Throk is Mala's second-in-command in Dragons: Race to the Edge.

He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Throk will protect Mala at all costs and was even ready to sacrifice himself for her in "Out of the Frying Pan". He can be mistrusting but when he realized the Dragon Riders were trying to save the Great Protector he became a helpful ally.

When Throk realized that Ruffnut saved his life, he starts to slowly fall in love with her and wish for her hand in marriage. Eventually, he come to realize that he cannot separate Ruffnut from her brother Tuffnut and lets her go.

Physical Appearance

Throk has long, red hair that is shaven in an undercut. He wears a sleeveless, green shirt, with black shoulder pads and arm guards, dark green pants with black boots, and black armor like the rest of his tribe (mainly males'). He seems to have faint stubble of beard on his face and appears to be very muscular.


Throk and Heather worked together to stop the lava flow from reaching the Defenders of the Wing village until the Riders came back with the Eruptodon in "Defenders of the Wing, Part 2".

When word of the bounty that Viggo Grimborn had placed on Hiccup reached Caldera Cay in "Midnight Scrum", Mala sent Throk to protect and bring Hiccup back to the safety of their island, should he be in the hands of any of the bounty hunters.


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