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Thunderbolts is a team of heroes that are made of the former members of the Masters of Evil.


The team known as the Thunderbolts were nothing more than a mere fabrication of Baron Zemo’s master plan for world domination, however the team known as the Thunderbolts found themselves not only acting as heroes and defining themselves as being heroes, but showing the true meaning of hope and second chances for those who decided to take the wrong path. Not only have the Thunderbolts taken a new look for the Marvel Universe, but they have been one of the most successful teams within the Marvel Universe.

Even though the team took a suffering blow when Norman Osborn took full control of the team and publicly disbanded them, just so he could remake a new roster for his own purposes that shouldn’t be known throughout the public. Even with Norman's downfall and the Thunderbolts thought to be gone, the team was remade with the belief of turning the worst within the Marvel Universe into something good.


  • Baron Zemo/Citizen V
  • Beetle/Mach-IV
  • Fixer/Techno
  • Goliath/Atlas
  • Screaming Mimi/Songbird
  • Moonstone/Meteorite