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…we're not asking you to believe this story. Indeed, skepticism is a sign of a healthy mind. All of us were like you once, with all our biases and science and religions/lack thereof. You may keep your preconceived notions, for now.

All we ask is that you remember what you have read here. And when your time comes, when you close your eyes in this world and open them to three moons in a sky of green, you will remember who your guardian angels are — and join us.

You are watched. You are protected. You are loved.
~ The Three Moons Initiative in their hub page.
You can call it Corbenic all you want, but it's hell, and everybody - good, bad, whatever - goes to the same hell. Three Moons are the only people looking out for the little guy in all the sand, blood, and teeth. I wanted to help them do that, and if helping them means helping their divine intervention and/or secret police BS, then so be it.
~ James Henson in SCP-4922.

The Three Moons Initiative is a benevolent faction in the SCP Foundation universe. They were originally a group hailing from an alternate version of the Earth that got destroyed, causing them to arrive to the dimension of Corbenic which serves as an afterlife for most beings from the multiverse, and there they became determined to protect most incarnations of humanity throughout the multiverse from a fate similar to theirs. However, because of the nature of their dimension, the Initiative can only affect the universes by sending their technology through a dimensional aperture on the dark side of an Earth's Moon.



The Three Moons Initiative originally started out as an alternate version of the SCP Foundation which persisted to exist until the year [DATA EXPUNGED]. When the Sarkic cults attempted to summon Grand Karcist Ion they instead summoned a powerful entity that would soon destroy the Earth on December 3rd, and was designated SCP-37238 and given an Apollyon-class. Wanting to find a way out of the XK-class scenario, the director of Base-19, Girard Niang, decided to use SCP-3319 to teleport the entire Earth in another place of space near a star in order to evade the threat.

However, instead of teleporting the entire Earth to another place in space, SCP-3319 teleported the planet to Corbenic. Upon their arrival the Foundation and the rest of humanity left the Earth, which became Corbenic's third moon as two other Earths were present in the dimension, and landed on the massive land the comprised most of Corbenic where they came across the Striders which began attacking them. During the war, which later became known as the "First Harvesting War", Girard Niang led the human race in repelling the predators and saving themselves.

This act of heroism impressed the local deity of Corbenic and enemy to the Striders, Jalakåra, who offered to help and protect them in exchange for worship and servitude. The humans agreed the Foundation was reformed into the Three Moons Initiative which was determined to use it resources to help the various incarnations of humanity throughout the multiverse in evading a similar fate that befell them.

Interaction with other universes

The Three Moons Initiative first encountered the mainstream SCP Foundation when they used SCP-2578-D to assassinate Oriel Leger, the CEO of SCP-6237-B, a company named Investigation into Esoteric Ritual Services which distributed occult literature describing demonic rituals. The Initiative explained their reasons for killing him via Director Dewitt’s secured fax machine, but because of its outdated technology when compared to that of the Initiative, the machine was unable to print their full name.

The Foundation properly became aware of the Three Moons Initiative after Dr. Janet Spiegel arrived to Corbenic following her death, and was able to communicate with the Foundation thanks to SCP-2922 and had her inform them of the nature of Corbenic. Eventually, Spiegel defected the Foundation and cut all communication with them, forcing the Foundation to send Mobile Task Force Omega-16, also known as "Grail Knights", to explore Corbenic through lethal injection. Through the MTF's explorations the Foundation was able to learn more about Corbenic, until the MTF were captured by the Initiative. After that, Janet Spiegel, who had joined the Initiative, contacted the Foundation, scolding and mocking them about killing the MTF and warning them about the Initiative. Following that, the Foundation proceeded to contain more anomalies created by the Initiative which led to both groups forming an uneasy treaty between them.


Although the Three Moons Initiative acts as an interdimensional militaristic organization it also acts as some form of cult since they all worship a being known as Jalakåra, a powerful deity native to Corbenic who agreed to help them by supplying energy and resources to the Initiative in exchange for servitude.

The Central Cabal is a group of thirteen human monks who act as Jalakåra's advisors when interacting with humanity and as a result they were granted some of his power and possessed a high power within the Initiative, possibly similar to the O5 Council.

Apart from the Central Cabal, the Initiative is directed by Eternal President Girard Niang who earned the title after leading the predecessors of the Initiative during the First Harvesting War and winning the favor of Jalakåra. Because of this, he became a national hero and commander-in-chief of the Initiative's army, and dictator of the colonies in Corbenic. However, as he was accused of abusing his power by media outlets, he became forced to participate in annual "humbling" sessions which reportedly involves Jalakåra torturing him in order to shatter his ego.

