Timothy Q. Mouse is the deuteragonist of Dumbo. He is Dumbo's best friend and manager.

He is voiced by the late Edward Brophy.

Role in the film

In the film, Timothy doesn't appear until after Dumbo's mother is taken away. Timothy goes to cheer Dumbo up after he sees how badly the elephants are treating him. At first, Dumbo doesn't trust Timothy, but Timothy proves that he's a nice guy.

Soon Timothy and Dumbo become friends and Timothy tells Dumbo that in order to get his mother out he must become a star, so they tried and it was a disaster. Dumbo then becomes a clown and Timothy cheers him up by helping him visit his mother. Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo are happy to see each other, but the visit is short and Timothy must take Dumbo back to the circus grounds. Meanwhile, clowns are drinking and a beer drops into Dumbo's drinking water. Both Timothy and Dumbo drink the water and begin seeing Pink Elephants, but later they find themselves awakening on top of a tree.

On the tree, they meet a group of crows who bully Dumbo about being on top of a tree. The Crows begin wondering how Dumbo got there and everybody gets the idea that Dumbo is to be a flying elephant. The crows give a "magic" feather to Timothy in order to help Dumbo fly. After Dumbo learns to fly, he becomes very famous and his mother was able to come live with him like Timothy had predicted and afterward Timothy became Dumbo's official manager.




  • Timothy's name was only reveal in writing, No one ever mentioned his name throughout the flim, Timothy never ever awsner to his own name to anyone at all.
  • it is possible that he appears in the 2019 version ,cause we see some mice that one of them might be him as well as if one of these mice was him, he would be white.


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