Tir McDohl is one of the main protagonists in Suikoden series. He is the son of Teo McDohl and the leader of the Liberation Army.


Tir appears to have short black hair (brown in his portrait icon in Suikoden II) with a green bandana on his head with violet and green ends. As well as he wears a red sleeveless Chinese manchurian style qipao over a white shirt, with matching tan pants and gloves, that has shins on his ankle as he wears black Chinese toe shoes.

In Suikoden II, although three years have passed, Tir's appearance remained unchanged as commented by many characters in the game. This is because he bears a True Rune.


Tir is a calm and serious person and mostly quiet as the silent protagonist. Tir is surely as the leader of the Republican Army against Emperor Barbarossa. When he prefers not to speak about the pain he feels inside and only the ones close to him could understand. Tir is quite concerned with the well being of those around him. Being the bearer of the Soul Eater rune, it was here that he does not want anyone to meet the same fate as Odessa Silverberg, Teo McDohl, Ted and nearly, Gremio who lost their lives because of the rune. So he chose to wander with Gremio avoiding any contact with people most especially the members of the Liberation Army for their sake. When he best friend Riou, the hero from Suikoden II after Ko distracts Gremio to meet him in Banner Village and during the battle against the monster butterfly, he aids him using their final spell of their true runes together to annihilate the beast. He shares the role as the silent protagonist with Riou.


  • Tir is called Louie in the Suikoden manga series.
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