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I can't even tell you the love that I'm getting from the Wasteland. Ever since GNR started singing again, the guys downstairs told me that more people than ever are tuning in. It's all I ever wanted.
~ Three Dog, after the "Galaxy News Radio" quest.

Three Dog is a disc jockey that runs Galaxy News Radio station. He has a good relation with the Brotherhood of Steel, and believes in fighting the good fight, and does it the best way he knows how, with his voice. He tries to give hope and courage with his news and music. You can encounter him, and he'll possibly tell you your father went to Rivet city. He has a loud personality.

He was voiced by Erik Todd Dellums, who voiced Nazir in Skyrim.



Born to parents who made their way in the world as members of a traveling theater group, Three Dog grew up listening to rock music, resenting the government that he never knew (but surely caused the Great War) and fully believing in the rights of free speech and communal law.

He is fully committed to "spreading the signal" of his radio station to anyone who will listen; it is his duty to counter the propaganda spouted by the Enclave on their station. At some point, before he discovered D.C.'s primary news radio, he was experimenting with Jet and stumbled across Oasis during his travels in the Capital Wasteland.

He established GNR in 2272, together with his technician and assistant Margaret. Since he began, he has been broadcasting to the Wasteland with public service announcements and music. At times, he makes jests at Enclave Radio, going as far as mocking President John Henry Eden's voice.

Three-Dog believes in what he calls "fighting the Good Fight", which boils down to any action that opposes and antagonizes the wasteland's various oppressors and thugs, be it raider gangs, bands of super mutants, slaving parties, Talon Company death squads, or the Enclave's soldiers.

To this end, he actively co-operates with the Brotherhood of Steel, letting them use his fortified radio station as an outpost. However, he avoids direct involvement in the war effort, and instead leaves the defense of the radio station to his Brotherhood entourage. Ironically, one of the radio DJ's friends had entrusted him with a key to a military weapons cache.

Three-Dog has been mentioned by Travis Miles, DJ for Diamond City Radio. After the Sole Survivor defeats the Institute with the help of either the Minutemen, the Brotherhood of Steel, or the Railroad, Travis will say that an old friend used to tell him "you have to fight the Good Fight".

Creation Club

By 2287, Three Dog had disappeared from the Capital Wasteland and was considered missing. Phil Goodman, also known as the Ghoul of Cool, took up his role as DJ for a time. Three Dog's legacy continued on in the form of the Good Fighters, who helped defend D.C. and promoted the message of the "Good Fight." An unknown group later hired the Talon Company to assault the GNR building and take it from the Good Fighters. During the quest The Good Fight, the Sole Survivor is tasked with arriving on scene and reclaiming the building.


(Lone Wanderer enters Three Dog's room.)

3: The look on your face says it all. You're wondering who the heck this guy is and why you should care. Well, prepare to be enlightened. I am Three Dog - jockey of discs and teller of truths. Lord and master over the finest radio station to grace the Wastes - Galaxy News Radio. And you, well... I know who you are. Heard about you leavin' that Vault, travelin' the unknown. Just like dear old Dad, huh? Met him already.
101: What's with the flashy introduction?
3: Hey, when you're in the Good Fight, you gotta give it all you got and never ever hold back. Always dazzle 'em, I always say. Always dazzle 'em and spread the word.
101: You know my father? Is he here? Please, I've been looking for him.
3: Hey, hey. One thing at a time. Nah, your old man ain't here. Not anymore. He heard ole Three Dog on the radio, figured I knew what was what out here in the Capital Wasteland. And he was right. So I filled the old man in. But he split. Looks like I've got my way of contributing to the Good Fight... and he's got his own.
101: Holy shit! You're that guy from the radio!
3: Yup! Guilty as charged! He he. I don't usually have exposure to the public like this. It's nice to know someone's listening. Makes carrying on the Good Fight that much easier.
101: The Good Fight? What's that all about?
3: Imagine a picture, okay? A picture of the Capital Wasteland. All that brick and rock. A whole lot of nothing, right? There's people out there trying to just barely make it by from day to day. Fighting to stay alive and make something of what they got. But then you've got all kinds of shit... Slavers, super mutants, raiders... They all want a slice of the pie too and aim to take it by force.
101: So, people fight back.
3: They can't, not against those kinds of enemies. They just run away and hide or they stay and die. It just ain't right. So that's where I enter the picture. I fight the Good Fight with GNR as my gun. The sound of truth goes out across the Capital Wasteland. Hell, someone's got to counter that bullshit on the Enclave station.
101: Whatever you want. I'm just looking for my dad.
3: Hey, not everyone's cut out for bigger and better things. Sometimes, the smallest roles in the Good Fight are the most important. But enough of that. If it's your dad you seek, then I will abide.
101: You're going to have a "Good Fight" on your hands if you don't help me.
3: Hey, now. There's no need for that kind of talk. I'm here to help, not to hurt.
101: You have about two seconds to tell me what I want to know.
3: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Why don't you just sit back and relax? I'm not here to fight. At least, not you. Only fight I'm interested in is the Good Fight, and I wage that everyday on the airwaves.
101: All right, I'm sorry.
3: That's okay. This world has a way of getting under your skin and wiping the smile from your face. Makes you bitter. But you gotta fight that!
101: Wait, why do you trust me so easily? I've never met you before.
3: The fact that the Brotherhood let you get up here tells me you're all right with them. That, and your Dad seemed a decent enough guy. Besides, you're giving off a pretty sweet vibe right now. Maybe we can help each other out. But enough yakkin'. Tell me why we're talking.
101: How did you know what I needed?
3: Oh, come on. This is Three Dog you're talking to. I got my ear to the ground and I hear the wagons coming. But if you want help, you're going to have to contribute to the Good Fight.
101: How did you know I was looking for my dad?
3: Oh, come on. You're a splitting image of the guy. He's been here before, and now you're here. Doesn't take a genius to figure it out. You want to find your dad, and it just so happens his location is known to yours truly. But if you want to know more, you're going to have to contribute to the Good Fight.
101: If you know anything that can help me, I'd appreciate it.
3: I hear things all the time. Most things aren't useful, but once and a while something will sneak up behind your girl and lift her dress. Consider this your lucky day. I just so happen to know the location of an old military weapons cache untouched by time.
101: If you know anything that can help me find my dad, please just tell me.
3: You want to find your dad, and it just so happens his location is known to yours truly. He was here, at Galaxy News. We had a great conversation. He's a real stand-up guy. If you want to know more, you're going to have to contribute to the Good Fight.
101: So, what's this about the Good Fight?
3: Patience, patience. Three Dog is like a minstrel. Give him some time and your ear and he'll soothe the soul. So back to the tale... I fight the Good Fight with GNR as my gun. The truth goes out across the Capital Wasteland and with it, the word about the Good Fight.
101: Words don't kill people. Guns do.
3: You're absolutely right, but words get more and more people to join the cause. Guns just create more casualties on your side. But enough yarn spinning. Let's figure out your place in the Good Fight. Then, maybe we can help you.
101: So, you fight the Good Fight with your voice on Galaxy News Radio...
3: Well, holy shit! Aren't you a chip off the old block? You ARE as smart as your dad. Since you know all about the cause, no need to explain the effect. Let's get you on your way.
101: The guys outside are the Brotherhood of Steel? Who are they?
3: From what I saw, they were the ones who saved your ass. They keep the ruins super mutant-free, so people like you can get to people like me in one piece. Without them, we'd be knee-deep in mutie shit.
101: Look, Three Dog. If I find my Dad, maybe he can help with the Good Fight.
3: Well, your dad is some sort of scientist type. Some kind of egghead or something.You really think if you find him he'd help our cause?
101: I know he will. He's always talked about doing what's right.
3: When your dad passed through here, I spent a good long time talking to him about all kinds of stuff. He mentioned some scientific mumbo-jumbo which didn't make sense to me... ummm... something about a "Project Purity". He also said something about going to visit a Doctor Li in Rivet City. Then, he left in a hurry.
101: Rivet City? Where's that?
3: You've never heard of Rivet City? Wow. Just... wow. Well, a whole bunch of eggheads got together and turned a beached aircraft carrier into a town. Pretty cool, huh? Just follow the river south from here... there's no way you can miss it.
101: Then, Rivet City is where I'm headed. Goodbye, Three Dog.
3: Goodbye. Remember to keep us tuned in while you're out there, and watch yourself. Don't forget about your promise... make sure your dad knows about the Good Fight.

