destruction of Oakvale. Theresa adds that there is more to the task than Reaver lets on.

After uncovering the truth of Reaver's betrayal, Bloodstone comes under attack by Lucien's forces, and Sparrow and Reaver flee the town together. After the two meet up with Hammer and Garth on the Smuggler's Beach, the four of them defeat the Great Shard. Theresa finally appears on the beach and persuades Reaver to join them.

Claiming the Spire

Finally assembled the four Heroes, Theresa gathers them at the top of Hero Hill. The seer gives the instructions on how to begin the ritual to summon the great weapon. After the ceremony is complete, Theresa disappears, and Lucien arrives and takes the three heroes to the Spire. At the top of the Spire, Sparrow confronts Lucien and dismantles his power by using the music box. The three Heroes are set free and Lucien is killed by Sparrow. Theresa appears and allows Sparrow to claim Lucien's wish.

As Theresa stated in the Fate Cards, the Choice would come. Theresa offered three choices: Sacrifice (resurrecting all the innocents that were killed), Love (resurrecting Sparrow's family), or Wealth (resurrecting neither in exchange for money). Once Sparrow has made their choice, Theresa can send the Heroes to wherever they wish from the Spire. The group says their goodbyes and makes their choice of where they would like to go. Theresa sends Hammer to the North, whilst Garth and Reaver go to the land of Samarkand, to the East. Once the three Heroes are sent away, Theresa claims the completed Spire for herself and sends Sparrow back to the mainland.

See the Future

In the See the Future DLC, Sparrow receives a model of the Spire from Murgo, the trader who sold the music box to Rose and Sparrow years prior. Using the model, Sparrow returned to the top of the Spire. Sparrow stands before Theresa where she now controls the completed Spire. She can be seen reviewing magical threads that hold visions of the future. With the Spire at her command, Theresa can now see all possible futures.

Theresa greeted Sparrow and stated that the Spire had a gift for her too, as the future has always whispered to her. Theresa presents Sparrow with a glimpse of their future, showing Sparrow as the monarch of Albion, with a loyal army and citizenry. Towards the end of the vision, the focus turned to a baby carriage, with Theresa standing next to it. A newborn lay inside, and Theresa mentioned the fate of Albion and Aurora before the vision ended. Afterward, Theresa sent Sparrow away from the Spire for the last time. When Sparrow returned to land, Murgo reveals that Theresa was the "source" who provided all the magical items for him to sell.

Fable III

Fifty years after the events of Fable II, Theresa offered her guidance to the second and youngest child of the late Sparrow. Theresa still resides in the Tattered Spire but makes an appearance in the realm known as the Road to Rule. It is here that she guides the young Hero of Brightwall to begin the Albion revolution and overthrow their tyrant brother, Logan.

After the Hero retrieves the Guild Seal, they teleport to the Road to Rule. This realm seems to be in a time of its own, not affecting time in the real world. When the Hero first arrives, Theresa appears before them, introducing herself as the "Seer of the Spire". Theresa continues by saying that she aided the Hero's parent during their greatest triumph.

As always, the seer is an elusive woman, telling the Hero only the basics of what they need to know. Theresa explains the Road to Rule and how it represents the path that the Hero was born to take. At the end of the road is the kingdom they were born to rule. Theresa explains how the Hero must gather followers and win over the support of the people. Each time the Hero succeeds a new milestone in their journey, Theresa returns to offer advice. Theresa makes many references that Albion is in danger with Logan on the throne.

After the Hero takes the throne, Logan is put on trial, who claims that Theresa visited him after his return from Aurora. Theresa showed Logan the terrible danger that is coming for Albion and will ultimately destroy it. Only after Logan's trial of fate does Theresa finally reveal the truth to the Hero. Theresa shows the Hero the future of the Darkness' attack. Theresa stressed the fact that only a Hero wearing the crown could ensure Albion's survival.

