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Thester Carbomb IV is a major, recurring hero from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is the psychiatrist of Gerald Fitzgerald, who pretends to be his villainous henchman to trick him.

Although Thester played the role of a villain for the majority

He is voiced by Dana Snyder.


Thester Carbomb IV works as a psychiatrist for Gerald Fitzgerald, following the latter's Chicago incident. Thester helps Thester with his PTSD and multiple personality disorder. Thester realized that Fitz had two major personas. Himself, and The Kingpin. Thester hypnotized Fitz into trapping his evil persona in a mental prison called "Pussyland", based on a song his grandmother used to sing him when he was a baby.

Eventually, The Kingpin broke out of Pussyland and took full control of Fitz's body. Thester decided to pretend to be The Kingpin's evil henchman and play along with his tricks in order to get into Fitz's head and truly defeat The Kingpin. Thester did just that and played the role of a bumbling sidekick all season. It can be inferred that Thester was doing a bad job as a sidekick on purpose so that he could ruin Fitz's evil plans.

In "Operation: D.D.", Thester tracked dowm and found Paradise P.D. and told them the whole story, revealing that he was good and required their help to defeat The Kingpin and save Fitz. They infiltrated Fitz's Lair and Thester sang them the Pussyland song, much to the infuriation of Randall. Annoyed, Randall punched Thester's nana's head off, causing him to turn on the heroes and lead them into The Kingpin's trap. Thester said that he became evil again because of how they treated his nana.

Thester later became good again at the end of the episode but did nothing to assist the heroes. He did, however, point out that there were two nukes instead of one, just as all of Paradise got blown to smithereens by the second nuke.