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Why don't you pack up your big city butt, and go back where you came from?
~ Thunder Jack to Ted Brooks

James "Thunder Jack" Johnson is a crusty mountain man and supporting character in the 2002 Disney comedy Snow Dogs.

He was played by the late legendary James Coburn (in his final role).


Thunder Jack was a very serious and intiminating dog sledder. His nickname comes from the rumor that he was hit by thunder twice, which is impossible, but the townspeople seriously believe it. He is very fixated on getting Lucy's dog and had no tolerance for Miami dentist Ted Brooks, who he repeatetly called a greenhorn and had no business for being in Alaska. When Ted discovers that Thunder Jack is his biological father, Jack refused to divulge the information about the circumstances of the former's birth. He only gave the initial story in exchange for the dogs.

During the Arctic Challenge, Jack got lost and hurt. He was later found by Ted. Hating himself for being a liar, Jack admitted that he had been at the hospital that night. Lucy and him, both knew they wouldn't be any good at parents, because they knew how to raise dogs, not kids, which is why they put of Ted for adoption. After some hazardious sledding, he and Ted crossed the finishi line, sharing the Arctic FlamePRIZE. He became friends with Amelia and was there at Ted's wedding to Barb.


  • This was Coburn's final acting role as he passed away about 6 months after the film's release.


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