We've been Frizzled.
~ Tim's catchphrase.

Timothy Jamal "Tim" Wright(born April 22nd, 1985) is one of the main protagonists in The Magic School Bus. He is the most observant and artistic student in the class. He is not necessarily the most quiet of the students, and he can usually be found drawing something, such as Liz posing on a crater on Mercury or his Ralphie-inspired comic book The Adventures of Weatherman. He occasionally tells jokes, sometimes along with Carlos. His grandfather owns a bee farm outside of Walkerville, and as a small job he delivers the honey at the start of winter.

He is voiced by Andre Ottley Lorant, Max Beckford and Kaden Stephen. In Japanese dub, he is voiced by Wasabi Mizuta.


Tim can be seen drawing in various episodes, be it Liz on Mercury or Arnold's digestive system. In "Kicks Up a Storm," he sees his opportunity to draw a comic book, The Adventures of Weatherman.

In "Taking Flight," Tim and Wanda built a remote control plane that he designed (based on her "dreams"), and in "Ups and Downs" he hopes to get film footage of the "sea monster" in Walker Lake.

Tim and Wanda are delivering honey for Tim's grandfather in "In a Beehive," but when they crash and lose the honey, he asks Ms. Frizzle if they can go to his grandpa's bee farm. Instead, she takes them in a beehive. In "In the Rainforest," when Ms. Frizzle's cocoa tree fails to yield any cocoa beans, he and Dorothy Ann become rainforest inspectors to find out why. In "Works Out," Ms. Frizzle charges him with coaching and supporting her in the Teacherathlon while the others are in her circulatory system.

Tim is building a gift for Dorothy Ann's birthday in "Sees Stars" (a model of the Sun that plays "Wait 'Till the Sun Shines, Nellie" when wound up), but after he trips and drops it, shattering it, the class decides to get her a star. He is ready to buy one, but Keesha wants to see them, saying her grandmother bought a faulty mop from the Home Mopping Network, thus she wants to see the product first, he is a fox along with Arnold and . Phoebe in "In the City."

Voiced By

  • Max Beckford(Season 1)
  • Andre Ottley Lorant(Seasons 2-4)
  • Kaden Stephen(Season 5-present)


  • He and Arnold are the only main kids to have had their voice actors change in the 2nd season. In the 1st season, Tim was voiced by Max Beckford, and in the 2nd-4th seasons, he was voiced by Andre Ottley-Lorant. The reason for this change was because Max was already going through puberty during production of the 1st season, and before production for Season 2 started, Max's voice was already too deep for him to continue voicing Tim.


  • He has seen a lot of monster movies.
  • His full name is Timothy Thomas Jamal Wright.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He is one of the students that had their grandparents revealed.
  • Unlike Keesha, he is patient.


  • He is similar to Alan Powers from Arthur.
  • He, Dorothy(Ann) and Ralphie all have 7 letters in their English name, but only his full name, Timothy, is counted.
  • He is a fan of Nicki Ray.



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