• No sir, you deleted the wrong picture. The real target was "File:Karen the Compter Brain.jpg" because I misspelled it.

    Would you please restore my "File:Karen the Computer Brain.jpg" if you can, sir, & I will help fixed this small problem in the evening? Thank you.

    One more thing that is most important: Alert the Heroes Wiki admins about this troublemaker "Barnacle Star" ASAP. & here is why: this newcomer named Barnacle Star who turned out to the banned internet troll MIDKOWITCH in disguise yet again as proven @ 1:07am in the late evening/morning via his outrageous sudden demand which reveals him both evading questions of his identity & committing username theft/impersonation by trying to pose as the "new account" of another user named RRabbit42. It is so extremely unacceptable. Would you please help stop him & permanently ban him immediately? Please & thank you. - Best regards B1bl1kal Don't cha judge me! 08:00, June 13, 2020 (UTC)".

    Thank you for you time & my apologies for waking you up this late, Stay safe & healthy.

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    • you already posted multiple pics of Computer Brain. They are way more than enough.

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    • Not that many, sir.

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    • I checked gallery section. Besides, your blog gallery did not update fast enough. It was around 3 days I waited before I deleted it.

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    • But I will put 1 more Karen Plankton alongside 4, 4 more separate pictures tonight @ midnight. @ midnight. You have my word.

      I always do keep track of my works & of my collection no matter what. Believe me.

      I must go now but I'll be back later. It's one of my best friends' birthday today.

      Let me know if there's anthing else, sir.

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    • you have 4 more days to ensure all those pics you say you are going to post, belong to somewhere: be it in articles, galleries, blogs, user pages. Just do not let it go loose and unused. Unused pics can be subject to deletion under the purpose of housekeeping. Judging from what you are promising me 4 more days should be more than ample time.

      also, the pic I deleted was an unneeded duplicate (and I know it is a duplicate). The original pic was posted in your blog.

      I reckon 1 week would be enough for you to post your pics in your collection. You can post any amount of pics you want, but you must ensure your pics belong to places you want to be in at the end of 1 week. That should be good. I advise you to check your collection and image works often to ensure your pics are in proper places, so something like this would not happen for the third time.

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    • Trust me, I'm not jerkin' anybody around. I always kept my word.

      4 days a week after one or more not yet-beloned couple pic(s) are being upload (as serious to a user such as myself considerng their long history of experience & hard work)? Sound perfectly fair.

      I'm in,

      Thank you. I appreciate it.

      I won't let y'all down,

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    • with that, I will overlook pics posted by you for 1 week from the time they are posted. Just be sure to put them in proper places within the designated days.

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    • Roger that, Chief. :-)

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    • A FANDOM user
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