With the pressure of having only one year to prepare, Theresa explains the two choices the Hero could make. The first being a benevolent ruler and spending the kingdom's gold to keep the promises they have made. Keeping the promises would cause the Hero to rely on personal wealth for Albion's safety. The alternative would to become a tyrant like Logan and break the promises made. This choice would ensure the safety of the citizens but would cost the Hero's morality and allies.

After a year, Theresa gives the Hero her final judgment before the coming attack. She tells the Hero to do what they were born to do.

During Sir Walter Beck's funeral, Theresa pauses time and appears in the garden of Bowerstone Castle. She congratulates the Hero on their triumph and explains what consequences or achievements they now face by keeping or breaking their promises. Before she leaves for the last time, the Hero asks Theresa if the time has come for them to know their future. Theresa states that the "future will reveal itself when it is ready to do so".  Time resumes, and Theresa disappears.

Fable: Theresa

Theresa had arrived in a small town called Ravenbeak, where she sought out to save a young seer, Anne. Arriving at the girl's home, Anne's mother, Elizabeth, greeted Theresa. Elizabeth had questioned Theresa's blindness and learned that she was a seer. Elizabeth shared one of her childhood stories of the "Endless Walker", who was a blind seer who people claimed lived forever. In the back of the home, the young seer Anne was devastatingly ill.

Anne was fighting her nightmarish dreams, which were ultimately visions of the future. The visions caused the girl to scream and have a substantial fever. Elizabeth begged Theresa to remove the visions. Theresa stated that she could not remove the "gift of prophecy" from Anne, but she knew of someone who could.

Theresa searched for a Hero to be her escort. Theresa located a retired hero named Elijah Stane in the town pub. Elijah was full of guilt due to his failure to protect a young girl many years prior. Theresa convinced the drunk to redeem himself and escort her to the mountains of Ravenwing, where she would be able to seek out the old sage named Raven, and ask for his aid to cure Anne.

When the two reached Ravenwing, they found old rocks covered by runes. The runes required the blood of a Hero. Although Elijah used his blood, he proved to be unsuccessful in triggering a response. However, Theresa used Elijah's dagger and sliced the palm of her hand to bleed on the runes. A doorway within the rocks opened, and the two proceeded to enter.

While in the cave, Theresa could hear the loud sound of insects, rodents and the crackling sound of fire. At one moment, she could see with her eyes, which caused her to feel disoriented, for she had not had the sense of sight for a very long time. Elijah and Theresa encountered hollow men, Theresa attempting to take cover, hit something hard, and passed out. Theresa began hearing a voice, a voice that she discovered to be Raven. Raven gave Theresa a vial with an antidote to remove the power of foresight from Anne. In return, Raven required Theresa's "silence" of the approaching events.

Theresa awoke to find that she still had the vial in her pocket, but she was once again blinded, and could no longer see with her eyes. Elijah guided Theresa to a natural bridge in which had another set of runes on the other side. Theresa stated that "her sight beyond sight" could show her a nest of Rockmites was waiting for the two by the door. Theresa knew now that the price for Raven would be the life of Elijah Stane. Theresa knew that she had to stay silent as Elijah walked to his death. As the Rockmites attacked and slew Elijah, he yelled out to Theresa, "You made the right choice, blind girl!. I'd have traded me for the girl any day!". Elijah was a Hero redeemed, for his blood opened the door across the natural bridge.

Theresa had returned to Anne and her mother, and provided the antidote to remove Anne's powers. While Theresa received many thanks from the two, she could hear the sound of Raven laughing as she felt guilty. Elizabeth had asked where Elijah was so she may thank him. Theresa replied that she would pass along her thanks to him.

Fable Heroes

Theresa appears as a playable character for the first time in the Fable series in the Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Fable Heroes. She is unlocked with Fable: The Journey, via gameplay on the same memory device and with the same profile. In the character introduction on Lionhead's website, Theresa is officially confirmed as a powerful Will user where it is also stated that her weapons of choice consist of the Force Push Spell Gauntlet and Fireball Spell Gauntlet.