~ Three Dog meets Vault 101 Kid.


Event Quote
Greeting GNR. Three Dog. All you need to know.
Hey, kiddies. This is Three Dog - your voice in the darkness. Or... at least, the radiation.
You're listening to Galaxy News Radio, and I'm your host, Three Dog, lord and master of all I survey.
Hellooooo Capital Wasteland! This is Three Dog, coming to you loud and proud from Galaxy News Radio.
People of the Capital Wasteland, you can HEAR MEEEE!!!! Yeeeaa haaaa!!! You can't stop the signal, baby!
Wake up, Wasteland! It's me, Three Dog, bringing you all the music and news your little hearts can handle.
Hey, nifty America. It's me, your president, John Hen... Ahhhh... Gotcha! Three Dog here! How's everyone doin'?
Because one dog ain't enough, and two is too low, it's me, Three Dog! How you kids handlin' Post-Apocalyptia today?
What's up, Wastelanders? This is Three Dog, and you're listening to GNR! That's Galaxy News Radio, in case you forgot.
People of the Capital Wasteland! It is I, Three Dog, your ruler! Hear me, and obey! Oh, sorry, that's that OTHER radio station.
Thrrreeee Dooooggg! That's me, kids. Comin' to you taped from my fortified bunker in the middle of the D.C. hellhole. Ain't life grand?
Men and ladies, boys and girls, prepare to be astounded, bedazzled, and otherwise stupefied! I am Three Dog, your master of ceremonies.
Hey, everybody. This is Three Dog, your friendly neighborhood disc jockey. What's a disc? Hell if I know, but I'm gonna keep talkin' anyway.
News Intro News time, children.
Ah yes, time for the news.
And here’s… me! With the news.
Seems we’ve got a bit of news. Just listen to this.
We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for some news.
Got lots of stuff goin’ down in Post Apocalyptia these days. Here some of the latest news.
Everyone ready for the Capital Wasteland’s latest news? Me neither, but it’s that time again.
Here’s the latest news. Unemployment is down, stocks are up, and the U.N. has just declared global peace forever! Now the real news. *Sigh*
What rhymes with “shoes” and often gives you the blues? That’s right, it’s time for the cashews! Okay, that doesn’t really rhyme. How ‘bout news?
Let me ask you something, children. You hungry for some 200-year-old Salisbury steak, or you hungry for some news? I’m guessing news. Here ya go.
Stories All right, Three Dog has heard about some crazy things going on out there in the Capital Wasteland, but this one just might beat them all. I’ve been getting some scattered reports that a couple of costumed kooks have been battling for control of the settlement called Canterbury Commons. One of these wackos seems to be assisted by robots, and the other by mutated bugs. Every day it seems to be the same nutty scene, with the scuffles ending in a stalemate. So if your travels take you to Canterbury Commons, keep your head down and your assault rifle loaded for crazy.
Good golly, Holly. This is the worst thing to happen to our neighborhood since the HOA instituted their mandatory “scavenged rags” dress code. From Rivet City to downtown D.C., the Enclave is on the scene and setting up shop. Children, I don’t care if you’ve ignored every other word that’s come out of my mouth for the past five years. Please. Hear me now, and believe. The Enclave, and that includes their Homecoming King, “President” John Henry Eden and his gorilla Colonel Augustus Autumn, are NOT here to help you. Wake up, children the Enclave have a giant truck full 'o Brahmin, and they’ve been spoon-feeding you the bullshit. These guys are schemers, crooks, and killers, and the sooner you all realize that and stand up to their oppression, the better. That, my friends, is fighting the good fight.
Okay… it seems the settlement of Grayditch has gone quiet. Residents haven’t come out to trade with the caravaners, and attempts to make contact have been met with… silence. So if you’re out by Grayditch, you may want to pop in and see what’s what.
According to reports from the ever so hoity toity Tenpenny Tower, a group of displaced Ghouls have been trying to gain entrance. Ah, but lush at large Allistair Tenpenny says, “No zombies, no how!” Come on, Al, cut the Ghoulies a break. If they’ve got the caps and you’ve got the space, it’s a win-win, right? Whadaya say?
Tensions continue to mount between the courageous forces of the Brotherhood of Steel and their estranged brethren, the Outcasts. Now, normally, family squabbles are none of my business. But when the Outcasts decide to take pot shots at my building which the Brotherhood uses as an outpost I make an exception. So, Brotherhood Outcasts knock it off! I’d prefer not to get murdered in my own backyard. The rest of you Brotherhood cats can’t you extend an olive branch or something? You’d think fighting the Super Mutants would be enough...
Today’s weather excessively violent, with a chance of dismemberment. Tune in later for our 5-day forecast.
They’ve recently stepped up patrols in the downtown D.C. ruins in response to increasing sightings of everybody’s favorite freaks, the Super Mutants. Without our buddies from the Brotherhood, I’m guessing the entire Capital Wasteland would have been overrun a long time ago. So if you see a Knight or Paladin out there fighting your battles for you, give him a big thanks. Or even better some ammo. The boys and girls of the Brotherhood of Steel continue to fight the good fight, folks.
I’ve been getting more and more reports of these mercenary maniacs from Talon Company, especially in the downtown D.C. area. If you see these hombres, steer clear. Whatever you have, they want, and they’re not really into asking politely. Word is, these guys take all the contracts the other mercs won’t. In short there’s nothing they won’t do. So be careful out there.
There have been more and more sightings of Raiders over by Evergreen Mills. Smart money’s on them having some kind of camp out that way. Keep that in mind the next time you feel like nosing around that neighborhood.
Here’s a question for all you faithful listeners. Have you guys and gals ever seen… a tree? No, no, no. Not those shriveled black things. I’m talking real trees. Brown bark, green leaves, photosynthesis, all that good stuff. Now what if I, the all-powerful Three Dog, were to tell you that somewhere right here in the Capital Wasteland, there’s a place with LOTS of trees. A veritable Oasis of green in that depressing sea of brown. Look, it was years ago, and I MAY have been experimenting with Jet at the time, but I’m telling you, it’s out there...
PSA Intro And now, a super important Public Service Announcement.
Now, listen close for this important Public Service Announcement.
Time once again for an important GNR Public Service Announcement.
Up next, we've got a Public Service Announcement. Listen up, children. This stuff's important.
PSAs Just a friendly reminder to all you would-be bigots out there Ghouls are people too. You see, children, Ghouls are simply humans who’ve been exposed to an ungodly amount of radiation and haven’t had the good fortune to die. Sure, they may look like hideous zombies from an old monster flick, but their hearts, their souls, their tears are all very much human. So please, if you meet one of the Capital Wasteland’s many Ghouls, leave your prejudice at the door an your pistol in its holster. Ah yes, one important caveat, kiddies. Those Feral Ghouls that prefer the dark, dank underground? They ARE basically mindless zombies, so kill as many as you damn well please.
Remember, children, when the Raiders come, there ain’t no shame in locking your doors, barricading the windows, and cowering under the nearest bed. When these psychos come to play, they have one thing on their minds making your life as fucking miserable as humanly possible. Raiders can’t be bargained or reasoned with, and there ain’t no use surrenderin’, cause they’ll just shoot you anyway. So run, hide or fight if you’ve got the balls and the guns. But for God’s sake, don’t go wavin’ the white flag. They’ll just strangle you with it.
For all you guys and gals tempted by the thought of scavving in the downtown D.C. ruins, here’s a tip… You see, children, the Frankensteins might violently and horrifically rip you to shreds but only if you’re lucky. According to most of our reports on the Super Mutants, they actually prefer capturing their victims and hauling them off to God-knows-where. Consider yourself officially warned.
Listen, kiddos. Never forget the importance of periodic weapon maintenance. Rifle, pistol, police baton I don’t care which. If your weapon is falling apart, the only Wasteland asshole it’s gonna kill is you. So be smart. Salvage those parts and make repairs whenever you can.
We all know the dangers of radiation, but with the right precautions, you CAN prevent accidental death or even eewww ghoulification. Keep your eyes on those geiger counters, kids. Tick, tick, tickety means run your ass outta there, and then pop some RadAway for good measure. If you do need to head into the heat, be smart give yourself a nice boost of Rad-X first. Remember, only you can prevent human flesh fires.
Don’t feed the Yao Guai! That is all.
Goodbye Until next time, this is Three Dog, OWWWW, and you're listening to Galaxy News Radio! Bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts...
Thanks for listening, children! This is Three Dog, OWWWW, and you're listening to Galaxy News Radio. We're Radio Free Wasteland, and we're here... for you.
Plays Music Now... some music.
And now... some music.

