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Hero Overview

Yuck. The things I do for Princess Toadstool.
~ Toad in "Count Koopula".
Call me Super Toad!
~ Toad in "The Fire of Hercufleas".
Hey, man, I’m the Fantastic Fungus! The supercharged Mushroom of Might! I’m the Toad Warrior!
~ Toad in "Toad Warriors".

Toad is one of five protagonists of the two Mario animated series, The Super Mario Super Show!, and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. He is a Toad wishing with his friends to save the Mushroom Kingdom from King Koopa.

He was voiced by John Stocker who also voiced Oogtar in Super Mario World cartoon while he not appear in this show.


Although Toad usually tagged along with Mario and Luigi in cases where King Koopa had kidnapped Princess Peach, he sometimes got captured as well. Toad's role in the show was to be the sidekick to the Mario Bros. (as Luigi was a major character rather than a sidekick). He remained on the show when it spun off into The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, allowing them to live in his house. During the show he got alternate forms such as The Toad Warrior, Fire Toad and even Baby Toad; however, these forms of Toad have not made an appearance outside of the show. Due to his absence in the Super Mario World game, Toad did not make an appearance in the TV show of Super Mario World with Yoshi and Oogtar (the latter having the same voice actor as Toad) instead taking his place. Toad appeared in the Super Mario Bros. comic books published by Valiant as well. In these comics, Toad often followed Mario on his adventures, seemingly replacing Luigi as the hero's sidekick.


  • In the first three episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Toad wears a red mushroom hat with white spots, a white vest, red pants and white shoes, but in his later appearances, the colors are reversed, sporting a white mushroom hat with red spots, a red vest and purplish-white pants with purple shoes. This outfit would later be used as the color scheme when Toad obtains a fire flower in "The Fire of Hercufleas".
  • Unlike his gaming counterpart, Toad serves as a sidekick to both Mario and Luigi.
  • Toad is absent in the Super Mario World cartoon and is replaced by Yoshi.
  • Toad's final episode in the Mario cartoons is "Super Koopa".