Thomas James Sennett (May 7, 1961 - August 14, 1972) is the deuteragonist of the 1991 film My Girl.

He was portrayed by Macaulay Culkin, who also portrays Kevin McCallister in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and Richard Tyler in The Pagemaster.


Thomas J is Vada Sultenfuss's best friend and neighbor and is Vada's age. He's allergic to everything and is an unpopular boy. Vada's friends tease her and Thomas J. for being "in love".

He often accompanies Vada when she visits the doctor and he assures her that she isn't sick. He later goes along with Vada to distrupt a bingo game between her father Harry and her fiancee Shelly DeVoto when Vada discovers that they're engaged.

The next day, when Thomas J. and Vada were walking in the forest, they stumble across a beehive and Thomas J. decides to kick it down. He and Vada search for her mood ring which she lost, but they notice the bees starting to swarm. Thomas J. and Vada run from the bees and jump in a river to evade them.

He later visits Vada's house and Vada opens the door but was unaware that she had her first period and she pushes him down and tells him not to come back for 5-7 days.

On August 14, 1972, he and Vada share an innocent kiss under the tree by a river, and he then went into the woods alone to retrieve Vada's mood ring and stepped on a beehive. the bees start to surround him and sting him and he dies from an allergic reaction and loses his glasses. Harry tells Vada about his death, who was too upset to leave her room. When she attends Thomas J.'s funeral, she runs away to Mr. Bixler's house and learns that he is about to get married. Vada reads a poem about Thomas J.'s death on the last day of her writing class.

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