M-My Goodness! I can talk again! Oh! Oil my arms, please! Oil my elbows!
~ The Tin Woodman's first words.
Now I know I've got a heart, because it's breaking.
~ The Tin Woodman's most famous quote.

The Tin Woodman, also known as the Tin Man, is the tritagonist of The Wizard of Oz. He is the second member of Dorothy's group. He was once a normal man until a wicked witch cast a spell on his axe and caused him to lose his heart. Despite this he is very kind and gentle but he still joins Dorothy on her quest. He was portrayed by Jack Haley. Haley also played Aunt Em and Uncle Henry's farmworker, Hickory.


A Man Made Out of Tin

Why it's a man-a man made out of tin! Oh, yes...
Dorothy Gale (1939)
As Dorothy and the Scarecrow walked arm in arm through the forest, with little Toto trotting along closely behind them, they soon discovered something up ahead, only a few feet away and off to the side of the Yellow Brick Road. It was glistening and shining as it reflected upon the rays of golden sunshine that fell between the branches. Dorothy and Toto quickly ran up to the place and then stopped short, and as they did, Dorothy gave a little cry of surprise. Just before them, was a very big tree that had been partly chopped through, and standing right beside it, with an uplifted axe in his hands, was some sort of a man, yet made entirely of hollow tin. He was slightly rusted, but he was a tin-smith's masterpiece nevertheless. His tin head and arms and legs were all jointed upon his tin torso, but he stood perfectly motionless, as if he could not stir at all. This was one of the most astonishing things that Dorothy had ever come across in all her young life.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)

The Tin Woodman of Oz is made entirely of shiny hallow silver tin, and cleverly jointed together, although he rattles and clanks a little as he moves he is able to bend his joints and get around quiet easily when properly lubricated. Nick Chopper was once a great and strong man who worked happily as a humble woodsman before being tragically turned slowly into his current form of tin, having his "meat" body replaced by a metal one with no internal organs, heart, brain, lungs etc. This makes him different from other beings like Tik-Tok--the mechanical copper man from Oz's Royal Army of Oz.


  • Buddy Ebsen was the original choice for the Tin Woodman, but was allergic to the metal shavings in the makeup he used, so he was replaced by Jack Haley.
  • The Tin Man appeared on two Chef Boyardee commercials with the Chef Boyardee ad on his back.



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