The Initiative possesses several other sub-groups such as the Humanity Defense Corps, which serves to protect humanity from threats, and the Psychotronics Division which designed the Initiative's drones used to battle enemies in the other universes. Other departments included: the Perdition Committee and the Department of Postmortem Anthropology.

Relationships with other anomalous factions

Because the SCP Foundation viewed the Initiative as a potential liability to public safety, they were forced to interfere with many of the Initiative's projects. As a result, an uneasy peace was formed between Initiative and the Foundation via the Treaty of Cagnazzo, and if the treaty were to be breached the Foundation would see this as a potential XK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

When the region of Stella Secundus which was overseen by Jalakåra's nephew Pthåm was accidentally attacked by the Global Occult Coalition of Earth-7M, the Initiative tried question the Coalition’s leader James Fine about their nuclear attack, but Fine told them that their world was about to completely destroyed by the Scarlet King, which was also feared by the Initiative itself. The Initiative tried to offer them assistance, but the GOC refused and mocked the Initiative’s attempt at protecting the various versions of humanity.

After the Faeries arrived to the Greenleaf region of Corbenic where they formed their nation of Wielka Altana, the Initiative decided to leave the nation be and not establish any form of communication after learning of their hostile nature and that they were under the protection of the Corbenese goddess, Konarwidz, although they would have diplomatic discussions when in cases it became necessary. However, in SCP-6944 it's revealed that the fairies had secretly spied on the Initiative to gather more information on a version of SCP Foundation.

When the Foundation used SCP-4587, a VHS videocassette containing a continually changing dogs movie created by TotleighSoft, the product caused the manifestation of a powerful reality-bending entity which violently attacked the Initiative, who put the blame of this accident on the Foundation.

The Three Moons Initiative had used several instances of SCP-4922 to violently kill several operatives of the Chaos Insurgency as part of their mission to protect humanity.

The Serpent's Hand is aware of the existence of the Three Moons Initiative and some members seem to view them as some lunatics. A version of the Black Queen was a member of the Initiative, and while discussing the topic of the "aCOPalypse" with fellow alternate versions one Black Queen of Gamers Against Weed referred to the Initiative as "a self-styled multiversal junta".

When D-24899 combined SCP-3922 with SCP-140, it caused the evil Daevite civilization to get terminated for good by the soldiers of the Initiative, and SCP-140 along with other copies were considered neutralized.

When spectral shark entities began appearing in Corbenic, the Initiative formed an agreement with the Shark Punching Center in order to fight off the influence of SPC-001.

During the SCP-6500 event, the enraged Hanged King accidentally ended up in Corbenic where he began laying waste, causing the Initiative fight back. Despite their powerful weaponry the Initiative was unable to defeat the King, but thankfully Foundation doctor Udo Okorie was able to convince him to leave Corbenic and return to Alagadda. After the problem was solved, the Initiative sent a message to the Black Lord of Alagadda, the new sovereign of Alagadda and warned him that if he didn't change his selfish ways and help Alagadda in becoming a better and peaceful city-state, then they would forcefully intervene.

