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Tiny Diamond is a supporting character in Trolls World Tour, and a major character in the short Tiny Diamond

Goes Back To School. He's the son of Guy Diamond.


Tiny is a miniature version of his father Guy Diamond. Thus like his father he was born a Glitter Troll. He is a silver-coloured glitter troll that as his name suggests means his is covered in metallic glitter, he has metallic hair in addition.

Despite being a baby, his vocal is deep for his age, being a bass/baritone vocal inside of the expected pitch and tone for a baby Troll. He likes to wear large yellow-tinted glasses with a black frame, as well as a diamond earring in each ear. Some people can see a glint of sparkle in his hair.

Tiny's model and appearance is different from all other "baby" designs/models thus far in the series. This is apparent when comparing it to baby Poppy's/Keith's model.

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