The are few things currently on Earth that have lasted as long as we have. I used to find that transience laughably fragile. But I see now that it's actually a strength I'm just beginning to grasp. I believe I'm finally understanding the meaning of the word... "beautiful". I can't think of the last time we created anything. We have so much to learn here.
~ Thundercracker, The Transformers

Thundercracker is a former Decepticon and major character in IDW's Transformers comics. Starting out as a Seeker in the Decepticon army, Thundercracker eventually abandoned the cause during their invasion of Earth, with led to him being stranded. Over the years, Thundercracker embraced Earth as a second home, growing an appreciation for humanity's arts which led him to become an aspiring screenwriter. 


Thundercracker in his F-22 mode during Infiltration.


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All Hail Megatron

These creatures were never worthy adversaries. The Decepticons are forged through combat, not slaughter.
~ Thundercracker

Thundercracker stopping a nuke.

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Thundercracker toy

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