Notable SCPs associated with the Three Moons Initiative

  • SCP-2317-K: An alternate version of the Devourer named Malikir Tsoh from the Initiative's original timeline where it was eventually killed by the Initiative's predecessor the Foundation when they drilled a large amount of poisons in its skull. After its death, SCP-2317-K ended up in the region of Asphodel in Corbenic where because the residents don't require any form of sustenance the Devourer didn't need to devour anything and soon lost its purpose in life. However, it was then approached by the Initiative who convinced SCP-2317-K to join their cause and help them protect different iterations of humanity by battling powerful creatures as part of Contingency Zadok-9 "Nightmare Regent Blue", since it was the only being capable of exiting and re-entering Corbenic.
  • SCP-2578: A series of phenomena related to the assassinations of tyrannical figure heads.
    • SCP-2578-A: A series of emails sent by the Initiative to SCP-2578-B instances, threatening them that if they don't abandon their evil ways of ruling their country then they would be assassinated followed by a countdown.
    • SCP-2578-B: Various unpunished and ruthless tyrants who possess absolute control over their countries and intend to do deliberate harm against specific people while the residents are unable to do anything to stop them.
    • SCP-2578-C: Another series of emails, this time sent to civilians and politicians who were oppressed by an instance of SCP-2578-B following said instance's assassination or resignation, informing them that the tyrant would not be a problem to them anymore and telling them that the Initiative was looking after them.
    • SCP-2578-D: A flying tall drone shaped after a horseshoe crab and piloted by the Initiative which is responsible for sending the emails and using its laser to assassinate the tyrant. It appears to be one of more powerful weapons the Initiative possesses as it was able to destroy SCP-1427 and free the North Koreans.
  • SCP-2922: A method which allows humans to telepathically communicate to someone's phone.
    • SCP-2922-A: A phone that connected to SCP-2922-B via the method.
    • SCP-2922-B: Former Foundation scientist Dr. Janet Spiegel who was implanted with SCP-2922 before dying in a car crash. As a result of her death she was transported to Corbenic and through SCP-2922 she was able to make contact with the Foundation, before defecting them due to the O5 Council not permitting her to talk to her husband, and subsequently joined the Initiative.
    • SCP-2922-C: The afterlife of Corbenic in which deceased people are given new bodies following their deaths and become biologically immortal as they can immediately regenerate from any damage and do not grow old or require any form of sustenance. However, any form of biological is unable to leave the dimension, forcing the Initiative to interact with the other universes via their technology, and offsprings born within Corbeinc, in contrast to their parents, are mortals and in the case they die they would be revived in another universe similar to Corbenic.
  • SCP-3319: A large metallic object in northern Canada, which teleports anything that approaches within 500 meters of it. It was originally a project of the GOC titled "the Lotus". The Initiative's predecessor originally sought to use it to transport Earth to a safe place in space, but it went wrong and instead it teleported the planet to Corbenic.
  • SCP-3768: A collective designation of anomalies related to the radio station known as "Three Moons Public Radio," or "3MPR".
    • SCP-3768-A: A ritual that can be performed on a civilian FM radio within 500 km of Baltimore, MD with the use of 3.7 grams of zinc, 400 grams of table salt, 5 grams of silver, and 7 honeybee carcasses. After completing the ritual, the Initiative's radio station can be accessed through the radio.
    • SCP-3768-B: The radio transmission delivered from the station featuring news and editorials.
    • SCP-3768-C: The host of the radio station named Julie Niang who had never been off the air once in 300 years.
  • SCP-3922: A cylindrical object, 3 cm in diameter and 0.5 cm in depth and composed of a nickel-aluminum alloy which has been engraved on one side with the Initiative's logo. It was created by the Initiative to act as some kind of morality filter for TV programs, such as fictional films, TV shows, online videos, and commercials.
    • SCP-3922-A: Initiative soldiers created by SCP-3922 and inserted within the story of the programs, and it some programs are animated works then the soldiers will take the appearance of the animation style. After being inserted into the story, the SCP-3922-A instances will proceed to use their weaponry to punish the villains of the story who evaded justice, with the severity of the punishment being reflective of the MPAA or FCC rating.
  • SCP-4337: A fixed-blade combat knife that can be used to ask the Initiative questions. If a person dubbed "Celebrant" asks a question to the "Participant" before killing the participant using the knife, the Initiative would send an e-mail to the celebrant's inbox attempting to answer the question. After the Foundation got the knife from some cultists who had been assassinated by SCP-2578-D, they sought to use it to gather valuable information, but after seeing that the answers received were mundane they stopped using it.
  • SCP-4578: The Iteration 2L version of Girard Niang who had been living a normal life before being accidentally marked by the Initiative with SCP-4578-1. As a result of SCP-4578-1's noise and SCP-4578-2's actions, SCP-4578 was left completely deaf and with severe psychological trauma. After falling under the custody of the SCP Foundation and taken to Site-59 the Initiative informed the Foundation that SCP-4578-1 was meant for their version of Niang in order to protect him from his immortal attackers and attempted to fix their mistake by trying to kill SCP-4578 with a meteor. This attempt failed however as SCP-4578 managed to stay alive and was still in the possession of SCP-4578-1.
    • SCP-4578-1: A tattoo depicting the Initiative's logo that was grown on the back of SCP-4578's neck against his wish. When some creature attempts to harm SCP-4578 the tattoo will transform into a small portal to a pocket dimension where SCP-4578-2 is deployed.
    • SCP-4578-2: A heavy-caliber machine gun turret mounted on a robotic arm that immediately kills any attacker of SCP-4578 through different means.
  • SCP-4839: A cover story created by the Administrator from Multiversal Iteration 4V as part of his obsessive plan to contain all. He then proceeded to implement into the document infohazards in order to brainwash all staff members, including the O5 Council, to obey him and help him contain everything. Thankfully, the Initiative was able to intervene and after destroying Earth of universe 4V they sent a copy of the SCP-4839's document to other iterations of the SCP Foundation as a caution for their campaign at containing the anomalous.
  • SCP-4922: An army of armed drones modeled after comical characters which are used by James Henson of the Initiative to kill several threatening criminals and groups.
  • SCP-4961: A rural property owned by former members of the Initiative named Quin and Ruta who had somehow managed to escape from Corbenic and arrive to Earth. The property was able to instantly heal any injured or sick dog thanks to the presence of SCP-4961-1 before the latter's death.
    • SCP-4961-1: The dog named Radek who was adopted by Quin and Ruta who imbued with some of their immortality. However, because they were beginning to lose this property, SCP-4961-1 eventually died. After his death, his grave grew multiple flowers and was then visited by Quin who later died in the spot and was buried alongside Ruta and Radek.
  • SCP-5298: A group of armed drones modeled after young children which act as delinquents. This served to attract bogeyman-like entities which hunted naughty children, at which point the targeted SCP-5298 instance would drop the façade and use their weaponry to kill the hostile entities. They are taken care by two handlers who act as their parents as part of the disguise, but when Foundation tried to intervene the Initiative saw this as an act of crime, further straining the relationship between them.
  • SCP-5318: A form of LSD created by Gabriel Luna using a compound identical to that produced by SCP-3000 that would allow him to connect to his deceased father who was now living in Corbenic.
  • SCP-5319: The national anthem of the Initiative which possesses the anomalous effect of causing nearby orangutans to die from spontaneous combustion, due to the animal's similar genetics to the Striders. The Foundation was able to get hold of the audio of the first verse, designated SCP-5319-1, and the lyrics of that verse, designated SCP-5319-2, after a zookeeper had used the anthem to kill the orangutans of his unpleasant employer and was subsequently punished by the Initiative.
  • SPC-993: An animated series titled "Bobble the Clown Shark" which had been modified by Center with the help of the Initiative to indoctrinate children into fighting hostile Selachian beings.
  • SPC-2922: A battalion made out of deceased employees of the Shark Punching Center who were recruited by the Initiative as members of Marine Fighting Team ARMÁ ORÚN with the purpose of protecting Corbenic from hostile Selachian entities.





