Toad is a character who appeared in the 1993 live-action adaptation of Super Mario Bros.. He is a very loose adaptation to the original video game character.

He is portrayed by musician Mojo Nixon.


Toad is introduced in Dinohattan, a dystopian parallel world where a human-like race evolved from Dinosaurs, as a guitarist where he meets the Mario Bros. and sings to them a mean song about their fear, evil dictator King Koopa which lead him being apprehended by the police, along with the Mario Bros, although for different reasons on their part.

Being fed up for the constant nasty songs Toad sang about him, Koopa used a machine to devolved him to a Goomba to serve his command, in his which his body grew as his head shrank to a tiny dinosaur head, and was also giving a harmonica around his neck. Later, he served Princess Daisy some meat flesh, to which she responded by saying she's a vegetarian and ask him to serve her some vegetables, to which he accepted. He later found Daisy, and hand her some vegetables, as she was trying to escape, to which he decided to help, but was caught on fire by the other Goombas, where Daisy used a fire extinguisher to take out the fire on him. 

After everything was all said and done where the Mario Bros. defeated King Koopa, and stopped the two worlds from merging, he along with the other Goombas serve under Princess Daisy, and her father the real king, after Koopa turned him into fungus but is now back into his human form reclaiming his thrown. 


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