Levels and Karma

Level Quote
2 And now the latest on that enigmatic Vault (Martyr/Renegade/Outlaw), who only recently stepped out of Vault 101 and into our (hearts/lives/nightmares).
3 So, what's everyone's favorite Sentinel been up to? Here's the latest on that sweet kid from Vault 101
So, what's that brave little Seeker been up to? Here's the latest on the kid from Vault 101.
So, what's that creepy Opportunist been up to, huh? Here's the latest on the kid from Vault 101.
4 Now, let's check out the latest on everyone's darling Defender, giving evil the one-two punch out there in the wooly Wasteland.
Now, let's check out the latest on the Vault 101 Wanderer, as he/she, well, wanders.
Want to know the latest on that heartless little Plunderer from Vault 101? Here's the deal.
5 Okay, children. I've got the skinny on the Capital Wasteland's newest, noblest Dignitary, that charming cat from Vault 101. Check this out.
Okay, children. I've got the skinny on the Capital Wasteland's newest Citizen. Curious? Of course you are. Check this out.
All right, faithful listeners, I know what you really want to know. What's that nasty Fatcat up to? Sharpening his/her claws, I bet.
6 It's time for an update on that Vault 101 Peacekeeper, a man/gal who proves that not everyone out there... is a complete asshole
It seems the lost little boy/girl from Vault 101 has become quite the Adventurer these days...
You know him/her, you hate him/her. How could you not? He's/She's the malignant Marauder who oozed out of Vault 101. You'll never guess what he's/she's up to now.
7 Good news, kids! Our old friend from Vault 101 is - get this - still alive! Guess there is a God. Here's your update on the Ranger of the Wastes.
Got some news for you kiddies. Looks like that dude/chick from Vault 101 is still kicking. And now, a friendly update on the Vagabond of the Wastes.
News flash! Listen up, children. Lock your damn doors. The Pirate of the Wastes is out there, wreaking havoc, wrecking lives. Here's the latest.
8 Now, the latest on everyone's favorite runt from Vault 101. He's/She's out there serving as our Protector, so show the kid some respect. Listen to this...
Hey! So, whatever happened to that kid from Vault 101? Huh? Ooh! Ooh! I know! Man, that cat/girl has turned into one hard-edged Wasteland Mercenary.
Question time, kids. You know what a Reaver is? It's a killer, a liar, a monster. In other words, it's that bastard/bitch from Vault 101. Check it out.
9 And now an update on our very own Urban Defender. Did he/she leave that vault just to help us? Who cares, man. We owe him/her either way. Check this out.
Grow up in a hole, confined and bored? Hit the Wasteland! You, too, can be an Urban Ranger! And now, the latest on the kid from Vault 101.
Man, am I getting sick of this little punk. From innocent vault kid to sicko Urban Invader. Here's the latest...
10 Hey, our friend from Vault 101 is at it again. A true Exemplar, showing us all the true meaning of love, compassion, and all that other crap.
Now, more on the kid from Vault 101, keeping that moral compass firmly grounded in gray. Angel? Devil? More like neutral Observer at this point.
Okay, let's see. Anything new with that rancorous little Ne'er-do-well from Vault 101? Well, there's this.
11 It's that time again, kids! The adventures of... the Capital Crusader! Yeah! Hurray! Seriously, how can you not dig this guy/gal? Am I right?
Neutrality, baby. That's today's lesson, taught by our own Capital Councilor. Maybe that vault door leads to Switzerland? Anyway, he's/she's at it again.
Now, more on the kid from Vault 101, living a life of unrepentant vice and violence. Jesus, he's/she's like some kind of... of... Capital Crimelord.
12 A Paladin walks among us, children. And no, this ain't one of our buddies from the Brotherhood. I'm talking about that knight in shining vault suit.
Now, an update on a certain crazy dude/chick from Vault 101. Let's call him/her the Keeper. The Keeper of promises, of secrets, of his/her own destiny.
I know, I know, you want the skinny on Mister/Miss Vault 101. Well here's a news flash - that merciless fucking Defiler is still out there, all right?
13 And now an update on everyone's favorite hero from a hole, a guy/gal I feel really comfortable calling - drum roll please - the Vault Legend!
And now, a little story. A story about a boy/girl who climbed out of a hole. I'm talkin' about that Vault Descendent, of course. Here's the latest.
Time again, my children, for chills and thrills, fears and scares. Do you know what that creepy Vault Boogeyman has been up to? Listen to this.
14 Hate. Prejudice. Violence. Leave 'em all behind. The kid from Vault 101 did, so why can't you? The latest on our own Ambassador of Peace.
Never quit. Never stop believing. That's the story of the cat from Vault 101. Here's the latest on the very Pinnacle of Survival.
Want peace and quiet? Good luck with that, kids. The name of the game is chaos, thanks to Vault 101's own Harbinger of War. Listen and learn.
You think all that shit between the super mutants and Brotherhood is bad? Here's the latest on the Harbinger of War himself/herself, that kid from Vault 101.
15 Hallelujah! The Urban Legend is real, children! He's/She's real, and he's/she's out there, everyday, helping poor shlubs like you. The latest and greatest.
Special report! Da da dum dum, da da da dum dum! This just in. The kid from Vault 101 is not just an Urban Myth! Oh, he's/she's real all right.
You don't want to believe it, I know. That kid from Vault 101, he/she can't be real. She's just some creepy Urban Superstition, right? Wrong
16 And now, for another exciting adventure of... "The Hero... of the Wasssssttteesss"!
You've seen him/her out there, haven't you, wandering the D.C. ruins, looking for adventure? The latest on Vault 101's very own Strider of the Wastes.
Yeah, you guessed it - time for another update on the Villain of the Wastes himself/herself, that evil little bastard/bitch from Vault 101.
17 Lordy! I just love that vault boy/girl! Hole-dweller one day, Paragon of all that is good and right in the world the next. And, he's/she's been busy.
Ah, the kid from Vault 101. He/She hurts, he/she helps, he/she does whatever he/she damn well pleases. Sometimes, just a watcher... a Beholder, if you will.
18 Hey, out on that ridge! It's Buddha! It's Jesus! No, it's the... Wasteland Savior! Here's an update on Vault 101's homegrown messiah.
He/She came from Vault 101... Friend? Foe? Or simple Wasteland Watcher? Here's an update on that kid from the hole.
So. Just when you thought it was crazy enough out there... Here's an update on the kid from Vault 101 who fancies himself/herself the Wasteland Destroyer.
19 Question. Is there a God, and if so, does he give a shit about the rest of us? I was skeptical, but that was before a certain Saint from Vault 101...
I don't know how he's/she's even still alive, but I've got an update on the kid from Vault 101. I swear, he/she must be Super-Human or somethin'...
I have a new theory. Vault 101 is actually Hell. Hear me out. I mean, that kid we all know and hate is Evil Incarnate, right? Here's the latest.
20 We'll get through this, children. You just gotta believe. For now, listen close, as I share yet another of our friend's adventures. So believe me when I tell you that I was wrong. Dead wrong. That kid from Vault 101 is the Last, Best Hope of Humanity. All right, children. It's time for Three Dog to be honest with ya. Here it is, plain as day - I used to think we were all well and truly fucked. The good ole U.S. of A... ahhh, she's a mess. I had pretty much written us all off. But that was before a certain kid from Vault 101...
And now for you other faithful listeners, here's an update on our friend. Keep on fighting, man/girl! I'm talkin' about the kid from Vault 101. Just nineteen, and this cat/babe has been in some serious shit. And there ain't no sign o' stoppin'! Kid from the vault, if you're listening, I want you to know that you are, truly, a Paradigm of Humanity.
Here's the latest news on Vault 101's evil progeny... Why? Because that kid from Vault 101 is the worst thing to happen to our neighborhood since radiation sickness. And lo, the boy/girl did step forth from her shadowy hole, and proclaim himself/herself Scourge of Humanity.
21 What's the matter, kids? Feeling down? Low on vim, vigor, and the simple will to live? What you need is the latest news on the Restorer of Faith!
So, here's the question. How's that smooth-operating Soldier of Fortune from Vault 101 getting along these days? Business, it would seem, is boomingà.
So, what's new with that master of disaster, that duke of destruction, that bad to the boneà Architect of Doom? Here's what.
22 Just when you thought there was no charity, no good, no decency left in this world, everyone's favorite Model of Selflessness surprises ya.
Sometimes, in this cold, crazy world, you just want to make a buck. Like that penny-pinching Profiteer from Vault 101. Here's the latest.
You think you're sad now, children? Just wait till you hear the latest on the Capital Wasteland's very own Bringer of Sorrow. Cue the crying.
23 Fear not, my poor lost flock! For the Shepherd of Vault 101 has come to guide you to the promised land! Maybe. Listen to this.
I've got new reports in on that wayward soul from Vault 101, the Capital Wasteland's infamous Egocentric. Check this out.
If you've run into him/her, you know you just can't trust that despicable little Deceiver from Vault 101. And now, he's/she's at it again. Take a listen.
24 In today's vicious "Yao Guai eat Yao Guai" world, the exploits of a certain Friend of the People are usually cause for rejoicing.
Now, you'd think that Loner from Vault 101 would stay out of the spotlight, but I guess some people just can't help themselves.
Now, I know you're sick to death of hearing my horror stories, but what's a Three Dog to do when that Consort of Discord keeps causing so much mayhem?
25 We may not have superheroes - those two wackos near Canterbury Commons don't count - but we do have our very own Champion of Justice. Listen up.
It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Capital Wasteland's most notorious Hero for Hire is in the headlines once again.
If you have trouble sleeping, maybe it's because that kid from Vault 101 has become the Stuff of Nightmares, and is out there, walking among us.
26 Our Wasteland might be a frigging' mess hence the name, but there's one person we've come to know as a Symbol of Order, and he's/she's been busy.
If you're tired of nobody giving a crap, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. Remember ol' 101? The very Model of Apathy? He's/SHe's at it again.
We all know the Capital Wasteland is an anarchist's wet dream, and a certain Agent of Chaos doesn't help matters much. Here's an update.
27 Call him/her the Herald of Tranquility, that kid from Vault 101, usually righting any wrongs that cross his/her path. Here's a new update.
Looks like ol' 101 has become quite the Person of Refinement, mostly by taking people's hard-earned caps in exchange for... anything. Take a listen.
If you've been wondering if that Instrument of Ruin from Vault 101 has been wreaking any new havoc, let me give you the latest scoop.
28 Only one person can bring a hint of sunshine to this dim and dreary Wasteland. Children, I bring you an update on the Lightbringer.
By now, everyone knows that the kid from Vault 101 is a no-good, selfish Moneygrubber, but who knew he/she was keeping so busy? Listen to this.
Think you'll rest when you're dead, children? Not if that refugee from Vault 101 has anything to say about it. Here's the latest on the Soultaker.
29 We may never get to Heaven, children, but at least we've got our own Earthly Angel walking among us. And I've got his/her latest exploits.
Neither light, nor dark, not good nor bad, there's one who truly walks down the middle of life's road. Here's an update on that Gray Stranger.
It's gotten to the point where that piece of shit from Vault 101 can't even be considered human. Am I right? Here's the latest on that Demon's Spawn.
30 Don't lose hope, children. Don't ever lose hope! The kid from Vault 101, the Wasteland's one true Messiah, still walks among us! Just listen to this.
Ah, that kid from Vault 101. Only a true Mortal could get involved in so many adventures, make so many damn caps! Behold, the latest tribulation.
The Devil walks among us, children. Oh, he/she may look like us, but he/she calls Hell home. He/She is legion, and his/her deeds are legend. Like this one.