  • Author daveyoufool created the concept of the Three Moons Initiative after creating an unfinished pokemon fanfic on FF.net about Meowth arriving in the world that would become Corbenic. As the author imagined how humans would live in a chaotic and uncaring afterlife, he eventually came up with imperialism with led to the creation of the Initiative.
  • It is theorized that SCP-5683, a never-ending time loop in which Dr. Kristiansen is trapped and forced to continually die to a monster based off SCP-682, was created by the Initiative as a form of punishment for Dr. Kristiansen as he forcefully sacrificed a personnel during a containment breach of SCP-682.
  • As part of SCP-3461, the Foundation reverse-engineered SCP-1576 and integrated it within SCP-3448, allowing people to enter and leave Corbenic whenever they wanted, and formed a treaty with the Initiative and the other native entities to prevent humans to go to Corbenic after their death and instead go to the Foundation's artificial afterlife.
  • In SCP-6125, the Foundation had classified the reality of Corbenic as part of the Realm of Adlivun, the fourth layer of the universe, or the Second Hytoth, and were able to use a portal of SCP-6125-Ω to access Corbenic.
  • As part of their attempts at neutralizing SCP-682, the Foundation had SCP-2578-D to try and kill the monster. However, this also failed ad 682 was able to recover from the attack, causing the Initiative to feel embarrassed from their failure.
  • When SCP-3922 was cross-tested with SCP-2030, a series which kidnaps people and subjects them to horrible treatment which was then played for fun, SCP-3922-A used an Scranton Reality Anchor bomb identical to those belonging to SCP-2117 to destroy the studio behind the series. From this it is presumed that the Initiative possesses their own version of SCP-2117.
  • In "Experiment Log 914 - Part X", when the Foundation put inside SCP-914 a normal fountain pen on the Fine settings it produced the same pen but engraved with the Initiative's moto.
  • When D-24899 first met the Initiative's troops he described them as being similar to the Space Marines.


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