The Tin Soldier is a character from the Hans Christian Andersen story The Steadfast Tin Soldier. He is owned by the boy in the book.


Book Version

He is included in the set of 25 toy soldiers. Unlike all soldiers, he has one leg. He tries to fall in love with the ballerina, but the evil goblin won't let him. After he fell off a windowsill, two boys find him on a paper boat. He is sent down a gutter to the ocean after meeting a rat demanding for payment. In the ocean, he is eaten by a fish. He is later thrown into a fireplace by the boy and the ballerina gets hit by the wind of fire. The soldier melts into a heart.

Disney version

In the Disney version from Fantasia 2000, the character is included in the musical number: Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Major by Dmitri Shostakovich. The Tin Soldier falls in love with a porcelain ballerina doll. He is thrown out the window by the evil jack in the box in this version who is trying to fall in love with the ballerina. He knocks him off the windowsill into a wooden boat. He is later attacked by the rats and later eaten by a fish. When the fishermen bring the soldier to the home, he later comes alive. He is able to rescue the ballerina and defeat the jack in the box by knocking it into the fireplace. Unlike the book version, the tin soldier and ballerina fall in love. This is to reflect the music tone.


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