Main Quests

Quest Quote
Following in His Footsteps For those of you not in the know, to the northwest of Megaton there's this vault. Vault 101. Now, believe it or not, this one's still got people livin' in it! And every few years or so, someone comes scrabblin' out. Well, wouldn't you know it, someone's come out of it again! And, I kid you not, he came to visit yours truly right here in the studio. Now, this cat - James is his name - had been in a hole for years! He needed to know what was what out here in the beautiful Capital Wasteland. So I, the great and powerful Three Dog, set my brother straight. I told him what was what. Who are the winners, the losers, the movers and shakers. So, if you see James out there, you say hello. Be kind to our new brother, and show him that here on the outside, we always fight the good fight. Hey, and in case a light bulb just started glowin' over your head, you can flick the switch and forget about it. You're not getting into that vault. Whoever lives in there sure as hell doesn't want what you're selling, and no, you can't knock down the door. It weighs, like, thirteen tons.
Not too long ago, I reported that a cat recently left Vault 101. His name is James. Good guy. Turns out, it gets better. I've got a new report here that says someone ELSE has just climbed out of that hole! What the hell is going on down there? Revolution? Vacation? Somebody fart? Your guess is as good as mine, kiddies.
Hoooooo BOY! Children, you are going to LOVE this! Okay, so I told you about James, the guy from the vault. And then I told you somebody else crawled outta there too. Right? Weeeeelll... Guess who came to visit ol' Three Dog at his luxurious studio in beautiful downtown D.C.? That's right - the other vault dweller! Now. You want to know if it gets better, don't you? Well hell YES it gets better! Turns out vault dweller #2 was none other than James' kid! I know, I know! I couldn't make this shit up! Okay, but now it gets kind of sad. You see, the kid is looking for his/her dad - looking for James. See, James left Vault 101 without telling the kid why. Now, I've since learned that James is a scientist and is working on something big. Is that why he left the vault? Looks that way. So who knows, maybe James is going to save the world. Can't think of a better cause than that. But James, if you're listening... Your kid's out, man, and he/she misses you. So you might want to find him/her before he/she gets swallowed up and spit out. And for all you other cats out there listening, if you see the kid from Vault 101 out there, give him/her a pat on the back and wish him/her luck.
Galaxy News Radio That's right, from Megaton to Girdershade, Paradise Falls to the Republic of Dave, we are coming to you loud and proud, in a special live report. "But Three Dog! You're in that cool radio studio in D.C. How do YOU know I can hear you, all the way out here in the ass end of nowhere?" Because of the kid from Vault 101, that's how! That cat/gal actually managed to repair our antenna relay. How's that for ingenuity, folks? From here on in, it's bye-bye stupid static, hello magnificent music. So sit back, relax, and absorb these classic tunes. Kid, you get your ass back to GNR, you hear me? We've got some stuff to talk about!
Scientific Pursuits SOMETHING is going on down in Rivet City, and you-know-who is involved. Hey, all I can tell you is the Vault kid showed up, and the scientists there started running around like their pointy heads were on fire. And... According to my super secrety sources, Rivet City council member and lead egghead Doctor Madison Li is personally involved.
Tranquility Lane Grab your hankies, children, 'cause I've got a heart-warming tale to tell. It's about a little boy's/girl's search for... for his/her daddy. Waaaahh! It's about love, abandonment, and - now this is the good part - reunion! You see, the kid from Vault 101 has been looking for his/her dad, a very nice man named James, who left his son/daughter behind in the vault when he took off. What kind of dad leaves his kid in an underground bunker? Children, I just don't know. It ain't for Three Dog to judge, and you shouldn't either. But none of that matters now! Father and son/daughter were spotted walkin' and talkin' together out there in the Wastes. Here's hoping they can hold onto each other this time around.
The Waters of Life Tinfoil hat time, children. My eyes and ears tell me the Big Bad Government has taken over that big machine thingy at the Jefferson Memorial. You heard it here first, my friends - the Enclave is on the scene. I've got reports of flying ships and shock troops in high-tech power armor. And, when the Man showed up, a bunch of scientists went running. With them was Rivet City's own Dr. Madison Li, and that crazy kid from Vault 101. They're safe and sound now at the Citadel. Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! No sign of the kid's father, though. Here's hoping James is okay. Well, boys and girls, what can I say. Looks like President Eden wasn't completely full of shit after all. Me thinks we are screwed...
The American Dream Yikes. Looks like the Lone Wanderer has wandered himself/herself right into the Enclave's sinister clutches. My deep cover super secret agents tell me a vertibird recently flew out of the mountains to the west, and the vault kid was an unwilling passenger. I mean, how willing can you be when you're encased in a block of ice? Crazy, I know, but these are crazy times we live in... Anyway, the vertibird was headed northwest into the mountains, where I have it on good authority the Enclave has their big underground clubhouse. Good luck, Wanderer. You'll need it.
Take It Back! Intro: I'm coming to you live with a special report! Ding, dong, the sanctimonious, self-righteous, self-proclaimed Presidential asshole is dead! The Enclave's not-so-secret base way up in the northwest just went 'kablooey'! And I have reports, damn good ones, that Eden didn't make it out alive! Sure enough, the Enclave radio station is officially offline. Hell, check for yourself if you don't' believe me!
Good: And if that weren't good enough news, word is our old friend from Vault 101 made it out of there in one piece! Keep fighting the good fight, kid! We're with you all the way!
Bad: Now here's the bad news. Unfortunately, the little prick from Vault 101 managed to crawl out before the place went 'kaboom'. Can't have everything, I guess.
Outro: In other news, the Brotherhood of Steel has amassed a large assault force at the Citadel. Time for a showdown with the remaining Enclave forces at the Jefferson Memorial? You keep listening, children, and GNR will keep you posted!
