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Template:Infobox Marquis Thomas d'Apcher is one of the main protagonists and the narrator of the Christophe Gans' 2001 French horror movie, Brotherhood of the Wolf (in French : Le pacte des loups).

He was portrayed by Jérémie Rénier.


The enlightened and friend Marquis Thomas d'Apcher and his grandfather, in the mid-1760s welcomed Knight Grégoire de Fronsac and his loyal Iroquois sidekick, Mani, envoyed by the King Louis XV, for killing the Beast of Gévaudan. The young marquis' grandfather opens a hospital for the people attacked by the Beast. Later they introducing de Fronsac and Mani to the nobles of the area.

Thomas becomes fascinated both Grégoire and Mani and was revealed as a loyal ally who helping them the people of Gévaudian from the Beast. He will wounded in hunting the Beast. When the identity of the Beast's master was discovered thereby a secret society, the Wolves of God, headed by local priest Henri Sardis, which was using fear of the Beast as a weapon against the King's perceived unholy (liberal or enlightned) ways.

Years later, Grégoire and Marianne back together to Africa forever and we find an old Thomas d'Apcher who narrates the story of the Beast of Gévaudan and Grégoire and Marianne's leaving .

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