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Thundarr is a barbarian from parts unknown. All that is known, is that he was captured and enslaved by an evil wizard named Sabian. He was forced to fight as a gladiator, but he freed himself and lead a slave revolt. Although not specified, it is believed that Sabian's step-daughter Arial gave him the Sunsword, which allowed him to defeat the wizard and his mutant army (as seen in the opening credits). He now travels with Ookla the Mok, and the sorceress Princess Ariel.


Thundarr is a barbarian who was once a slave to Sabian until he was freed by Princess Ariel and given the Sunsword which he uses as a weapon in his fight against evil wizards and other villains. He is very unknowledgeable about the world and rely on Ariel's guidance, but Thundarr is respectful of knowledge gained.


His weapon of choice is the Sunsword. It projects a blade-like beam of energy when activated, and can be deactivated so that it is only a hilt. The Sunsword's energy blade can deflect other energy attacks as well as magical ones, can cut through nearly anything, and can disrupt magical spells and effects. The Sunsword is magically linked to Thundarr and as such, only he can use it; however, this link can be disrupted.