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Tahu, Toa of Fire. Onua, Toa of Earth. Gali, Toa of Water. Lewa, Toa of Air. Pohatu, Toa of Stone. And Kopaka, Toa of Ice. Great warriors with great power, drawn from the very elements themselves. Together, they were six heroes with one destiny: to defeat Makuta and save Mata Nui.
~ Narrator about the Toa Mata.
We are Toa! We are the elements!
~ Gali to Makuta Teridax.

The Toa Mata are the the main protagonists of the  entire BIONICLE series. They are a group of Toa, who were tasked of reawakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui as well as protecting the universe from Makuta Teridax and other villains.

However, they make their first appearance after the Toa Metru sacrificed their powers to reawaken the Matoran in the end of the 2005 storyline and became the Turaga, thus making the Toa Mata to become the Toa Metru's successors.


List of Members



  • Makuta Teridax (arch-enemy)
  • Antroz
  • Vamprah
  • Chirox
  • Krika
  • Gorast
  • Bitil
  • Icarax
  • Mutran
  • Lord of the Skull Spiders
  • Takadox (formerly)
  • Kulta
  • Skull Warriors


  • The term "Toa Mata" was officially coined after the 2001-2002 story arc took place to prevent confusion. During this time, they were simply known as the "Toa" because they were the only Toa ever seen in the story at the time. Prior to the name becoming canonized, Toa Olda was another popular fan name, contrasting to the name Toa Nuva.
  • The Toa Mata make a cameo appearance in The LEGO Movie; they are seen when Wyldstyle tells Emmet about the many realms that exist in the LEGO Universe.
  • The Toa Mata were the first Toa team, but the Matoran honor the Toa Cordak as the first Toa team, because only the Order of Mata Nui, the Av-Matoran[BL10], and Artakha were aware of the Toa Mata's existence.
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