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    844996 closed this thread because:
    I promise I'll stop removing categories purposelessly.
    09:14, March 4, 2017

    Do not add new categories please, it is clearly stated in our Rules and Policies, thank you.

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    • After seeing you inserted a another category called "Merciful", consider this your last warning, several users including myself have been growing suspisious of your edits lately, and you have been going long enough unpunished.  Next time I catch you inserting a controversial edit or new category, you will be blocked.

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    • But I just want to help all those who want to terminate category pages. And about a controversial edit, why whould it be so grevious?

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    • Only your most recent edits relate the category clean-ups going on throughout this site, but your older edits suggest something otherwise.

      I've seen your edit summaries, many of which state you "removed repeated categories", but ultimately you removed them entirely, which made many users frustrated with you.  You've also been removing perfectly good categories from pages where said categories clearly describe a character, some of which were in the infoboxes.

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    • I thought each category is enough.

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    • 844996 wrote:
      I thought each category is enough.

      Don't do that.

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    • Do what? remove categories?

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    • know what, after investigating such categories like the ones you inserted, it turns out, there are categories that exist under similar names (e.g. Merciful Heroes, Dramatic Heroes, etc.).  I thought you were just inserting categories without the consent of the administrators.  I apologize for the misunderstanding about the primary reason for this conversation/warning, I didn't even know such categories existed until just now, forgive me.

      However I must warn you to be careful about what categories you end up removing on pages, I have witnessed users on both Heroes and Villains Wiki undoing edits made by you because apparently you removed categories (whether intentionally or unintentionally) that were perfectly fine for describing that said character of the article (this is what I mean by your "controversial" edits and why said users are becoming frustrated with you).  I also must warn you that the said categories you inserted to replace the ones I mentioned above, as no official clean-up has been announced for those categories yet.  I inserted the templates for them, but just remember to be careful for now on.

      As for the Final Warning, just ignore it, like I said it was a misunderstanding, and I apologize if I offended you in any way.

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