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    Sasha is first seen communicating via transmission with Ratchet when he secures Captain Qwark on Planet Florana, on the orders of her father, President Phyronix. She invites Ratchet and Clank to bring Qwark to the Starship Phoenix, and gives the duo a warm welcome upon arriving, introducing all of the features on board. Ratchet is shown his living quarters, allowing him to rest as well as separate himself from an insane Qwark. Later on, Sasha meets with Ratchet on the bridge, where she is seen communicating with her father, whose compound is under attack by Tyhrranoids, and the transmission is interrupted by a broadcast from Dr. Nefarious. She orders the Galactic Rangers to counterattack on Marcadia. Ratchet and Clank join them, and are successful in the counterattack.

    Back on the Phoenix, Ratchet plays the Qwark vid-comic obtained from Al and Qwark regains his sanity upon watching. Sasha suggests allowing Qwark some time to adjust, and informs Ratchet about Annihilation Nation, where he could win a useful gadget that would allow him to disguise as a Tyhrranoid. After Ratchet succeeds in winning the gadget, Sasha initiates a call and informs him that the president has made Qwark the leader of the Q-Force, the new team designated to defeat Nefarious, much to their disappointment. She asks Ratchet and Clank to return to the Phoenix to attend the first meeting, where they discuss a plan to infiltrate Nefarious’s base on Planet Aquatos.

    Later, she provides Ratchet with air support and transport during his attack on Planet Tyhrranosis, and meets with him back on the Phoenix as he retells his experience fighting the Momma Tyhrranoid. The meeting is interrupted by a holographic transmission from Nefarious, and the source is traced to Daxx, where Ratchet goes. During Ratchet’s visit to Daxx, Sasha and Qwark attend a meeting with the president and places Skidd McMarx in charge of the Phoenix.

    After Ratchet repairs the satellite laser link on the Obani Gemini, assists the Galactic Rangers in Blackwater City, and Skidd is turned into a robot, Clank is kidnapped and replaced with Klunk. Klunk provides information on Nefarious’s starcruiser, which is later revealed to be a trap. Sasha locates the starcruiser, and sends Ratchet, Klunk and Qwark to investigate. As Nefarious reveals he has lured Ratchet and Qwark into an explosive trap, Qwark stays behind and ends up crashing with the ship.

    When Ratchet returns to the Phoenix, Sasha is relieved that Ratchet survived and kisses him. As Ratchet questions the fate of Qwark, Sasha regretfully tells him that Qwark died. On the bridge, the Q-Force host a funeral in his memory, and the president initiates a call to express his condolences. Ratchet gathers information from a vid-comic and correctly predicts Nefarious will attack Metropolis with the Biobliterator, and Sasha orders the Galactic Rangers to go there. Nefarious is successful in his attack, and Sasha urgently warns Ratchet that he must prevent Nefarious from using the Biobliterator again. The attack on Metropolis is addressed by the president, who appears complacent, much to Sasha’s disbelief. She suggests that Ratchet investigates the crash site of Nefarious’s starcruiser due to her knowing Qwark was searching for something.

    On the crash site at Zeldrin, Ratchet and Clank discover Qwark in fact survived the crash as he deployed from an escape pod, and find a data disk. They do not tell Sasha or anyone else, in order to prevent them from losing hope. Ratchet gives Al the task of decrypting the data disk, and receives a Qwark vid comic that reveals Qwark’s hideout. They find him there, and berate him for ditching the Q-Force.

    As Ratchet returns to his ship, Sasha desperately contact Ratchet through a video call, urgently informing him that the Phoenix is under attack. She believes that Nefarious is after the stolen data disk, due to critical information on it. Before the signal is lost, Sasha attempts to confess her feelings for Ratchet, who arrives in haste to thwart the attack. After saving the Q-Force, she reveals that Al partially decoded the disk which detailed Nefarious’s plans to use the Biobliterator on many planets, including Ratchet’s home planet Veldin. She reveals that Nefarious is refueling it on Planet Koros, prompting Ratchet to head there.

    After the Biobliterator is destroyed, Sasha calls to congratulate the duo, but informs them that a more dangerous one has been built and is located on Planet Mylon. They fight their way through Nefarious’s robot army and nearly manage to confront him directly, but teleport away. Sasha deploys a dropship for them to transport to the location of Nefarious, and he is defeated in a prolonged battle. She is then seen during the premiere of the latest Secret Agent Clank film.

    Sometime between the events of Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked, Sasha was elected as Mayor of Metropolis, and hands the role of captain of the Starship Phoenix to Ratchet. In the introduction cutscene of Deadlocked, she warns Ratchet about the illegal combat sport DreadZone, where missing heroes are suspected to be unwillingly participating in. Soon after, Ratchet is kidnapped by berserkers from DreadZone.

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