Project Impurity Failed: Two weeks. It's been two weeks since our boys in Power Armor kicked those Enclave bastards out of Project Purity, and started that baby chugging. Now, you all remember James, right? Father of 101? Well, Three Dog has learned that, back in the day, James' wife had a dream. See, she was a scientist, too. Worked on that project. You know what she wanted? "The waters of life. Free and clean, for any and all". God, ain't that beautiful? But even better, it's finally happened! The water is clean, and hell yes, it's free! Just a little patience, children. As I speak, the Brotherhood is working with Rivet City security to get that fresh water to the Wasteland. The caravans are coming! So, get your glasses ready, children. This round's on me.
Passed: All righty, children. Time to let you know about yet another problem plaguing our tranquil little post-apocalyptic neighborhood. People are gettin' sick. Sicker than usual, I mean. Weakness, nausea, you name it. Even a couple of deaths reported. Experience would tell ya this is your garden variety radiation sickness, but nuh uh. This is something else, children. Something worse. Much worse. It also happens that this new illness ONLY started showin' up AFTER the Brotherhood started distributing so-called "clean" water from that purifier. Coincidence? Three Dog thinks not. For all their good intentions, it looks like those eggheads at the Jefferson Memorial screwed up royally. The water going 'round may be free, but it sure as hell ain't clean. So when you see that caravan comin', tell 'em to keep on going. Three Dog's advice? If you've got one of those Mister Dandy butler bots, have him make you some purified water, and count yourself lucky.
Death From Above Good: I'm coming to you live with a special report! We haven't heard squat about our old pal from Vault 101 for two weeks now, and it's been looking pretty grim. Well, buck up, pilgrims! Our friend is alive and well, and has managed to slip through the Enclave's clutches and escape their fortified base! Keep fighting the good fight, kid! We're with you all the way!
Bad: I'm coming to you live with a special report! We haven't heard squat about the little prick/bitch from Vault 101 for two weeks, and hoped to God someone finally put a bullet in his/her brain. Well, no such luck. He/She was seen not too long ago walking away from the Enclave's not-so-secret base way out to the northwest. Well that's... That's just great. The Vault kid from hell is now in cahoots with the devil himself. If Eden declares this kid vice president, I swear to God I'll swallow this microphone.
Shock Value There's one place you find on a tourist map of D.C. and its lovely suburbs, and that's the cozy little villa known as Old Olney. Ah, but you locals, you know the place. Am I right? It's become a veritable Wasteland legend. Why? Cause it's filled with goddamned deathclaws! I met a guy once, name was Johnny 12 Fingers, had one arm. Turns out the other one was ripped off while he was scavving in Deathclaw central. Lucky he made it out alive. Most people don't - at least, not in one piece. But wouldn't you know it, that kid from Vault 101 has once again proven the exception to the rule. My flies on the wall tell me that 101 was seen dodging Deathclaws and gathering up as much used tech as he/she could carry. Just what is he/she up to? Is the kid looking for something to use for the Enclave, or against them? And does this have something to do with the shinies from the Brotherhood of Steel, who seem poised to pounce once again? Don't you worry, children. Three Dog's got his ear to the ground and his mic on standby. As soon as I know more, you'll know more.
Who Dares Wins Good: We've had our share o' problems here in beautiful Washington D.C., but did any of us really see those Enclave idiots coming? Man, I thought that blow-hard Eden was just a pre-recorded pain-in-my-ass. That was before devil-headed stormtroopers moved into the neighborhood. Now, the Brotherhood of Steel may have taken care of those losers back at that new-fangled faucet called Project Purity. But they weren't done! Children, I am pleased to announce that the beautiful Brotherhood has mangled the last base those Enclave bastards had left! So, if you see some Enclave rejects wandering around, have pity! They're homeless, after all. And if you see that kid from Vault 101, pass along your thanks, cause the Brotherhood did NOT act alone. Thank you, 101!
Bad: Not too long ago, I saw a big boom from my bedroom, in the direction of that bastion of neo-knightly badassness. But that would be impossible, right? Nobody would have the power, the opportunity, or the giant gorilla-sized balls to destroy the Citadel. Right? Wrong, my children. So very wrong. I really can't believe I'm saying this, but the concrete casa of those shiny guys with big guns has gone 'kablooey'. As reported by loads of people around the Capital Wasteland, missiles rained down from the sky and left the Citadel a big smoking crater. And, my sources tell me, this is the same hail of hellfire that destroyed Liberty Prime himself. Looks like an Enclave super weapon at work. It's a dark day for us all, when someone sees fit to destroy the only guys standing between us and complete obliteration. Why, 101? Why has it come to this? Children, pray for the soul of that Lone Wanderer, and pray for the rest of us, too, while you're at it.
Getting Ready for Prime Time If there's one thing I wish I could find out there in the rubble, it's a working bugle, cause Three Dog wants to play some Taps. It's always a sad day when a soldier falls in the line of battle. And the greater the soldier, the deeper the grief. Now imagine the tragic and untimely demise of the most amazing American hero the Capital Wasteland has ever seen. This grunt stands 100 feet tall, is made of some kind of metal alloy, and slings nukes like a quarterback chucks footballs. That's right, children, I have received word that Liberty Prime, the Brotherhood of Steel's super duper super robot, has been killed. By the Enclave. No, I'm not really sure how, cause yeah, it would take a hell of weapon to take out that gigantic G.I., and that's what worries me. The Enclave are supposedly beaten, bruised, and on the run, but they have the firepower capable of destroying a 100-foot tall robot? Brothers of Steel, what's the deal? If Prime can go down, what about the rest of us? Are we sitting ducks for some kind of new Enclave terror? Look, Lyons... I love you guys, you know I do. But your tin soldiers better get these Enclave assholes in check, once and for all, or we're all screwed.
N/A It's been some time since those plucky paladins in power armor first stormed the Jefferson Memorial and gave the Enclave their walking papers. But the fight, dear children, did not end there. The Brotherhood has been pursuing "President" Eden's little minions throughout the Wasteland. You know, some laser beams here, a few exploded corpses there. Let's just hope this mop up operation ends ASAP. The Enclave's been responsible for enough death and destruction. We need to get back to normal. You know, like fighting raiders and super mutants.