"Theresa the Blind, Seer of Albion. Sister to the Hero of Oakvale and descendant of the Archons, countless tales have been told of this mysterious woman. Apparently ageless, Theresa is a Will user of exceptional power, though she rarely acts directly. Her blindness proved a boon to Hero Doll producers everywhere, to whom her traumatic childhood encounter with Jack of Blades represents a chance to sell a line of accessories. This Theresa Doll is the ‘Blindfold’ edition, though the ‘Hooded Robe’, ‘Party Grandma’ and ‘Chicken Princess’ versions are also popular." - Description of Theresa from Fable Friday

Fable: Edge of the World

Theresa does make a minor appearance at the very end of Fable: Edge of the World. The King of Albion has a dream and Theresa appears before him. Theresa holds her arms out and a dove lands on her right arm, and a raven on her left. Theresa then speaks "born a hero you were and a Hero you are. Darkness has indeed come to Albion and few there are and will yet be who can stand against it. But do not despair, King of Albion. The world has changed. The time approaches swiftly when Heroes are not born, they are made". Theresa then throws her arms up causing the birds to vanish. The King awakes to find two feathers, one white, one black. The King then understands that his dream was actually a vision.

Fable: The Journey

Several years after the events of Fable III, an evil entity called the Corruptor slowly infects Albion.

Being wounded by the Corruptors's lieutenant, the Devourer, Theresa was forced to evacuate the Tattered Spire. Apprehensively running through a dark forest, Theresa encounters a young dweller driving his horse and carriage. She pleads for his help, though he attempts to abandon her due to the terrifying sound coming from the woods. Theresa calls out the dweller by his first name, Gabriel. He reluctantly returns to guide her back to his caravan. Theresa instructs the dweller to drive quickly toward the light to escape the Devourer. She warns Gabriel that anything the creature consumes, it corrupts with evil.

Once they've escaped, Gabriel notices his horse, Seren, has a dark fragment in her right hip. Gabriel removes the splinter that caused Seren's discomfort. Gabriel asks Theresa how she knew his name. Theresa reveals herself as a seer but also alerts Gabriel that his horse is now infected, and will not survive. She informs him that he can heal his horse at a nearby cave known as the Spirit Chambers. Theresa warns Gabriel that saving Seren will come at a price. Out of desperation, Gabriel accepts the risk.

Inside the chambers lies the pool of sight. Theresa tells about the three heroes guarding the pool. Sol, the hero of light, Blaze, the hero of fire and Stone, the hero of the fallen. Long ago, these heroes sacrificed themselves to save Albion. The pool grants Gabriel a devastating vision but also awards him the gauntlets. Once Gabriel saves Seren's life, he accuses Theresa of tricking him, for the Gauntlets are now part of him. Theresa promises to remove the gauntlets if Gabriel can retrieve the first Willstone from a nearby temple. Gabriel agrees, and the two head off.

The relationship between the dweller and the seer starts rough. Theresa begins to share with Gabriel about her past and her motives - something of which she has never done. Theresa shares that she has been Albion's overseer for five hundred years; it has been her duty, and not a choice. Theresa states she is the last of the hero bloodline, all that remains of the "old order". Thersa also mentioned that she has seen "a thousand strands of possibilities" as she stands at the peripheral of this world.

While going through Thorndeep - forest, Gabriel acknowledged Theresa's power of foresight, but questioned how she was able to see where they were going. Theresa stated that "physical sight" is only one way of observing the world, and even though her eyes are long gone, she can see in "other ways".

The two seek shelter from a man named Fergus. Fergus agrees to help them get to the temple. Theresa begins to grow weaker as the night goes on. There is even a moment where she moans as she feels her wounds start to worsen.

