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You're mine now, rabbit!!
~ Thomas threatening Peter Rabbit.

Thomas McGregor is the main antagonist of the 2018 Sony Pictures animation film, Peter Rabbit, and and a major character of its 2021 sequel. He's the great nephew of Mr. McGregor and Mrs. McGregor, and compared to his great uncle and great aunt, he develops a dislike for Peter Rabbit for constantly stealing from his garden.

He is portrayed by Domhnall Gleeson, who also played Bill Weasley.


Peter Rabbit

Thomas is first working at a Harrods toy shop in London, even during his great-uncle's death from unknown causes. When his boss called him in to report the shocking news of his great uncle's death (because of a heart attack after consuming too much junk food for 78 years), Thomas worried little about his great-uncle's death as he had never heard about or recognized him and also had been waiting for a promotion and played by the rules to get it. But his boss tells him that someone else got it, which resulted Thomas to get very enraged by knocking down the toys and punching a big teddy bear, resulting himself being fired.

Unemployed, Thomas moved into his late great-uncle and great-aunt's property, choosing to fix up the place to open up a new toy store there to rival that of his former boss's. By seeing Peter Rabbit and his animal friends taking refuge inside the house, Thomas kicks them out until he builds the walls of the garden. He later encounters his new next-door neighbor Bea (a close friend of Peter and his family), who he develops a crush on, therefore he must deceive her into thinking he has the same regard towards rabbits as her.

The pair start dating while Thomas and Peter are persistently attacking each other behind her back. He eventually gets so sick and tired of the animals still disturbing him with setups and vandalism that he confides in Bea, though she seems confused, telling him that a rabbit shall never harm anyone. Thomas has an electric fence set up around his garden to defend the animals from entering, though this misfire when they sabotage the electric fences. To add offense to the injury, Thomas gets electrocuted by several doorknobs whenever he touches them.

Fed up with Peter’s foolish behavior, Thomas puts more dynamite sticks in Peter’s burrow, ensuring to destroy it while implanting several more dynamite sticks in the garden to murder Peter and his family. When a suspicious Bea demanded what was going on, Thomas tries to tell her that he loves rabbits, but Peter inadvertently taps a button on the detonator, which not only blew up the burrow, but also blew up Bea's art studio and her paintings. Figuring out now that Thomas has been challenging the rabbits and tried to murder them behind her back, Bea angrily ends her friendship with Thomas and denies to speak with him anymore (even though Thomas insists that Peter was the one who pushed the detonator).

Enraged by this turn of events, a depressed Thomas decides to go back to London and gets his job at the toy store back, while a guilty Peter follows him attempting to make Thomas repay what he did. Both eventually make up with each other and return to the countryside to deal with Bea to stop her from leaving the country. To make sure of this, Peter confesses to having activated the detonator by accident, so Bea apologizes them both. However, a snobbish couple came to the ground after buying Thomas' house, and despite Thomas' intents to undo the sale, the snobbish couple demanded him and Bea to quit. Fortunately, Peter gets his friends to use their deceptions to force the snobby couple out from the house, which urged an impressed Thomas to compliment Peter for a work well done.

Bea and Thomas then move into his great-uncle and great-aunt's home, Thomas permits Peter and his family to take all the fruits and vegetables in the garden reasonably, Thomas at last open his own toy shop in London. Bea then starts writing and illustrating children's books based on Peter and his family.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway



Compared his great uncle and great aunt, Thomas is a man with a severe dislike for animals for sneaking into his garden and in particular, this causes him to be very short tempered and easy to bother. He is also very deceptive as he's able to convince his neighbor Bea that he in fact likes animals and wipes out dating her while attacking the animals behind her back to due to his mutual hatred with them.

Despite his manipulations, Thomas does truly love Bea while only hating the animals, even feeling guilty when Bea decided to end their relationship after learning of his plot to blow up Peter's burrow. After making amends with Peter, Thomas manages his views on animals by the end and now respects them.

Thomas is an idealist as we see in several circumstances where he cleans, ensuring that everything is fine. He hates the country although being a talented gardener. Thomas is a sophisticated man, often wearing classy clothes and carrying himself in a way that expresses confidence.


Colin Firth and Leonardo DiCaprio both were considered for the role of Thomas McGregor before Domhnall Gleason was cast.


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