It is worse that I made this group due to the edit conflict over the use of putting plagiarism template on articles with entirely copied contents (even without any given link, it's possible unlike in Villains Wiki). That's why I hate him and his contributions, which are reliable of making me very, very mad as well as Tearface did this to me. Some contributors like me don't want the "hero" pages to be deleted. AlexHoskins, Mesektet and other admins in this wiki want them to make every article original or rewritten because of syncing with Villains Wiki. If the solutions of giving them warnings or attentions from Villains Wiki and rewritting or making original contents of each page are given, then it's better to deactivate the group page on DeviantArt so that this and other problems,regarding to other people's contributions, will never happen again. I am aware of making the original pages without copies.

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