• Hi there. I can't help noticing that you have this habit of confronting problematic users on their behavior, which is especially evident now that the user who originally went by the name CatsbeCats is, unfortunately, making a return with a relentless set of sockpuppet accounts to go back to posting his usual bile. You need to stop that; there are some people out there who will stoop to any low just to get attention, even if it's very much the negative kind. While this user may not have a hint of the innocence you normally associate with children, it's clear that, like a child, he prefers negative attention over none at all. I mean, really, going as far as repeatedly saying "ugly people should die/commit suicide?" Doesn't that seem specifically meant to rile people up to you if you stop to think about it? After all, that's exactly the kind of thing most people find inexcusably awful. In other words, you're giving this user exactly what they want by getting angry at them, calling them a monster, swearing at them, etc. 

    Please don't get me wrong; most other users, no, most people period, very much feel the same way you do about it. It doesn't matter whether you want attention or you genuinely think that way, there are some awful sentiments you just don't express, and are inexcusable under any circumstances. Unfortunately, there have always been some truly awful people like this in the world, there always will be, and to quote Nick Wilde from Zootopia, you just have to "never let them see that they get to you". I know it's hard, but this is very clearly the type of extreme vandal/troll you can't possibly reason with and won't change no matter how many times you condemn their behavior, so sending them any messages whatsoever is pointless. Therefore, by simply reporting them to an administrator as soon as you see any sign of their usual behavior (which is easy since they're anything but subtle about it), you'll be going a long way towards getting rid of them as soon, and with as little drama as possible. I know you're just trying to stick up for others and the wiki as a whole, but try to deal with it the way we're supposed to. I guarantee that you're not alone on this, especially since Kronika also reacted to this user the same way you are now as recently as early September. I know this user is a vile piece of work you want to scream at til you're blue in the face, but remember; that's exactly what he/she wants. Don't give him/her the satisfaction of acknowledgement.

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