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Tim the Bear is a major character in The Cleveland Show. He is the best friend and next door neighbor of Cleveland Brown and a member of The Guys and he just so happens to be a bear. He is married to another bear named Arianna and together, they have a son named Raymond.

He was originally voice by Seth MacFarlane in Season 1 but Seth quit and his role was replaced by Jess Harnell for the rest of the series.


Cleveland first met Tim the Bear late at night, when he moved into Stoolbend in the "Pilot" episode. The first thing he said when he saw him was "AAAAAH! A BEAR!" Tim screamed back at him "AAAAH! A BLACK GUY! Yeah, you see that? You don't like it when I do that to you. Don't do that to me." and then they became friends. Tim was shown to be a very religious and holy Christian follower and a cigarette smoker, who keeps his addiction hidden from his wife, Arianna the Bear, as she wore the pants in their marriage and would kick his bear butt if she found out. Cleveland soon became friends with Tim as well as the other Guys, Lester Krinklesac and Holt Richter and they all drunk beer at The Broken Stool. Tim attended Cleveland's wedding to Donna and he was perfectly okay with having a black friend, what with him having a black president and all.


Tim the Bear is a big fat orange grizzly bear who wears a white shirt, a blue tie, and no pants.


Tim the Bear is a good-hearted Christian bear, who has deep religious convictions, often attending Stoolbend Community Church and having his honeymoon in Israel. He believes in the God of Christianity and is a devout follower of Jesus Christ, which is who gives him the power to do great things in this world. Tim is submissive to his wife and lets her do whatever terrible things she wants, which gets him stepped on and abused. Tim is actually a very nice father to his son and treats him better than Arianna does. He is considered to be the most "human" among The Guys, ironically so, because he's a bear.


  • Tim is addicted to smoking and keeps it a secret from his wife.
  • Tim is secretly in love with Donna as seen in "Like a Boss", "Yemen Party", "'Til Deaf", "Escape From Goochland", "Pins, Spins, and Fins!", and "The Fist and The Furious".
  • In "Skip Day", it was revealed that he's only four years old. However, he might be older in bear years.