Great Snakes!
~ Tintin's reoccurring catchphrase.

Tintin is the titular main protagonist of the comic book series The Adventures of Tintin, written by the late cartoonist Hergé. An adventurer and reporter, he travels world-wide with his terrier Snowy.

He was voiced by Colin O'Meara in the 1991 TV animated series and by Jamie Bell in the 2011 computer-animated film, the latter who also played the Thing from Fantastic Four.


Tintin has fair skin and ginger hair swept upwards. In all of his appearances, he wears a blue shirt with a white collar, brown pants, white socks, shoes, and frequently wears a beige trench coat.


Tintin is shown as a well-rounded yet open-ended character, noting that his rather neutral personality, odd given the evil, folly and foolhardiness which he encounters. He is also well-educated, intelligent, and selfless with morals that cannot be compromised.




  • His age was never revealed nor confirmed openly. However, the comics show him as a young man around 17 to 18 years old.
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