Timothy Kliest, also known as Tim or Mr. Flip, is the main protagonist of the slender series, TheBoneCreekStory.

He is the arch-nemesis of the proxy known as Victor.


A long time ago, during the Nazi Party, two nazi officers killed a woman named Geneva, causing her husband to make a deal with the Slender Man. Victor then must spend the rest of his life as a slave in order for Slender Man to take revenge against the officers, the Nazi Camp that imprisoned him, and bring Geneva back. Years later, a man named Tim, who is the son of the two officers responsible for Geneva's death starts a youtube channel originally for journalism purposes, however, Victor found his channel and began to disturb him, making Tim think that he was just a youtube troll. Videos later, Tim's best friend Robbie "Rob" is brutally killed and later turned into a proxy by both Victor and Geneva.

During the video RESURRECTION, Victor was finally killed only to be brought back to life by Geneva. In the last episode A Belated Ending, we see Tim with a robot-like behavior. Much later, a video is uploaded on Geneva's channel consisting of Tim wearing a strange mask, showing that Tim was converted into a proxy called Mr. Flip. Geneva describes Mr. Flip as a "shy boy who refuses to show his face."


  • Tim is always hiding his face for unknown reasons.
  • He has a strong German accent.


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