Toadsworth (in French Papy Champi) is a supporting character in the Mario video game series. He's a Toad and Princess Peach 's steward. He is 60 years old, constantly worried about Princess Peach's safety, is still in great shape and sometimes helps Mario and his friends.


Toadsworth is a kind character who tries his best to help others, particularly Princess Peach, whom he cares for very deeply, having had a hand in raising her since she was a baby. Toadsworth constantly worries about Peach when she has been kidnapped by Bowser and while Toadsworth is quick to panic and flee with the other Toads when danger arises, he sometimes tries to stay and protect the princess or offer advice to the Mario Bros. Although kind overall, he does have his limits, as after the Shroob threat was over, he privately admits he's glad that his younger counterpart will be off his back, although denies claiming that when Toadsworth the Younger expresses suspicion of his true feelings toward him.


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