Gabriel gets offended that Theresa acknowledges him as a Hero, and states he was not born with powers like her. Theresa explains that it may be hard to believe, but she was not born the way she is now, either. Theresa shares how she was once a daughter and a sister. Theresa goes into detail on how her village was burnt to the ground when she was young. Her father murdered, and her mother dragged away was the last thing she saw before the "abomination", Jack of Blades, sliced out her eyes. Theresa reminisces on how Twinblade found her barely alive and how she joined his bandit clan. Twinblade protected her, but as she got older, she discovered her powers, and she ended up protecting him. Afterwards, Fergus and Gabriel travel to the temple to collect the Willstone.

Following the death of Fergus, Gabriel defeated the Devourer. Theresa honours her promise and attempts to remove the gauntlets. Gabriel changes his mind and agrees to accept the responsibility to save Albion. Theresa and Gabriel set off to find the next Willstone.

While travelling through Miremoor, Theresa explains to Gabriel how the Corruptor was created. The Corruptor is, in fact, a piece of the tainted soul of the first Archon and Hero, William Black. William's soul became infected during his time in the void, but he was able to save Albion from enslavement by doing so. William had brought peace and therefore was crowned Archon of the Old Kingdom. The stain on his soul, however, caused the Archon to slowly waste away, and his spirit twisted by "festering darkness". William gave up the crown, and returned to the void where he was able to purge his soul of the evil spirit. William sealed the dark piece of his soul in the void forever (or so he had hoped.) Over time, that demented spirit grew, and continuously tried to re-enter the world to reclaim "his" throne. Theresa also mentioned the Corruptors lieutenants, The Devourer, and The Temptress. The third lieutenant was The Crawler, but the three heroes sealed the creature "beneath the earth" when it first emerged. Theresa stated that once he purged his soul, William Black was never seen again, "at least not in any form that those who knew him would recognize".

As the two continue to look for the second temple, Theresa mentions that the hero, Stone, had many powerful descendants, including Hammer. Before Gabriel collects the Willstone, Theresa shares with him how she travelled to the east after Jack of Blades's death. She spent centuries studying in the great libraries of Samarkand. It is here she learned of The Spire, and how it may assist her in preventing anyone from suffering her fate again.

Searching for the final Willstone, the two discover a young farm girl named Betty. Betty seeks aid searching for her father after her convoy was attacked and killed by Hobbes. At nightfall, Betty becomes abducted by a dark creature and whales for help. Theresa begins to feel sceptical and believes that this is a ruse. Unexpectedly, they find Betty at The Prism, the temple that contains the final Willstone. Once Gabriel collects the Willstone, it is clear that Betty lured the seer and the dweller into a trap. Betty reveals herself as the Corrupter's bride - The Temptress.

Theresa begins to lose hope, for she failed to see through the Temptress's disguise, as well as failed to foresee her arrival. The Temptress taunts Theresa asking her if she can feel the corruption poisoning her soul, causing her to be truly blind. The Temptress throws Theresa up against a piece of rock, telling her that she failed. Gabriel defeats the Temptress's hypnosis trick, which ultimately downfalls the Temptress herself.

The two confused and ashamed; Gabriel and Theresa sit by the fire quietly. Gabriel admits to Theresa that he started having feelings for "Betty", and apologizes for putting both him and the seer in danger. Theresa replies that it is easy to be driven by emotions. Theresa shares one of her darkest secrets with Gabriel, as well as one of her most profound burdens. Learning of the Tattered Spire, Theresa resolved to have it rebuilt and use its power to protect Albion from evil. It was with this in mind that the blind seer finally returned home and sought out someone with the means to rebuild The Spire. The mayor of Bowerstone, Lord Lucien Fairfax, had lost his daughter and wife, Amelia and Helena Fairfax, to a terrible virus. Theresa used Lucien's grief and manipulated him into rebuilding the Spire to resurrect his family.

