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You kill her? I heard you! You said her name! You said her name!
~ Thresh to Clove before furiously killing her.

Thresh was a minor hero in the The Hunger Games novel by Suzanne Collins, as well as its film adaption. He was male tribute from District 11 in the 74th Hunger Games. Strong and resourceful, he posed as a serious threat to the other tributes participating in the Games. He was a friend of Rue, his district partner.

Thresh is a tall, powerfully-built young man from District 11. He survives on his own in the fields of tall grass on the opposite side of the arena from Katniss. He is offered to join the Career pack, but he declines.


Thresh spends majority of the Game camped out in a wheat field that not even the Careers want to risk trespassing. Katniss and Peeta notes that not only did it given Thresh the advantage of being the most nourished competitor, but because of all the potential hazards in the field, it would make going after him risky. In his interview, he was seen as the one with silent, deadly power. Thresh mostly keeps to himself and it's shown in the arena that he will shout when something matters to him and he will kill.

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