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Timmy is the son of an unnamed ewe, the cousin of Shaun, a supporting character in Shaun the Sheep and Shaun the Sheep Movie, the deuteragonist of Shaun the Sheep: The farmer's Llamas and the main protagonist of the show Timmy Time. He's the toddler of the flock and is always seen by his Mother or his Teddy Bear.

He was voiced by Justin Fletcher, who also played Shaun.

Shaun the Sheep

Timmy appears as a supporting protagonist in the show and is Shaun's cousin. In the episode Timmy In A Tizzy, he became upset when The Farmer took away his teddy bear and it's up to Shaun to rescue it. In Big Top Timmy He was amazed by a circus next door to the farm so he had to walk to it in the middle of the knight. In Hiccups, He first appeared in the episode when Shirley spits out water. He appeared later when the farmer's butt scared Shirley and Timmy's mother had to cover his eye after they see it.

Timmy Time

Timmy is the main character in this spin-off to Shaun the Sheep. He goes to nursery and plays with friends he knows from outside the farm.

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Timmy appears in the movie. He use his teddy bear to hit Trumper on the head during the horse scene.

Shaun the Sheep:The Farmer's Llamas

In this 28 minute short, Timmy is the deuteragonist. First Shaun and Timmy try to steal a cake but fails and hides from the Farmer when he leaves. Then later he sees the llamas. Later after the game, Timmy tries to play the flute hypnotizes the llamas. Then Timmy suspiciously tried again but was taken away by Shaun. Then Hector, the alpha, smashes the flute. Then later Timmy has a bath and is one of the few sheeps that run away after Fernando farts. Last he seen sleeping on top as Shaun and the llamas took all o the pillows. Then Timmy comes to hang out with Shaun and he learns to make music with a bottle. Then when Shaun stops Hector and Raul playing with a scooter, Fernando takes his bottle and cries and Shaun comes and stops him crying. Like other sheep, they hate SHaun and blame him for losing their barn. Then when Shaun gives Timmy's teddy, Turf, he started feeling sad for him. Then Timmy comes and helps Shaun to save the Farmer and stop Hector, Raul and Fernando. When he sees Hecor makes an attempt to kill haun, Timmy thinks about making music with the bottle. With the flocks help, the music sunds like the flute and hypnotizes them. In the credits, Timmy is excited having a rhino.


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