Side Quests

Quest Quote
Trouble on the Homefront Who says you can't go home again, huh? The kid from Vault 101 did, but it looks like the prodigal son's/daughter's return didn't last all that long. He/She was seen coming OUT of the vault, AGAIN, and headed God knows where. Don't let that revolving door hit you on the ass on the way out...
N/A We've been getting reports of a raging, sustained fire somewhere up north. Yeah, yeah. So what? Well, here's what. Point 1: The kid from Vault 101 was seen in that area just before the fire. Point 2: The smoke and smell from this thing don't match your typical chemical burn. Reports are, this smells like burning... wood. You heard it here first, children. A forest fire in the Capital Wasteland, where all the trees were ALREADY burnt to a crisp two-hundred years ago. Only you, 101. Only you.
N/A The kid from Vault 101 - a.k.a. the Wanderer, a.k.a. "That Crazy Sonnuvabitch" - has been spotted poking around some caves way out west. Makes perfect sense to me. The kid's had enough of the wild and wooly Wasteland, and is looking for another old vault to crawl into. Good luck with that, my friend. Only thing been seen out in those parts is Yao Guai, Super Mutants, and some crazy mountain kids.
N/A Looks like that loony lad/lass from Vault 101's been busy lately, this time systematically executing some of the Wasteland's most colorful characters. What's the deal, 101? You killin' for kicks, or is this a paying gig? Maybe I'll just ask around Underworld, hmmm? Cause a little irradiated birdy told me you've been spending some serious time down in Ghoulville...
Blood Ties (Mister Vault 101/Little Miss Vault 101) was spotted over in Arefu, where the settlement has been hit pretty hard lately by a marauding gang of riotous ruffians. Buuuut... it would seem that, after 101 made a little solo sojourn into the murky depths of Meresti Station, the attacks... stopped. The cherry on top? He/She emerged a short time later with a lad named Ian West, who, presumably, had been taken captive in the latest raid. So, what happened down there in the stinking, slinking subway tunnels? Friendly chit-chat, or a classic case of shotgun diplomacy? In the end, I guess it doesn't really matter. Arefu is quiet once more, thanks to the efforts of the Lone Wanderer... from Vault 101.
The Nuka-Cola Challenge God knows why, but the kid from Vault 101 is scouring the Capital Wasteland for a unique brand of Nuka-Cola. It's called Nuka-Cola Quantum, and I believe it was made in limited quantities before the war. I've also heard it tastes like Radscorpion shit and turns your piss blue. Or does it taste like Radscorpion piss and turn your shit blue? Whatever. [...] Hey, wouldn't ya know it? The Lone Wanderer is done collecting bottles of soda. Christ, talk about your slow news days...
The Replicated Man Trouble, oh we got trouble, right here in Rivet City! Looks like trusted resident and head of security Harkness has unexpectedly flown the coop. Could this have something to do with Mister/Miss Vault 101 playing junior gumshoe lately, interrogating everyone about a fugitive from the Commonwealth? Signs point to yes... Looks like Rivet City's latest visitor, a certain Zimmer from the scientifically superior Commonwealth, has finally packed his bags and headed home. Weird thing is, trusted Rivet City resident and head of security Harkness has abandoned his life here in the Capital Wasteland... and gone with him. A case of unrequited middle-aged romance, or some kind of spontaneously beneficial business arrangement. I'd ask the kid from 101, but I hear he's/she's busy oogling some newly-obtained piece of shiny Commonwealth technology. Quite a coincidence, that...
Stealing Independence The master/mistress of adventure himself, that rough and tumble lad/lass from Vault 101, has really outdone himself/herself this time. The kid has recovered one of this country's most important historical artifacts... the Declaration of Independence. Huzzah! The time of British oppression is finally over! Now we can finally turn our attention to the Super Mutants, Raiders, and Radscorpions...
The Superhuman Gambit Looks like I've got a spot o' good news for you, children. A big 'thank you' goes out to the mysterious traveller from Vault 101, for saving the little town of Canterbury Commons. From who, you ask? A couple of self-obsessed super psychos called... the AntAgonizer and the Mechanist! Hey, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. any event, the super silly situation's been dealt with, Canterbury Commons is safe, and 101 is the man/woman of the hour. So, let's recount; our old friend shows up, weird shit happens, but in the end, he/she saves the day. Yeah, that sounds about right.
Reilly's Rangers I've gotten word that a band of mercs called Reilly's Rangers were trapped on a DC rooftop, pinned down by super mutants. It would seem that a brave soldier named Theo was lost in the line of duty... but some of the others have been rescued. Do I suspect some Vault Dweller intervention on this one? I certainly do. Good work, 101. Reports are sketchy... but it appears there have been some human casualties. Sorry for your losses, Reilly... assuming you ain't one of 'em. Oh, and Vault kid? I know you were seen in the vicinity. I hope to God you had nothing to do with this carnage.
Agatha's Song Good: Now, the Lone Wanderer, aka "that kid from Vault 101," has done some pretty interesting things, but this one takes the cake. My contacts report that he/she recently went on a highly dangerous excursion to recover - drum roll please - a violin. Oh, but not just any ole violin, children... We're talking Stradivarius here. That's one top o' the line fiddle, you dig? Here's the best part. The violin was for an old woman named Agatha, who has taken to the airwaves herself to share some truly beautiful music. Agatha, we love ya. Keep playin', sister. And Vault kid? You've helped make the Capital Wasteland a better place. Hats off, my friend.
Bad: Now here's where the story gets sketchy, in true Capital Wasteland style. The kid THEN delivered the violin to some old lady, who shortly thereafter was found stone cold dead AND violinless. Should we suspect foul play? Damn straight. And you're suspect numero uno, vault asshole. The kid THEN delivered the violin to some guy at Rivet City, NOT the old lady who had commissioned the retrieval job. Ohhh... Bad form, 101. Bad form, indeed...
Tenpenny Tower Roy: Hey, remember those down-on-their-luck Ghouls who wanted to share the luxury accommodations at the fancy-shmancy Tenpenny Tower? Looks like they finally got their upscale address! And all it took was the wholesale slaughter of every other Tenpenny resident! Three Dog's all for stickin' it to the Man, but good golly, Ghoulies - that's a liiittle much. Oh, and kiddo from Vault 101? You look like a complete freakshow in that mask. Hey, somebody had to say it...