Lucien's grief converted into obsession and passion, forcing him to enforce strict obedience to ensure The Spire's completion. Lucien killed many innocent slaves within The Spire that failed to follow his obedience. Lucien had also killed Sparrow's sister Rose due to their heroic bloodline being a threat to the reconstruction. Theresa, once again, used Sparrow's grief to overthrow Lucien once he completed The Spire. Theresa was ultimately responsible for all the innocent deaths, which in turn awoke the Corruptor from his slumber. Once she claimed The Spire, Theresa had shed tears when she realized the real cost of her plan. Theresa closes her story by saying she will always bear the burden, but their deaths showed her, without sacrifice, there can be no victory.

The final objective for the dweller and the seer was to reach The Spire. The Spire is where Gabriel could confront the Corruptor, and seal the rift leading into the void. Theresa conveys the story of the three heroes, and how Sol, Blaze, and Stone attempt to seal the rift that the first Spire had created. The rift was a tear in the fabric between Albion, and the void. On the night before the Corruptor's emergence, the heroes attempt to seal the rift by channelling their power into the void. The combined power shattered The Spire and crystalized the heroes into Willstones, as well as devastated the Old Kingdom. Theresa confirms that the first wish of The Spire did not cause the old kingdom's devastation - which she formally believed. Gaining control of the spire allowed Theresa to see the truth.

Nearing The Spire, the two come to a cullis gate. Theresa admits to Gabriel that only the two of them can travel to the Spire. Seren would be too much for Theresa to transport as her powers are weak. Gabriel angrily begins to deny the entire quest and accuses Theresa of having pre-knowledge of abandoning Seren. Theresa convinces Gabriel by teaching him how all the heroes in the fables have had to make sacrifices, which is why their story endures. Gabriel defeats the remaining creatures and reluctantly agrees as he says his goodbyes to Seren. Gabriel takes Theresa's hand and the two teleport to the Spire.

When Gabriel and Theresa reach the Spire, Theresa claims that she has finally found a way to defeat the Corruptor. She orders Gabriel to shine the spire's light through her. Once completed, Theresa makes a wish and states that her time in this world is over and that a new age is upon us. She then gives the heart of the Spire to Gabriel and vanishes. Gabriel absorbs Theresa's powers into the gauntlets and defeats the Corruptor. Gabriel then finds Theresa's blindfold in the sand and it is revealed that Gabriel himself is now blind.



