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Timmy Failure is the main protagonist of the series of the same name. He is the president and chief of the detective agency, Failure Inc. His best friends are Total (His pet polar bear) and Rollo Tookus and his Archenemies are Fredrick Crocus, Principal Scrimsham, Corrina Corrina and Scutaro Holmes (who was the main antagonist of the 3rd book).

Timmy is overall a 11 year old kid who dreams of becoming a detective, and this causes him to act like one as a kid. He dedicates his life to solving mystery's and protect his school and friends from criminals and bullys/thieves such as how he revealed that Molly Moskins was the criminal who stole the superintendants globe. He is shown to have a bitter rivalry with his archenemy, Corrina Corrina, as they both strive to be better then each other as both have detective agencies, although this is shown in his perspective and actually likes her, but is jealous that she is smarter an pretends he is more smart. He is shown to be best friends with Rollo Tookus, but thinks he's boring since Rollo cares about grades. It is hinted in the 3rd book that he cares about Rollo deep down, as he ran into the redwood grove to keep him alive.

Timmy is shown to have a pet polar bear named Total who seemingly wandered to Timmy from the North Pole after the Artic melted.

While Timmy shows fair investigation skills, he can mostly get wrong when he accuses the wrong person and thinks he knows everything when he doesn't, but genuinely cares about his classmates and Total.

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