Tenpenny: Hey, remember those down-on-their-luck Ghouls who wanted to share the luxury accommodations at the fancy-shmancy Tenpenny Tower? Looks like that dream has died on the vine. You see, those hapless, homeless irradiated rejects have all been brutally slaughtered in their temporary digs in the tunnels of Warrington Station. The butcher-at-large? Yep, you guessed it none other than the kid from Vault 101. Nice going, scumbag.
The Power of the Atom Good: Got some great news out of the town of Megaton. Turns out that live atomic bomb in the town's center has finally been deep-sixed for good. The town's sheriff, one Lucas Simms, commissioned the one, the only, Lone Wanderer from Vault 101 to disarm the nasty nuke, and the kid delivered. Hey, nice work, 101. Next time you're in the neighborhood, pop into the studio. Old Three Dog's toaster's been on the fritz.
Bad: Children, I'm afraid I've got some terrible, terrible news. GNR sources have confirmed that the mushroom cloud seen in the vicinity of Megaton was in fact... Megaton. It's been no secret that the pre-war nuke in the center of town had a live atomic core, and under the wrong conditions, could still go 'kaboom'. Well, go 'kaboom', it has. But it was all just a tragic accident, right? Don't you believe that for a second, folks. Word is that twisted old land grabber Allistair Penny, founder of the posh Tenpenny Tower, has been looking to secure that spot for years. I suspect foul play, folks. But just who did the dirty deed? Ask yourself this: why has the kid from Vault 101 been sighted hanging around Tenpenny Tower? 'Why' indeed...
Head of State Good: Looks like our friend from Vault 101 has turned amateur abolitionist, lending a hand to the folks at the Temple of the Union. Is the tide finally turning for those scumbag slavers? Lordy knows it's been open season on defenseless settlers long enough. So if you're a slave on the run, the time for lying low is long gone. Head to the Temple of the Union and keep your head held high. Slavers of the Capital Wasteland, consider this the big "fuck you" you've had coming since starting this scurrilous skin trade. And special thanks to 101, for kicking the bad guys where it counts their wallets. If you happen to make it down to the Mall, you just may notice that a previously decapitated statue has had an unexpected reunion... with it's head. Thanks to the kid from Vault 101, for assisting with this little bit of civic restoration. Now if he/she could just remove all those ugly pipes from the Jefferson Memorial...
Bad: Are you a worthless piece of human trash who'd like nothing better than to own another human being? Are you sick enough to think slavery is the best thing to happen to the Capital Wasteland since broiled mirelurk cakes? Well you're in luck! Human bondage is here to stay, folks, thanks to that asshole from Vault 101 and his slaver amigos. You see, they worked together to completely wipe out a group of noble, slavery-hating abolitionists at a place called the Temple of the Union. One small step backwards for man, one giant evolutionary rewind for mankind.
Those! Intro: This, faithful listeners, is the story of a little boy. A little boy... named Bryan Wilks. You see, Bryan's from Grayditch, a small settlement that was recently overrun with overzealous giant ants. Bryan, sadly, was the sole survivor.
Good: That's where the kid from Vault 101 comes in, and where our story, thankfully, gets better. You see, not only did Mister/Miss Vault 101 stop the Ant problem, he also found little Bryan Wilks a new home. So, if you see Bryan and his new parents, wish them all good luck. Oh, and 101? Nice work.
Bad: That's where the kid from Vault 101 comes in, and where our story, unfortunately, gets even worse. You see, Mister/Miss Vault 101 may have stopped the ant problem, but he/she couldn't be bothered to help poor little Bryan. Noooo. But, what did he do with the boy, Three Dog? Where's Bryan Wilks now? I'll tell you where Bryan Wilks is.
Bad 1: That little boy is stuck in a fucking box, that's where! Good God, 101, have you no conscience? You left the kid to rot in that fallout shelter. I have witnesses! So for the love of God, if someone is in the vicinity of Grayditch, could you please give the kid a Nuka-Cola, a Salisbury steak, something?
Bad 2: He's at fucking Paradise Falls, that's where! Oh, you heard me right! 101, a little defenseless boy begged you for help, and what did you do? You SOLD HIM AS A FUCKING SLAVE! Shame, shame, shame on you...
Wasteland Survival Guide Good: Know what I've decided, children? I'm gonna start a bookclub. Right... NOW! Wanna join? Good, cause you got no choice! Our first masterpiece is called 'The Wasteland Survival Guide', written by Megaton's/Underworld's own Moira Brown. Oh, and, get this. Researched and co-authored by none other than - yep, you guessed it - that tenacious teenager from Vault 101. Now, let me tell ya. This thing's got all sorts of useful tips. Where to find food, how to deal with radiation, tons o' stuff. Survive, Thrive, and Revive, that's the name of the game. The book is 'The Wasteland Survival Guide'! Pick up your copy today!
Bad: Public Service Warning, children! Watch out for a book claiming to be a 'Wasteland Survival Guide'! The kid from Vault 101 had a big hand in getting this thing written, and his/her research methods suck. There, I said it. Following this thing's advice'll get you killed faster than you can say, "Hug a deathclaw"!
Big Trouble in Big Town Intro: Now, I've got new reports from the settlement known as Big Town that (Mister Vault Guy/Little Miss Vault Gal) has helped them out with one hell of a mess.
Good: Somethin' about a rescue from super mutants, if you can believe that. Nice going, kid.
Bad: Somethin' about super mutants takin' residents prisoner... All I know is the kid could have helped, and didn't. Nice goin', asshole.
Rescue from Paradise Those scumbag slavers way over in Paradise Falls have one big ol' bee on their bonnet. Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! *Gasp* But what's this? The bothersome bumblebee looks suspiciously like a certain kid, from a certain vault... Look, all I'm sayin' is the Wanderer showed up, and then some slaves mysteriously escaped. Coincidence? Oh, I think not. Those scumbag Slavers way over in Paradise Falls had one big ol' bee on their bonnet, and this baby knew how to sting. You heard it here first, faithful listeners. The Wanderer showed up at slaver central and bad guys started dropping left and right. Did they sell him/her a bum slave and then refuse the refund, or was it some elaborate rescue operation? But more importantly - does it even matter worth a damn? Slavers are dead, slaves are free. That's a win-win if you ask me, children.
Strictly Business The cat/gal from Vault 101 was seen walking into Paradise Falls, and then walking back out with a big smile on his/her face. Do you know what goes on out there in the stripmall that time forgot? Wake up, children! It's a goddamned slaver compound! They... sell... people... "But, Three Dog! The selling of live human beings is completely fucked up!" Yes, children. Yes it is. So, what was Vault Kid doing out there? You do the math.