  • There is a Hero Doll of Theresa.
  • Lucien's diary refers to dreams of a blind, hooded woman.
  • During the "Childhood" quest in Fable II, it is Theresa who convinces Rose and the Hero to buy the music box, as they otherwise wouldn't have. Either Murgo or Theresa must have informed Lucien who bought the music box, as no one else was aware.
  • In the Fable II DLC, See the Future, Theresa has a sad facial expression when she asks the Hero to take her hand. This corresponds with what she mentioned in Fable: The Journey and how she shed tears after realizing the cost of the Spire.
  • In Fable II, one of the books called The Hero of Oakvale talks about the old Hero, and that his bloodline continued. It predicted that a Hero from his bloodline would one day save Albion when he was needed. This refers to Sparrow, and is evidence of him being related to Theresa.
  • There is strong evidence implying that Theresa may have served both sides in Fable II. Theresa admitted to Gabriel that she convinced Lucien to rebuild the Old Kingdom's Tattered Spire. Theresa could have possibly continued to assist Lucien during his twenty years of rebuilding the Spire. This would explain how Lucien knew Rose and Sparrow purchased the music box, how a Spire guard found Hammer at the temple of light, and why Theresa disappeared shortly before Lucien's arrival on Hero Hill. Lucien also responded that he "merely listened" when asked by Hammer, where Theresa was - though she could have spoken to him through the visions he mentions in his diary.
  • It is a strange irony that both Lucien and Theresa shared a similar mentality for the Spire's reconstruction, for both saw innocent deaths necessary for their separate purpose for the completed Spire.
  • Based on the facts from Fable: The Journey, Theresa has proved to take advantage of someone’s grief on many occasions: Lucien, Sparrow, Hammer, Logan, Elijah Stane, and Gabriel. This shows how particularly skilled Theresa is at manipulation.
  • Concept art and articles for Fable before its release hinted at the option of choosing a male or female protagonist. Eventually, the developers realised how nany resources the male hero already took up, so instead of giving the option to be female, said female protagonist ended up becoming the character Theresa instead.
  • In Fable II, one can hear little girls saying, "No! It's just like my dream, bandits are burning down my home, and my mother is nowhere to be found!"
  • In the Fable game files, there is a note from Scarlet Robe that heavily implies that the Old Adventurer from Lookout Point was intended to be her brother (and Theresa's uncle). Unfortunately, this content never made it to the official game, and unknown how it would have played out considering that he would be another descendent to the Archon bloodline.
  • Theresa is the only character to appear in all main Fable games as well as A Hero's Tale.
  • In promotional photos of Fable II, Theresa wore a green, oriental styled hat, a green cloak, and held a butterfly catcher, none of which appeared in the game. She also appeared much younger than she was in the finished game.
  • It is possible that the opponent player named Theresa in the Fable II Pub Gamesis intended to be Theresa herself.
  • In Fable II, upon the first time the hero is injured, Theresa will sometimes quote the Guildmaster of the original Fable by saying, "You are badly wounded. Consume healing potions or food to heal.".
  • Theresa has proved to use all the hero disciplines. She used Will several times throughout the series, her main use is for teleportation. She used Strength when she protected Twinblade from a band of brigands. Although her power of Skill is difficult to pinpoint, she has the gift of foresight, and also has proven to be a master of manipulation - which could relate to Guile and Accuracy.
  • If the player attacks Theresa in Fable II, she will sometimes giggle, hum, or growl ferociously, then say, "Your attacks will have no effects. Remember yourself." Scythe says a similar thing to the Hero of Oakvale in Snowspire. Since both have lived for extremely long periods of time and are apparently invincible even to the strongest of heroes, they may have gained immortality the same way.
  • In Fable II, if the player uses expressions near her she will say, "You remind me of someone I knew once, long, long ago." possibly referring to her brother, The Hero of Oakvale.
  • In Fable II, the center Shadow Judge in the Shadow Court has the exact copy of Theresa's character model and movement characteristics. The only difference between the two is their voice and appearance having glowing red eyes and being a transparent shadow figure.
    • During a February 2020 Twitch livestream by streamer RTGame, this similarity was brought up, and a former Lionhead employee under the username Lionbum71 in the chat dismissed the reuse of assets as "utter laziness".
  • Theresa highly resembles Kreia from the role-playing game Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. Both possess similar manipulations during the background of the storyline. They two are also blind.
  • In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, it is shown and stated through a cutscene that her eyes were cut out by the bandit leader, who was later revealed to be Jack of Blades. In Fable II she has blue glowing eyes instead of sockets as if her eyes were never lost. It is unknown how she got her eyes back, although it is possible that she can still see using the Will itself or that she merely has glass eyes.
  • In Fable III, Theresa has the same type of eyes as an evil hero or just no eyes, just black sockets.
  • Theresa is very similar to the mythological Tiresias. Outside of having similar names, both are blind seers, they appear only to heroes, and both seem to be immortal.
  • In Fable III, the player can dig up a portrait of Theresa in Millfields where the old gypsy camp was in Fable II.
  • In Fable: The Journey Theresa seems to have a drastic change of attire, her regular hood gaining a more cartoonish style and her eyes covered by a blindfold. It also appears her hair has changed, the colour black instead of red and more open. She also appears to look much younger.
  • In Fable: The Journey Theresa states she is the last of the hero bloodline, all that remains of the "old order". Despite this, she fails to mention Scythe who is still wondering about the world and is prominent among even the ancient heroes.
  • Her name is derived from the Greek "to harvest", which could link to the farm/country like the region of Oakvale.



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