Topic Quote
Hello You look like you've got ten pounds of worry stuffed into a five pound box.
Bend my ear... I won't bite.
Power to the people, eh kid?
Got more on your mind, huh?
Smooth moves, kid. Smooth moves.
Got something on your mind? Spill it.
You got questions, I'm your answer man.
Looks like the Good Fight has gained a new ally.
I'm sensing that you have more to say. Well, go on.
You're safe up here, no worries.
Fight the Good Fight, brother/sister.
Welcome to the eyes and ears of D.C.
Well, well... Look at what we have here.
Don't worry, the Three Dog doesn't bite.
If you're here to help, you got Three Dog's ears.
What's up?
What else can Three Dog do for you?
Hey, all right! The Hero of the Wasteland returns!
I've told you the score, all you need to do is play the game. You in?
You look like someone with about a million questions. Lay 'em on me.
So, you came back. That's good. The Good Fight can always use another soldier.
So, you ready to make a deal? Or are you just trying to get another look at my strikingly handsome face?
Goodbye Right on, right on. Keep your radio tuned to GNR for the real gospel.
Anytime you need a place to crash, duck in here. Be glad to provide.


  • On GNR, he will constantly refer to the Lone Wanderer by their current Karma title, or just "101".
  • On GNR, he will comment on various actions of the Lone Wanderer through his radio broadcasts.
  • Having the title "Urban Avenger" makes Three Dog refer to the Lone Wanderer as an "Urban Defender".
  • Three Dog's broadcast expression changes depending on the Lone Wanderer's actions. Should the Lone Wanderer pursue a noble path, Three Dog will compliment "Nice goin', kid!" at the end of an event-determined broadcast. Should the Lone Wanderer be on an evil path, Three Dog remarks saying "Not cool, kid. Not cool at all." or "What's with that, kid?". If the Lone Wanderer has evil Karma at level 20, Three Dog will refer to them as the worst thing to ever happen to the wasteland since radiation poisoning.
  • He pre-records almost all of his broadcasts, and can never be seen actually operating the radio. He even references this in his show, stating that he is "Comin' to you taped from my fortified bunker in the middle of a D.C. hellhole." in one of his intros, and "we are coming to you loud and proud, in a special live report!" once the satellite relay on the Washington Monument is repaired. This broadcast is one of the few that doesn't repeat.
  • If the Lone Wanderer goes to Dr. Li in Rivet City before finishing the quest Galaxy News Radio, he will instead reward the player with a key to Hamilton's hideaway.
  • If the Lone Wanderer helps Roy Phillips get into Tenpenny Tower, Three Dog later refers to the "wholesome slaughter" of the former residents, instead of the common expression "wholesale slaughter".
  • If the Lone Wanderer has completed a task that Three Dog comments on during a broadcast, but the player character's overall Karma is opposite of what completion of that task would provide, Three Dog's report will seem to refute itself. For example, if the Lone Wanderer has evil Karma but has completed "Those!" by helping Bryan Wilks, Three Dog will open his monologue condemning the Lone Wanderer, then switch to praising them for their efforts in Grayditch.
  • If Three Dog dies, Margaret will become GNR's broadcaster. However, she will be extremely unmotivated to do this job and mention that Three Dog was murdered, over and over again. She will not mention the Lone Wanderer's achievements or course of action.


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